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  1. I had the same thought as dprovan about the tourists that want to log a Cache in Iceland. There probably isn't such a great Cache density up there, and most People won't ever get there again. I've seen a similar Thing here recently after a Mega Event, that non-local People logged Caches that were part of a geo-art set up for the Event but were disabled on the alleged log date. So either they didn't find them or used the wrong log date confusing other cachers that had had DNFs before. I also agree with the Definition of a Cache find. Any physical log in the cache's logbook is a find. Most owners also give their okay when you post a pic of a full or wet logbook that can't be written on anymore.
  2. Puzzle solved! Too bad I'll probably never be able to get to those coordinates!
  3. Hi gingersquee, welcome to our hobby! Not sure whether this phenomenon has sth to do with caching with a smartphone vs GPS. I'm a smartphone cacher, simply because that's what I started with. I later purchased a GPS, but I didn't manage to get accustomed to it. I haven't noticed that smartphone cachers tend to write long logs while still outside. Mostly they just write short logs like "TFTC, more later". And the "more later" either never comes or is a copy-and-paste log. Also, internet connection is often poor in rural areas, forests, etc., so that's what makes logging while outside more difficult. I always log at home after my tours. I don't do copy and past logs on powertrail-like caches, but I usually write only very short logs on most of them, unless there was sth special to mention. But I must admit that even though my highest Cache find number on a single day is only 49, and usually the number is much lower, I often forget what each single cache was like. But that's also because the caches hides on such trails are often similar (as you have said micros in tree trunks etc.). Only if there was sth spectacular I can remember that and also mention it in the logs. A geocaching friend of mine takes short handwritten notes about each cache, so she can log more individually. Since I usually drop her at her house and she also logs immediately after the tour, she mostly logs earlier than I do, so when I read her logs I can also remember the single caches and log more individually. I don't like copy and paste logs either, they don't contain much Information for the Cache owner or following cacher. I don't read them at all. So that's my 2 Cents worth on this topic! Bye, Flo
  4. I've applied for joining the group!
  5. There's a Facebook Group called "Geocaching Dordogne". If you're not on Facebook I could offer to join the Group and ask about your Garmin there.
  6. Please do not provide solutions to puzzles or the like in these forums! OK, I have edited my post.
  7. The last "owner maintenance" log from March 26th says that the lock can be opened easily. Most of the later logs don't mention any problems either. Only a few cachers report that they've had some difficulties with opening the lock, but most of them succeeded eventually. There is a hint for the code in the listing. Good luck and have fun! Edited because I had included a spoiler.
  8. There are several of that kind where I live, and they're listed as multi caches. Makes sense to me.
  9. Not only in the UK - it can be found in large areas of continental Europe as well, especially in central Europe.
  10. 5 countries that can be done in a reasonable amount of time woul be: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Germany. And the other countries on another day. Perhaps if you're not used to driving in continental Europe you should only "dip into" Germany from Luxembourg or France and otherwise avoid driving there (especially the Autobahn). The German driving style is very efficient and swift, but if someone is insecure and slow and not accustomed to the rules many drivers can be very aggressive and merciless. I'm German myself, so I may say that without sounding xenophobic.
  11. When starting from Amsterdam you could easily do several countries on your way South: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria. Choose the caches and plan the route beforehand!
  12. LOL, I love this part: "The coffin and its occupant were taken into custody, and the new coordinates for locating it would be (44 degrees 44 29.70 N by 92 degrees 53’ 09.72 W); for those of you without a GPS unit, that would be the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office. Good luck!"
  13. I was shocked to read this part of the log We replaced approximately 300 missing containers until we ran out. Threatening signs are being put up. He writes that the neighbours are angry, removing caches and leaving angry notes (which includes expletives) but they throw down 300 containers to replace the caches removed by angry property owners. Wow! Gives power caching a bad name yet again. I had the very same thought.
  14. Great - I've just found a challenge which is located by the route that I'll take on my way back home: GC47YEC!
  15. So, I've just made up a plan for a 5 countries in a day tour. Next month I'll have to drive from Bonn (Germany) to Trier (Germany) and back 1 or 2 days later anyway. So why not take a detour through 4 other countries on the way back? The plan is to start in Trier, then cross the border to France in order to log GC4MTIJ. After that I'll quickly drive back to Germany and enter Luxembourg a few minutes later (the French make you pay for using their highways), drive through Luxemburg and log GC3N37D. After that I'll drive through Belgium and log GC28ZQR on that route. Then I'll drive into a corner of the Netherlands in order to log GC579GP and then cross the border to Germany a few minutes later. From there I'll drive to Bonn and log some simple cache like GC4WNRE. This whole trip will take 240 miles driving distance from cache to cache. According to google maps that'll take 4 hours and 40 minutes. If I were to log a cache in Trier first I'd be able to log caches in 5 different countries with driving only 175 miles (or 3.5 hours of driving time). Sounds like a good plan, but I'll have to see whether I'll be compatible with my family's plans (it's a family visit). But it's good that I can also collect some countries by just driving a few hundred miles, since I can't afford plane tickets to overseas. And from my home location it's only a 1-hour drive to Denmark. I'll have to find out whether there's a 5 countries in a day challenge cache, I'm sure the is! According to the logs of some of my chosen caches others have already taken similar tours through these 5 countries. There's even a 10 countries (Germany and all of its 9 neighboring countries) within 24 hours challenge which is crazy but feasible.
  16. You can change your "marked as missing" log the following way: click on "view log" and then click the pen. You can then delete the automated message and write whatever you like.
  17. Hey neelusb! How cool, I've lived in Lusaka for a couple of years as a child/teenager. That was in the 80ies, so I'm sure a lot has changed. You should try to get many people in Lusaka into geocaching and to place cool hides! If Lusaka were to become a geocaching hotspot, I'd perhaps go back there for a visit! Greetings from Germany, Flo
  18. I've done the same thing. My original traditional cache in a tree was muggled. So I made it a multi cache. For this I also needed a new listing, since it's not possible to turn a traditional into a multi. Stage 1 is in the very same tree, and gives you the coordinates for the final which is now in a more protected spot. Another cacher had given me the advice that I could write to the reviewer and ask him to archive the old cache at the same time that he'd publish the new one. I wrote that in the reviewer note when submitting the new cache listing. The reviewer said I'd have to archive the old one myself which I did, and then he published the new one. So the easiest way would be to place the new cache, write the complete listing, the archive the old one and submit the new listing immediately afterwards. If anyone tries to submit a cache at the same coordinates after the archival your new cache will be the first one to have been submitted. So the reviewer will have to publish yours.
  19. No Russian ammo boxes? What about this: http://www.redstar-militaria.de/de/Dekomunition-Dekopatronen-Huelsen/Munitionskiste-fuer-762x54R-Maxim-PK-PKM-Petcheneg.html
  20. It wasn't a container that I opened, but once I did a multi in a forest where one stage had been a plastic squirrel in a tree. At one of the next stages I discovered what I thought was a plastic frog sitting in a tree hole. I was just about to grab it when it suddenly moved! Turned out the real stage was a normal plastic container hanging from a branch of that very same tree.
  21. This is so hilarious! I was going to check who'd show up on my found caches in chrome - Obama or Angela Merkel. Then I read the explanation, never thought sth like this could happen!
  22. Hey NYPaddleCacher, I've also been checking out the Nairobi caches already. Tomorrow my parents will move to Nairobi, they'll be living there for 4 years, and of course I'm eagerly looking forward to do some geocaching down there! Please let us know about your Nairobi caching experience. I guess I'll only be able to go there for a visit once during those 4 years, and I don't know when that'll be.
  23. Thanks, that explains the problem! I have uploaded some pics from my computer, but as I've said it's only thumbnails, and when you click on them they become larger (which doesn't always work though). I have no website, I'll try to find a site where you can upload an host photos online!
  24. Hi all! This is not a geocaching question, but I hope it's okay to ask for help here, because it has to do with this forum. My problem is, that whenever I upload a picture there's just a thumbnail that one can click on, but sometimes even that won't work. Everyone else has large pics embedded directly in their posts. What am I doing wrong? Now in this post that I'm writing right now there isn't even an option to upload a pic.
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