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  1. I had this theory about my Magellan 315 (version 3.15) and wanted to know if anyone else had the same thing happen to them. Let me caveat this by saying that I've only hit 13 caches. When I leave the GPS on for the whole trip and go to the "landmarks", the cache is always 20-60 feet back towards the path I came. However, if I get near the cache and turn off the GPS and back on, it leads me right to it. Cover isn't a problem, as I've yet to be able to lick it's reception in the WV woods. Now it's possible that the fact that I stand there long enough to turn it off and back on, would settle it out, but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed there might be an averaging problem, or if was just a coincidence. Right now, I'll just turn it off and on whenever I get close.
  2. Then what's with the Magellan offering an accessory (or is this what you mean by re-radiating): Power/Data Cable w/Bare Wires - 300 Series Power provided to your GPS receiver from an external 9-16 VDC source. Allows the GPS receiver to be connected to a differential beacon receiver or other types of NMEA devices. Comes with detailed instructions. http://www.magellangps.com/en/products/product.asp?PRODID=139
  3. No prob. Can I suggest that you visit mine? It's pretty easy and has a nice view of the rivers. It's only about 10 min south of Charleston. But you won't hurt my feelings if you decide not to go. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=25871 As for being "flatlanders", you're not going to hit any very steep trails in the Charleston area. I never could figure out how you "flatlanders" could keep from falling asleep at the wheel with all those straight roads. You need curves to keep your attention going. I feel unprotected without hills. To each their own, I guess. Shoot me an email of the one's you plan on going to, as mom wants to start a travel bug. Thanks, Mike
  4. Hi! I haven't been to all the ones in Charleston yet, but of the ones I've seen, none are really in "must see" category of scenic views. Well, except maybe for the rock at Easter Island, but it's closer to Ripley and you'll have to judge for yourself: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=22663 I'm too novice to talk about the best & the worst, but 2 experts around here are Man In The Wild and EliJoMikMiNi. You can get their info by clicking on my name and clicking on my cache for their logins. I can, however, give you directions to the parks that they are located in just in case your mother in law hasn't been there.
  5. (Let me be more specific) I want in too! I sent you an email. I'll order: 10 green w/black stripes 10 blue w/black stripes 10 yellow w/black stripes Thanks, Mike [This message was edited by mikedx on June 27, 2002 at 07:24 PM.]
  6. Fuzzy, I thought those midwesterners would get the concept of four corners better than 2 panhandles and 2 bulges. Geospotter/Snazz I understand the importance of a good theme to link the four together. My point want just to go to the extremes of the state. I'm not sure if I can come up with a way to tie Huntington, Wheeling, Martinsburg, and Bluefield together. But I agree that I should do my homework to make it a success. Also, the thought of making a theme related tokens is a good idea. Bassoon You are exactly right. I wouldn't have the right to ask other people to make the trip if I didn't do it myself. I would go to and log the four first, and then ask the existing cache owners to maintain my notes in their caches. I would be willing to maintain the central cache, but I don't want to make four new caches if I have to keep traveling to maintain it. Unless of course I do come up with a theme and have volunteers from those areas to maintain. At a minimum, though, they should be actual caches so people would at least get credit for the 4 trips. Thanks again for the info.
  7. Hey guys, thanks for all the input! And keep it coming. In partial response: Mikechim I understand exactly. For the end of the quest, it should be very difficult to get to and very rewarding at the end. No items from the dollar store. sbell111 I agree, I would not expect very many people to visit it at all. It is only meant for the hard core. worldtraveller I agree. Leatherman/clatmandu You are right, it is extremely inconvienent, and it would suck to be stuck with that cache on your search page without being able to get rid of it. (Maybe I could make it a virtual). It isn't meant to be done in a day or a week, but the culmunation of much effort. I have had my children with me in long trips, and the best way to break the monotony is to take a break along the way with some easy 1/1 caches for "treasure hunts". However, I agree with you that I wouldn't take them on a 6hr trip just to finish one leg. No, I only wanted them to hit the four corners to say they've been through the whole state. I guess right now I'm still undecided. I'll only do it if I can do it up right with a memorable final hunt with a theme that fits the 4 corners and deliver the proper prizes for such a difficult find. Thanks
  8. 110 within 100 miles of my home 25521, and you would think that WV would be an ideal location to cache!
  9. I had this idea in my head and want some opinions. I want to find the furthest existing caches in the four corners of my state (WV) and ask them to insert pages in their caches listing partial coordinates for a "hidden cache". You would have to go to each of the four corners to get all the coordinates (maybe add all the numbers up) for the "end all" cache I would hide in the middle of the state. I couldn't keep people from cheating by emailing their friends in Martinsburg, but nothing's perfect. I asked my friends and they said I was just plain mean. Comments?
  10. Yeah, I have the same question. What's this about getting a "bare wires" attachment to differential beacon receiver or other types of NMEA devices? What, where and how much for one, and how much does it really improve?
  11. Hi! New to the scene. I was wondering what you guys put in your backpack. After seeing the descriptions of some of the terrain and time spent out, I figured I should plan ahead. I figured this much: GPS Compass Spare batteries Water Bandanna (snakes) printouts of caches cache goodies for trade an extra pencil Did I leave anything out? Thanks, Mike
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