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  1. Kealia, I think you should count yourself fortunate that your wife enjoys caching with you. I'm engaged, and worried about taking my future to her first cache hunt because I'm afraid she wouldn't like it and we'd have to call the whole thing off. Maybe the guy was upset about the $400 at victoria secrets because she wasn't wearing it for him...
  2. Don't know bout anywhere else, but we got elderberries in West Virginia...
  3. mikedx


    Blackberrries already? I was caching 7/6 and came across some bushes that looked like would need 2-3 more weeks. I have knowledge of 3-4 different locations now, thanks to geocaching... I should probably write down the coordinates before I forget, but right now I still remember which caches they were at. Blackberry cobbler, blackberries on vanilla ice cream... Can't Wait!!!
  4. Approval for a cache event was denied... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=79194 The most thoughtful rejection I've ever had... So we'll have to use this page to plan the event. Time & date conflict with anyone? 8/16 at 10am? [This message was edited by mikedx on July 10, 2003 at 05:56 AM.]
  5. I'm all up for another dose. Would like to see those I've seen before, and those that couldn't make it the first or second time. I hope we can work around WVDan's schedule. I believe he was the only person I couldn't fit into the last get together. IWILLFIND, are you going to step up for this one? I think we all nominated GeoWhiz, but anyone who wants to go for it will make her happy. I hope we can do this one a little further up 79, so I can meet all these Elkins cachers who are spreading the joy in that area... Count me in! Mike
  6. I remember back in the old days (last year) when it seemed like the only caches in the eastern part of WV (not counting the panhandle) were left by Seneca Rocks. It seems like there is a significant contigent that are hiding caches, and that part of the state is now flourishing. I had planned on taking a few days vacation to hit them all, but now it would take at least two weeks. Got to get out there sometime... Now you guys can sound off on having the next WV cachers get together towards the middle part of the state. Mike
  7. Brian, At the risk of being called too cautious by Cloak, I would recommend against taking the kids to the final cache at the Crypto in Pipestem. The drop off makes me very nervous, and the final cache is located near the side of the mountain. There are a bunch others that are much better for the kids, so try those, and if by some chance you do have extra time, then decide. Make sure you take the tram for the Lake View. Mike
  8. The day is about here. May 18th, 1pm, Shelter #8, Kanawha State Forest. Everyone invited. Bring food. Directions on cache page. See you soon! Mike
  9. Are any of them landfills? Just kidding
  10. You certainly got my attention with the 4 threads! I would like to say that I was really rewarded with my 100th WV cache by hearing a naked woman http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=7723 but my 101st was exactly the opposite... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=11521 That Coopers Rock State Forest is a "happening place"! Anyway, I at one time thought that maybe I would be able to dust off the WV caches, but there are so many new ones that I'm running out of pins for my map board. But thanks for the kudo's all the same. And I see a week's caching vacation trip around Elkins in my future...
  11. You like me! You really like me! A 4 thread tribute. I'm getting misty eyed...
  12. Let me add a new one... I have a friend that wanted to add a virtual cache at a park that happens to be on the most western part of WV. Her cache wasn't approved by the admin because he "felt that it should be a traditional cache". Well she said in the cache listing that the park floods regularly and she tried to explain that she didn't want to put a traditional cache where it could get wet or possibly washed away but to no avail. My gripe is that I don't think the admin should pick what type of cache it should be. What do you guys think?
  13. "How many people within a 200 mile radius of pocatello idaho would attempt to find a cache that required rapelling 50' down 100' cliff?" Um, what do they do about the other 50 feet? But seriously, although I personally agree with scooby in theory, I'm not confident enough about the liability factor that I would list such a cache. Certain individuals will end up trying things they can't do because they want that extra cache and assume that if they could do the last hundred caches, then they should be able to do this one. Just my 2 cents
  14. Actually, it's ok to post in a regional forum as we are close enough to each other to actually stop by and try those things. For WV, and speaking only for myself, it's got to be Gino's Pizza (local chain). I've heard so many people that have moved away say that it's the first thing they have to have when they come in to visit. Tried the boiled peanuts in Florida, and really didn't care for them. Should have seen me trying to peel them afterwards.
  15. Over #100 caches in 10 months. Not bad for a full time working grandmother. I've enjoyed the ones we've done together as have your grandchildren. Congrats! Mike
  16. I was honored enough to be able to be with MITW and ELI on their two hundreth find EACH! I heard there was a challenge that Eli could beat Tony to #200, since he beat her to #100. I understand that due to some fuzzy math (i.e., virtuals not logged), Eli made have nudged out the Wild family. Regardless, congratulations to the top two caching teams in West Virginia! Happy I could be there, Mike
  17. Today's the day. Won't let it rain on my parade!
  18. Shelter #8 at KSF has been reserved. I have updated the coordinates on the cache page and have added coordinates & directions on how to get there. Please note that they will WAIVE the $70 shelter fee IF we do the trash out that MITW is talking about at KSF. It doesn't have to be earth day, but we need to get together to do it. Don't forget to bring some food & your GPS. Mike
  19. Tony, I bargained us trashing out KSF for shelter considerations. I'm writing them a check to cover the cost of the shelter, and the superintendent told me he'd tear it up when we trashed out. It doesn't have to be earth day, but please set something up so we can get the free shelter. Mike
  20. Lep, Very good advice about getting to as many people as possible at once. I'll see if we can set something up at one of their conferences.
  21. Yup, KSF would be good. I'll talk to the lady at State Parks tomorrow. Ask for some shelter considerations... Mike
  22. All set but the shelter. Kanawha State Forest, May 18th, 1pm. Hokies, Cavaliers, Panthers, & Lions all welcome. Lep, Did you have a state get together where the higher ups from the state parks attended? Mike
  23. Well crap. I just bought a camera case this weekend for my meridian. But this is EXACTLY what I was looking for too. A case with a clear protective screen. I just ordered mine. THANKS!!! Mike
  24. It appears that EliJo has passed ManInTheWild as the West Virginian with the most finds. Will it last, will Tony pass her back up. Will GeoWhiz pass up Tony to the #3 spot on most finds in WV? Inquiring minds want to know...
  25. Date and time have been set. May 18th, 1pm. Location will be determined Friday, 4/11. So far looks like Kanawha State Forest. Sorry for those with schedule conflicts. Thanks, Mike
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