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  1. Gang,


    I have a friend that bought a Explorist LE and it came with an offer for a $9.99 promo if he bought the Mapsend Topo 3D. He scratched the screen, and instead of paying the $90 or so to replace the screen, he is thinking about getting another one.


    BUT he wants to make sure that the $9.99 promo will be available. He's not going to spend $100 for the software on top of the cost of the new GPS.


    Does anybody know if all of the Explorist LE's come with the $9.99 promo offer? And second, is it possible to register 2 Explorists with the same software code?

  2. Well fortunately, we have a great relationship with the people from the WV State Parks. We've worked out an arrangement that we fill out a simple form to get registered to put a cache in a WV state park. We have to put new stickers on every year, which basically ensures that we maintain the cache.


    They are very happy with our caches, as it brings more people to the parks.


    The mayor sounds like a jerk though...

  3. Gang,


    Am looking between the Quest and Quest 2. Difference in price about $200. The only notable difference that I see is that the 1 has 115 MB memory vs. the 2 coming preloaded with all maps of North America.


    My question is, what does 115MB get you? There is nothing that you compare the map size vs. memory requirements. So with the Garmin City Select, how much area can you put into the Quest 1 with 115 MB memory? A state? 5 states? Eastern US???



  4. KA,


    I am the owner of the bug. Well, my 10 year old daughter is, but I have control of her account. We DONT have either tag, so nobody knows what the number is.


    So let me ask again. Can I as the owner log the tb as in my possession without the code?




  5. Gang,


    My daughter Brookster has her own tb that she picked up from a cache.


    Unfortunately, the keychain is missing from the bag that it was connected to.


    I have control of her account. I do not know what the 6 digit/letter code is for the tb, so I can't seem to go through her account to list the tb as in her possession.


    Can I, as the owner, "pick up" the bug from it's current cache location without the code?


    If this has been discussed before, feel free to Markwell the topic.


    The cache owner has contacted me about removing the tb from the cache page.




  6. Should keep it as it is.


    We don't have enough traffic on this page for it to be a problem.


    If it was a separate page, not many of us would be looking at it.


    I think it's good for the hobby. You see somebody you know (or even if you don't)on the list and give them kudos. They enjoy the achievement all the more.


    It generates good will and togetherness. Much better than all that blasting that goes on in the general forum thread.

  7. From my personal experience.


    Scenario 1


    Mendy and I take 3 kids out to a cache hunt. The youngest is too little to go through briars and wants to play at the playground at the bottom of the hill.


    I take the two older kids and we find the cache. I sign the log for both her and myself. Why? Because I couldn't have made it to the cache without Mendy watching the youngest child.


    Scenario 2


    The first part of a multi requires crossing a lake to get to an island. I don't own a boat, so I pay $10 for a couple boys fishing to take me over to the island and back. I find the cache and sign the log


    Scenario 3


    The cache is requires professional rock climbing up several hundred feet. They offer guides. I am going to pay somebody to climb up there, lower the ammo box on a rope. I will then sign the log. Why? The description doesn't say I HAVE to climb the rocks.


    Just my 2 cents

  8. According to my unofficial statistics, it appears that Puter has passed WVDan as the #2 finder in WV.


    He has 67 WV finds THIS MONTH, with another weekend left. That IS a record.


    At this pace, he should pass me before the end of the summer.


    How does he do it? Where does he find the time? How is he so successful? What GPS does he use? Has he had a near death experience yet?


    Inquiring minds want to know...

  9. Well, the Mrs. just hit her 100th cache at Bertie Wooster. I am so fortunate to have a wife who enjoys this sport almost as much as I do. She always worries that she is getting in my alone time, but I really do enjoy having her go with me. Especially letting her drive while I use the maps to figure out our approach. I think she hit her 100 before I did. And all this before our 3 month wedding anniversary. I told her once she hit a 100 she has to place a cache. Look for a Phideo type micro.




    All my love,


  10. Thanks guys!


    WVDan really helped me out by pushing me along. I've also needed his help on a few. Tony is right. How could I vacation anywhere but WV? The highlight this next 100 has to be Pinnacle Rocks. 2nd hardest in the state ahead of rapid-cache if you ask me.


    Thanks again,


  11. I've tried doing 3 pocket queries today. I get them mailed to my yahoo account, and when I scan and download Yahoo tells me there are viruses attached and won't let me download.


    Anybody else having this problem?


    I wasn't having problems until today.




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