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  1. I would look on Crigslist first rather than ebay.
  2. Here is the ad on Craigslist http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/1361927845.html Garmin Vista HCx GPS $150 Hard case Screen in great shape; no scratches (has had cover most of life) 2 gig SD Card Garmin Waypoint Manager Software Includes original box, manual and USB cable Great for geocaching and other outdoor activities. This unit does not come with Garmin street maps (it comes with the Garmin base map which shows hwys) For more info see: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=145...D=8703#specsTab
  3. My son and I have been caching for approx 3 months - we are using a combination of vista HCx & i5. Since we are looking for a single unit that will do paperless caching, turn by turn directions and off road line of site navigation this one might work for us. Can't wait see a few more reviews. It cracks me up that Garmin has released 3 different paperless caching options in less than 8 months. Having more choices is good I guess.
  4. The new models come out so fast it is hard to decided. I've purchased a Vista HCx to get us by but we had been considering a Colorado, then an Organ.... now I guess I'll wait to hear the reviews on this one. hahahha
  5. Here is a link to another review - he did a preliminary accuracy test that looks promising. http://gpstracklog.typepad.com/gps_tracklo...-on-with-t.html
  6. Please post any comments about screen readability in different lighting (direct sun, indirect sun, etc.). I have read the wiki posting about this but I would interested in hearing you opinion as well.
  7. I'm glad to see the firmware updated for the Oregon..... but, I did not buy a Colorado. I plan to buy a Oregon after another 1 or 2 firmware updates come out.
  8. Since you are a premium member at www.geocaching.com you can setup pocket queries to get the caches in a gpx. Then import the gpx to GSAK. I use GSAK to create a smart name and to create a short description which includes cache terrain, difficulty, size and the hint if there is enough room for it to fit. The link in post #7 is a great starting place.
  9. If you don't need street routing (turn by turn directions) there are some free maps you can download that are good. I have used them for my geocaching and like them a lot. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=189762 If you want turn by turn you buy the Garmin North America NT maps.
  10. A quarter of the year is 3 months. The 3rd quarter starts July 1 and ends last day of Sept.
  11. Maybe this explains why the updates for the Colorado were slow in coming out. I was going to wait for 1 more firmware update after .54 to buy one.... Now, I guess I'm waiting on the Oregon.
  12. Thank you all for posting comments (good and things that need to improve) - I follow the Colorado threads and your posts are much appreciated. I think Garmin is listening to you guys based on the .54 release. Maybe one more firmware release and I'll be comfortable enough to replace my Vista HCx with the Colorado 300. I really want one but I don't want to adopt too early.
  13. I recently purchased a Garmin Vista HCx and I really like it - after some trial & error using GSAK software I can even get most of the needed info about a cache on the unit (size, terrain, difficulty and in some cases a short hint). I wanted a Colorado 300 but was dissuaded by all the issues being reported.
  14. Is the Garmin's POI loader separate software install than Mapsend?
  15. They reference the Garmin Updater application. So there must be maps or some other Garmin software installed on in.
  16. Now this may be the ultimate geocaching machine if the GPSr is any good. Go paperless for $200? So, who is going to try it first? http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/gps.html
  17. When I set it up the files did not get emailed to me until the next day I scheduled it for. It was not immediate.
  18. I have a older i5 for the car and I'm considering purchasing a Colorado 300. Can I purchase 1 set of maps on SD for use in both units? (I can move the SD card between the units when necessary). The maps do come on miniSD with a full size adapter so they will physically fit in both units but I'm wondering if there is a licensing issue? Does Garmin allow this? Will it work? Do the maps on SD require unlocking for a specific unit? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
  19. I purchased an Explorest 1 month ago and I really like it. The large screen is the best. I'm not using Topo maps so I can not speak to that issue. If your purchase one check out the firmware upgrage 1.05 - it is quick and easy.
  20. Great tip. Thanks! I want all of TX in one map on my 2 GIG SD card and now I can have it. Thanks for posting.
  21. I recently purchased an Explorest XL and like it. The large screen is great but the size of the unit is larger than others as well.
  22. I purchased Map Send Direct Route (current version) from tigergps.com for $79.99 - there customer service was poor but the price is right. Hope this helps.
  23. Specifically I’m looking for a mount that I can use in my car.
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