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  1. When I find stuff like that I just remove it. Some of the items I have removed were candy, drawings of human anatomy, and tampons.
  2. I just found one here in Philadelphia hidden in a park, last find was about a year ago with a DNF or two between, then nothing. I had been watching it for a while and just decided to go and see for myself as it was close by. D/T was 1.5/1.5. I know it was nothing like the ones mentioned earlier, but I think it fits.
  3. No offense taken, I did say try guess I should have added in its a long shot. For me I have no problem believing a co or logs. Its when there is no mention that gets my attention.
  4. I found a dog in a plastic bag while out placing a cache in a park here. Nothing human though, there was one of those maniquin dead body caches, Archived now, but it got found and called into police. The final log said if you want to find it contact the Police department as they confiscated it.
  5. A TB patch works just like a Travel Bug Dog Tag. Mostly for use keeping track of your miles but you could send it out if you want. I have mine sowed onto my hat but it attaches with velcro. If I decided to put it on a jacket or a backpack All I need to do is peel it off my hat and stick it to any velcro on whatever. In your Trackables listing it falls under the Dog Tag category. Hope I helped.
  6. Krylon crystal clear is the best clear coat. After you rough it up, try a primer made for plastics, that will help.
  7. Well I have one missing in scotland so it does happen overseas too.
  8. If your bug is lost in a Cache you can try to have it rescued by using tb-rescue.com. You post about your lost TB info including the last cache it was in, and cachers in that are who have signed up get alerts to go and try to rescue it.
  9. Lets talk jokes, about geocaching! I'll start it off. A few weeks ago my wife came up and said we need an intervention. "Your Trakable obsession, is to big. you have 30 on your lanyard and god knows how many in that box on you desk!" After thinking about what she said I got down on my knees and asked her for help we started off by sending out all the bugs and trackables I had. After we did that she came up and said "Now dont you feel better?" I smiled at her and said "Yes I sure do, ever since I switched to the patch." The doctor says non of my injuries will take more than a couple of weeks to heal.... http://img.geocaching.com/track/large/2465b588-e87a-4417-90eb-c503ae6ed8ca.jpg?rnd=0.913067
  10. Another way I have seen to get the high numbers, is several people form a team for a day or whatever they then split a power trail along a highway like RT 66 or similiar. One or two of the cachers per car, one car per section. All cars signing the same name to the logs, then at the end of the day every cacher involved logs every single cache by "We signed as Team Whatever". What some people do for the numbers, huh.
  11. Some Cache owners include the GC code in the log book you can use that to look up the cache as well.
  12. For me as an Owner (Even though I only have 4 total) If I need to leave a Message on the Cache I'll use the Write Note. I agree that the OM log should only be done if the cache is ready and in place.
  13. You can also do a photo of the log book in your hand as proof. I have gotten founds before on caches that the CO was one of those who check the log versus the web, and having that picture when the log was unsignable got me the find with no problem. Doing a photolog is almost always a way to "sign in"
  14. So I just bought the etrex20, went caching today and using the etrex I saw I can log them from the handheld. So I did, now my question is how do I upload the logs from the unit or do I still have to manually enter them at the main site?
  15. I remember a guy from several years ago. (Not gonna say his name) He was a premium member, who deliberately went around breaking caches, scattering the contents around, and then he Logged the caches and told the world they had been muggled by him. (Back then they called it muggling.)
  16. Im in the exact same boat. I cache, my wife doesn't. The kicker is she is the one who suggested, I start caching in the first place... She shows no inclination to even wait while I search an area for a cache.
  17. I use a few of the pin backs. (you can get packs of them at crafts stores.) One in each corner and your good to go. Plus doing it this way you can move the patch to whatever gear your wearing that day.
  18. Yeo I should have checked the logs that were posted first.....
  19. You can also buy Tracking codes in bulk, look for places that do custom Geocoins. They are the ones that sell them by the bulk.
  20. I have found a few cache buddies myself. They are trackable here. Sounds to me either the owner never activated this one, or a couple of the numbers are wrong. Like the I and the L looking the same, or th 0 (zero) and the O (O). By the way is this the one? http://www.1stcacher.com/trackables/trackable-tags/cache-buddies/trackable-hop-the-frog-travel-tag.html
  21. Any chance you took a picture of it? that might help us help you. Also there are competeing companies that have there own trackables. So you might have found one of those. If it did say Trackable at Geocaching.com, and you know that the number is corect. what is the message that you keep getting? The normal way to log a trackable is to go to the main site then the play menu, find trackable. then you put the code in in the box labeled "Enter the Tracking Code of the Item:" this should pull up the trackable.
  22. Just did a google search for Jeep Recovery Project. Lead me to to things of interest. One is a cache GC22w9g, its an archived TB hotel. The other is TBH2NW, its a Jeep TB. Looks like someone has either worked out a deal with the guy or is buying them up to rescue them from this guy. Whoever the Jeep recovery Project is I say THANK YOU!
  23. Cachefoxxe


    Ok this is one of my first coins to be released. (TB4A1YN) Since I have released it its been logged twice, and is currently at Niagara Falls! Does everyone get excited when a new log arrives? Or does it get hohum after a while?
  24. Sure Im willing, Feel free to contact me. Philadelphia PA USA.
  25. You can get a good pulley for a couple of dollars then use a zip tie or two to attach it to the tree. That way you dont screw directly into the tree. Or even a metal O-ring. then use the zip ties, same result as the eye bolt.
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