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  1. Lushington found me on only my 4th cache (St. Ethelreda's). It was Lushington's 1st, I think. Met TheCat and also MCL at Newport Pagnall Services (but that was the CIN Fox Hunt). ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  2. quote:Originally posted by piggly:So far I've only put simple stuff like a carton of drink, some crisps and a kinder egg. I wouldn't want to upset anyone. Sorry to be a wet blanket but I think the general concensus is that foodstuffs are a no-no ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  3. quote: PS I’ve just realised... This is almost as long as one of MCL’s postings. Sorry... You b****r! I've just sprayed my screen with tea Eeh, I've not had such a good laugh for ages. Thanks, Pharisee ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  4. I've noticed several caches that are "temporarily archived" but which have been that way for months. What's worse, some don't even give an explanation for their suspension! Do the cache approvers normally monitor this sort of thing, i.e. are there guidelines as to when a cache should be fully archived or is it left up to the cache owner to decide? I post the question here, rather than simply mailing T&J, because others might also be interested in the answer. ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  5. quote:Originally posted by Daisy&me:I don't even think the perpetrators realised what a Travel Bug was Bill. The log entry says 'took the rabbit'. No mention of a TB. So perhaps a polite e-mail will get the rabbit on the move again (?) ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  6. quote:Originally posted by Bill D (wwh):The reason I ask is that I had a TB taken by people like that, and over a month has gone by without the TB resurfacing.Bill That's not on The whole point of using Groundspeak Travel Bug tags (I assume you used one) is to log them on the TB site. Moving them around without doing so is thoughtless at best and, at worst, vandalism! Er, excuse me. I guess I'm a little oversensitive at the moment - I encountered my first trashed cache yesterday ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  7. quote:Originally posted by kayakanimal:Anybody have any good ones accessible by the train from London? Maybe to some outlying area. I can recommend Tomb Raider - Mission I. 40-45mins out of BR Waterloo. ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  8. What's more, there appears to be a lack of concensus even amongst those who attended the recent cache bash. Almost all have logged the event as "found", but a few have merely posted "notes" to the cache log. My tuppenceworth is that, if you've made the effort to attend an organised event such as a cache bash, TITO event, etc. (especially if you've had to travel far), then you deserve to log a "found". Otherwise, you may as well discount all virtual caches It's the spirit of the thing that counts, surely, and common sense should prevail. ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  9. True to his moniker, washboy washed it! (Now it just needs to be re-waterproofed before the Summer arrives ) ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  10. Geo-or-die Intended to imply the enthusiasm and rugged determination of cachers from the North East. ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  11. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yes, a great day. Not much of a party animal, me, but I enjoyed the day tremendously! All thanks to Chris n Maria and Mark. Dare I come to Chichester, I wonder? ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Sel: quote:Originally posted by Tim & June:...Representing the UK on Geocaching.com we have:... ...I'm confused now. Are the UK admins propers representatives (i.e. spokespersons)...? T&J will, no doubt, give you chapter and verse about their role(s) as Forum Moderator(s) and Administrator(s). In the meantime, it might help you to keep things in perspective if you appreciate that: This forum is provided by Geocaching.com (Groundspeak, Inc.). It concerns geocaching matters, particularly as they relate to cache listings on Geocaching.com. Geocaching.com provides a listings service for cache descriptions and logs. It is not, in itself, the arbiter of all things 'geocache'. There are other listings services. There are other forums. Geocaching.com just happens to be the most popular. As such, it is often perceived as the 'home' of geocaching. Make of that what you will. Moderator/Administrator roles aside (i.e it's a personal thing), I trust such reasonable and eloquent folk as T&J to represent my geocaching aspirations with landowners and other interested parties. ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox! [This message was edited by washboy on March 31, 2003 at 04:22 AM.]
  13. MCL, you're only saying that so as not to offend me ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  14. quote:Originally posted by Tim & June:They seem to be very excited and have even suggested that they might be able to send a representative along to the Richard & Judy show to emphasise the positive and educational aspect of caching. As one who has questioned the wisdom of (or whined about, whichever you wish to call it ) approaching major landowners "head on", I take my hat off to T&J (and I suspect I should add The Bramblers) for doing so in such a subtle and effective manner in the case of HCC. It's good to know that HCC monitor this forum and that the public debate and argument of our growing pains hasn't distorted the truth that geocachers are responsible lovers of the countryside who just happen to add a little excitement to their rambles. Let's hope HCC will be good friends (and maybe even join the forum). ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  15. quote: In this announcement, Elias, says:Unfortunately the messages in the database have different unique id numbers so all old links are broken... I guess Markwell's not gonna be too happy about that! (Dang! Markwell got in there just before me ) ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  16. The poll results are now (I think) totally screwed-up by the transfer to the new, retrograde, forum system (Heck! It's just awful! - Or is that too contentious/whiney a thing to say?).
  17. ...and I'm with him again on this. quote: People may disagree with what you say, but that doesn't mean they don't support you. I've not agreed with everything you've done to promote the sport but I know you've always acted in good faith and with integrity. On that basis, you have my full support (but may I reserve the right do disagree with you from time to time? ) Name-calling and abuse, in these forums or in e-mail is totally unacceptable. Neither Moderators/Approvers nor forum readers should have to put up with such disrespect for others. ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  18. quote:Originally posted by Wronskian:I think too many people are assuming those of us saying "no" to R&J are saying "no" to new blood. That simply isn't true. ...Am I the only person round here who often feels worried, wary, conspicious about some cache locations? It worries me that I must be... Geocaching is a great hobby and new blood is vital, but under the current ad-hoc arrangements it simply can't afford to grow exponentially. Just be careful... Sorry to post a "me too" but I couldn't have put it more eloquently than Wronskian. So, for the record, I'm applying for citizenship of the land of Wronsky - if they'll let me in ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  19. quote:Originally posted by MCL:..I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think this is a Bad Idea (Capital B Capital I). I'll be delighted to be proven wrong on this issue but, for the moment, I'm with MCL. Pharisee and others. I genuinely admire T&J's convictions and the contribution they continue to make to the geocaching community but I take issue with the implication (reiterated just now by Moss Trooper) that the sport will stagnate without major promotion. I have gained the impression, especially in recent months, that maintaining "standards" and a responsible attitude towards cache location and content is becoming more difficult as the numbers of inexperienced (but excited and enthusiastic) players increases. Keep in mind that what we see in these forums is only from a small proportion of active cachers. Word of mouth is the best way forward. quote:Originally posted by Tim & June:It will prevent them misundersanding what we do and portray us as countryside lovers not geeks without responsibility. Huh? !!! What promise do you have of that? Just because the "Inside Out" thing was benign does not mean that all other such pieces will be. But if, as you assert, they're going to do a piece anyway then I guess we need to contribute in order to minimise the potential for misrepresentation. For myself, I was more at ease when this was an internet-related activity. If I wanted mainstream, I'd take up Orienteering! Just my tuppenceworth. ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  20. quote:Originally posted by jstead:...surely the difficulty is that of freezing unless cache owners check them in the autumn and replace the bottles in Spring - as if! I say "No" to liquids of any kind. Of the (admittedly few) caches I've found, several had been spoiled by leaked bottles of bubble bath, shampoo, etc. It wouldn't have been so bad if the bottles had been left in zip-loc bags. Do folk not appreciate the extremes of temperature some caches experience throughout the year? ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  21. quote:Bottom Right underneath the map itself. Find the hotspot that says 'Large Map' and it is just below that. The text says 'Click here for a printer friendly map' Many thanks, MCL. I was certain I'd seen that link in the past but I've not not been able to find it recently. The explanation appears to be that my most usual link to Streetmap is via Teasel's G:UK stats pages. If you follow one of those links, the printer-friendly link is NOT present! Perhaps Teasel will find a solution (?) ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  22. quote:Originally posted by Subarite:Then click the (-) button (to go to 1:50000, not London) and then click printer friendly. I must be missing something. Where's the "printer friendly" button? I've been looking for ages! ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
  23. Or is it worthwhile trying to source bulk supplies again? I gather that the H83 model (the one which Hornet got hold of) hasn't been manufactured for years and that the American M2-type (almost identical dimensions) is likely to be found in better condition (i.e. almost new). Basically, there's the 0.30 calibre type (such as Paul Blitz described above) and the 0.50 calibre type (which are the wider ones like Hornet's H83). I was just wondering if there'd be any interest in getting a supply and maybe even preparing them for geocaching use (e.g. camo-painting them or, at least, obliterating any text and affixing official stickers, etc.). Thoughts? ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox! [This message was edited by washboy on March 06, 2003 at 01:18 PM.] [This message was edited by washboy on March 06, 2003 at 01:18 PM.]
  24. quote: Indeed... Simon's logs are always top-notch (his website is hilarious too, but that's kinda beside the point). Yup, SimonG has a wonderful sense of irony and of the ridiculous. A very readable way with words has he. Furthermore, his wit extends to cartoons too - witness the winning entry of the G:UK logo competition! And as for "A funny thing happened on the way to the forum"... His cache description is so teasing, I just couldn't resist going for it. Nice one, SimonG! You set the standard for log entries. Such a change from "Wandered around, found it, LNTN, Ta!". ===== There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!
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