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  1. I agree with Dakboy fully. I have not flown a single flight arriving or even stopping over in the USA since all these retarded TSA rules have began. They are beginning to put together estimates of lost tourism due to no one wanting to visit the police state the TSA is imposing in the airports and on airplanes in the billions. That aught to help an ailing economy!
  2. I am not selling mine but since you mentioned not being able to find one and no one has responded...here is me trying to help Gpscity sells them and in stock: http://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-nuvi-550.html $299 Gpscentral sells them as well for the same price, AND they have refurbed ones for $229! Not going to find a better deal than that, likely even here. http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/nuvi550.html Enjoy!
  3. Does anyone know if a Nuvi 550 will display the DEM data from this? I just ordered a 550 one from GPScity. From looking at reviews, the 500 seems to draw the DEM shading, but just want to be sure before I shell out for the new topo canada.
  4. Where did you get the 1:10k topos for canada?
  5. I wish I knew how I could get Topo and Imagery for canada
  6. anethema

    Next series?

    Or you buy early to have the latest model longest and fight bugs for 6 months before your handheld is acceptable
  7. Most seem to sell on this site for roughly $300. Not saying 375 is a bad deal just lettin ya know Good luck! If there were 3d topos for canada i'd probly pick it up. (This normally retails at $499)I ended up getting 2 GPS's at once, so I'm letting one go. This is NIB, never opened, just waiting for you. Don't let this pass you by.
  8. anethema

    Delorme PN-40

    Big agreement there
  9. In a bit different vein but.. Introducing the new garmins!: The Nuvi 105 The Nuvi 115 The Nuvi 155 The Nuvi 405 The Nuvi 495 The Nuvi 510 The Nuvi 985 The Nuvi 995 ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... <hours later> And the Nuvi 9605!! We will of course not be discontinuing any old models.
  10. I totally agree vfrpilot and when others have posted GPSs for far too much money I have a few times jumped in and posted links to good prices. In this case though the price difference is $40 plus shipping which would make it $50-60 more. Thats over a 50 percent increase. All in all thank you anyways for tryin to help, it is always better to be more informed than less. Thanks! Edit: BTW it wasn't me who suggested you were stepping on
  11. I am going on a vacation for a week starting tomorrow, so would not be able to ship it until after that, but I have a Garmin 60C which is (I've found) a fantastic unit, with all the features of the current top of the line Garmins, but the sensitivity is not as good. But I've never had it lose a lock except in some cars/houses. Never outdoors. Either way, the housing is cracked so I replaced it with a Delorme PN20. The antenna rubber is also rubbed in one spot. I will include a picture later. It is 100% functional, just not as waterproof as it used to be. The crack is pretty small. Either way I will sweeten it by loading any Garmin product you'd like into it, for whatever region you want. If for geocaching, would probably load the newest USA Topos for whatever state you geocache in. You have 65Mb to play with. Let me know just pay shipping and I will send it when I get back.
  12. I agree on this one. Even if they are 130 brand new, you gotta pay for shipping etc. I have PMed him because if he will send it to me for $90 shipped i save myself 50 dollars or so over a new one. Have you ever had a product that has worked well through a 1 year warranty fail after for no reason? I'm not sure this has ever happened to me. No reason for something to work for a year then fail due to a manufacturers defect. Thats why companies bilk so many people with those extended warranties. They wouldn't sell them if they almost ever had to pay out on them. That is also why, for the most part, only suckers buy them. Either way I am still interested in this. I have any garmin mapsource product you could imagine and so for $90 I am essentially getting a Nuvi 250. (only diff is the preloaded maps) Its available HERE, new, with the Garmin warranty for only 129.00 ?! Then again on the other hand, if someone only has 90 bucks to spend this deal saves that person 50 bucks. Garmin is very good about fixing any of there GPS units. I've sent them use ones I've purchased and they have replaced them with new ones. The 129 + shipping makes it 140 or more depending on how fast you want it. Why step on this person. Some one will purchase it or they will not. If your really shopping price, heck EBAY will beat about anyone if one takes the time to look for a deal. I thinks its a bit insulting to someone just trying to sell an items at a reasonable price. If they want it for less, let the person bargain with them.
  13. Believe it or not, garmin is NOT the person to ask about this. Look at that thread, there is a link to someones first impressions complete with track logs showing accuracy. it is more accurate than the colorado, quite a bit less accurate than a 60x series.
  14. One note and a question... Note: Keep in mind the Oregon clearly uses a resistive type touchscreen. This may not mean much to some of you, so I will try my best... This type of touchscreen is made to work by having a couple layers ABOVE the glass/plastic of your screen (IE they are the topmost layers) and as you press down, it changes the resistance in this area by pushing the layers together. This has two disadvantages and one advantage. Advantage: You can use it with gloves. Since it operates using the force of you pushing, it can be used with your hands, a stick, a stylus, etc. Disadvantages: You get, at most, roughly 80 percent of the visibility of the screen. MAYBE 85 if they used the very newest bleeding edge touchscreen. This means that you are losing 20 percent of the brightness of your screen from the backlight, and probably quite a bit more from the sun since it has to pass through these layers twice.(40 percent?) Also, no software update or even future revision of the device can improve this since it is an actual limitation of the current state of the art for resistive touchscreens. The other disadvantage is these types of touchscreens can be more fragile. Since the touchscreen layers are on top, any good scratch that gets through the top protective plastic can essentially ruin your touchscreen. Despite this, this is probably the most common type of touchscreen used in the mobile world. Treos use this, the new Samsung instinct uses it, etc. I personally would prefer a capacitive type touchscreen. It lets all the light through, it is under the plastic/glass, it is much more responsive and essentially indestructible unless you actually smash your display. The disadvantage here is you cannot use it with gloves, it needs skin contact. I would personally be willing to make the trade-off, many people probably would not. Especially in colder climates. The iPhone is an example of a device that uses a capacitive touchscreen. Phew! OK time for my question...does it support the 3D POV that the colorado series did? IE give you a 3d view of what your current location looks like on the gps? Similar to this: or this Thanks!
  15. anethema

    Delorme PN-40

    Still no plans for maps for canada? Since that is probably still a NO I am actually going to be selling my PN-20. The photo importing is just too slow via xmap making it a huge time requirement for many square miles of detailed maps. Delorme, if you ever add topo canada to your software I would be using it night and day! until then it was fun! (Disclaimer: I knew there were no Canadian maps, I was warned and it is not the fault of delorme, they were very helpful)
  16. I know this is primarily a geocaching forum, but for the few of us that are mostly here for the GPS knowledge.... If not geocaching, and I can get a 60csx for much cheaper, is there any reason at all to go the colorado way? Sounds like other than some geocaching stuff, you are losing a lot of features and paying more to do it ?
  17. I just cant believe ANYONE things garmin's terms are fair. You pay for software. Ok good so far. You sell your gps and buy another, but it uses the same software with the same data you already paid for. Too bad, you have to buy it again. Are you kidding? This is insane! I paid for garmins software but will PROUDLY admit i pirated the hell out of the maps when I had to switch gps devices. (60c to nuvi) The keygen works fantastic. I will NOT pay for the same data over and over and over. If things were any kind of sane, this would be illegal under some kind of consumer protection laws. Wanting cheaper maps or broken down by state is another issue, but for me I refuse to re-pay for my maps. As far as not owning the software/firmware thats bogus too. I own this copy. The law prohibits me from distributing the software, but distributing home made maps which don't contain the software is ok and 100 percent legal.
  18. You can see aerial imagery on the colorado??
  19. The PN-20 is a fantastic unit for off-road hiking, and CAN be used to route you to your trail, etc. That said, I would NOT buy the unit if my main purpose was car navigation. There are garmin vehicle units which are much cheaper and much more capable (get a cheap nuvi 250w) For offroad however, I have seen the TopoUSA7 maps they are VERY nice. Oh high detail they do like 50-100ft contours, and have nice detail. I have been making my own custom maps and imagery with X-Map editor and have made some very nice stuff... The refresh is more than acceptable at walking/skidooing speed. I have no complaints at all in fact. Changing from imagery to maps or vise versa is 2 button presses (menu, enter) I would not hesitate to recommend this unit for any geocacher or dirtbiker or offroader or hiker of any kind.
  20. Can download it now, its just beta. Aparently the bugs are almost entirely worked out though. I am running it on my PN-20 and no issues yet. Course, I am using all my own custom maps from X-map editor, so who knows.
  21. You have certainly misread that article! If you do not have a pressure sensor (known as a barometer) then your altitude reading comes from satellite triangulation. This will definitely not change with weather. You need a barometer in your GPSr to make this work. They explained how you could use your altimeter readings, if you don't have a unit with a pressure sensor, to predict the weather while in the field. In their example, you are at a base camp at 10,000 feet. You haven not moved for 5 hours but your altimeter shows an increase or decrease in altitude over that time. By tracking and charting the changes, you can tell if low or high pressure is moving into the area.
  22. If you do most of your hiking in national parks, Garmin has some nice and very detailed topos. http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSour...po24knpeast.jsp They are based on the USGS 1:24k topo maps. Looking at the preview they look pretty nice, might be worth a look.
  23. anethema

    Garmin GPS 60?

    I agree with miragee. Look for a Legend HCx. It is like $200 or less, very nice receiver, great reception, etc. If you want electronic compass and barometer get the Vista HCx. Same GPSr, with those 2 features.
  24. I hope you can sell it at that price megachef, but its a pretty old gps unit which sells for like $80 used on ebay to be selling for 200 regardless of accessories. Good luck!
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