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  1. This is usually what I see in my area. Especially if the film canister has been out for a few months. "One thing that hasn't changed, though, is that they do make pretty good geocaches." Nope, they were always leaky containers. Here's another one from 2013: What the log looked like: Notice how well the baggie is working. A couple more:
  2. When the last 2 logs say: And the cache turns out to look like this, an unsignable black mush of paper in a bison tube that's missing a top:
  3. I think all of the substandard abandoned-by-owner propped-up-by-finder caches are the reason the game is not attracting more people.
  4. For me, the whole thing matters. From the cache page to the cache location and container. I like to the whole experience which an includes an active CO who cares, writes a nice cache listing, watches the listing and logs, thinks about the location he will place the cache, chooses a pleasant location, places a quality container which will keep the contents dry and with room for swag. And checks that cache every now and then to make sure everything is in nice condition.
  5. Interesting. Found it on google images:
  6. I agree. Moderation makes for a better game experience.
  7. dennistubaplayer, seeing as your keen about Virtuals I'm surprised that you have no virtual finds. There are 4 virtuals for you to visit within about 50km. Maybe your parents will drive you to them. Geocache Name Distance Favorites Size Difficulty Terrain Last Found Placed On Two Simple MenVirtual | GC8235by Anton 27.5km NW 91 Other 3.0 1.0 08/27/2020 08/20/2002 Jerry & the AbolitionistsVirtual | GC420Bby Anton 29.5km NW 103 Other 1.0 1.0 08/28/2020 03/14/2002 Harvey the TrollVirtual | GC7A63by Simmons Crew 40.5km SE 16 Other 1.0 1.5 08/14/2020 08/04/2002 Rural Cemetery ChallengeVirtual | GC99E0by lhbadman 48.2km W 26 Other 1.0 1.0 09/06/2020 10/10/2002
  8. To give you an idea of what you might find here are some geocaches and their content I've found in the past year.
  9. "Even if you take 10 minutes per cache (finding, signing, replacing, and traveling to the next one), that's 6 finds per hour. If you keep up the pace for 17 hours, that's 102 finds." Especially remarkable considering that the whole group had to stay together and keep up this pace for 17 hours.
  10. Cool. Really nice. How are you hearing about the Zoom meetings? Facebook? I wonder if the cachers asking for virtual events should start a forum topic for Video conference event invitations (for those who are not on Facebook or other social platforms). Perhaps the OP could answer the question... Is an official "virtual event" forum where you could list your upcoming zoom meetings help?
  11. The CO hasn't played since 2016. 2 years of DNFs. No NMs. Then a caching group came through. They left a throwdown and they all logged a find. The log has a "Helpful" vote. :
  12. I'm not seeing posts reaching out to fellow cachers to meet-up for a zoom video chat. Is it because there isn't a +1 in the stats?
  13. Good luck. If you are seeing it more often it’s probably not going to change especially if the people doing it are popular in the area. If you go to events maybe try to influence/change the group-think. In my area a PM high-numbers guy would leave his motto “a DNF is not an option” in his log, and magnanimously post that he replaced the missing cache. Of course he would reward himself with a find. Many of the next finders thanked him in their logs. Often those gifts were leaky containers. The gift giving cacher never placed good containers and never maintained what he left behind. Often the cache listings ended up archived by a reviewer anyway because the original owner never responded to NMs and NAs. The guy never went back to remove his container. When a local community becomes tight (meet up for events and cache together) and they decide numbers matter most, then this type of behaviour becomes OK and rewarded. .
  14. Intent matters. I don't think the intent of the guidelines is to allow Bob to sign in for his caching friends who don't lay eyes on the cache, but want to record a "find" for various reasons like qualifying for challenges and filling grids, or leaderboard climbing.
  15. Ontario has a LOT of power trails. It would be great if the word got out to Ontario PT owners that GCHQ will help add the PT attributes to PT caches. The deadline to ask for retroactive application of the attribute is September 30 2020. Below is in the Release Notes announcement : Note to cache owners: As a one-time community service, we offer cache owners the opportunity to email us a list of GC-codes of their currently published & active power trail caches where they would like the attribute added retroactively. Please email a comma-separated list of the GC-codes to us via the Help Center (choose Appeals) by September 30, 2020. https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/358304-release-notes-new-attributes-august-31-2020/
  16. Turns out GCHQ thought about that and will help PT owners. Below is in the Release Notes announcement -- although I think Sept 30th is a quick deadline, not everyone reads the release notes. Note to cache owners: As a one-time community service, we offer cache owners the opportunity to email us a list of GC-codes of their currently published & active power trail caches where they would like the attribute added retroactively. Please email a comma-separated list of the GC-codes to us via the Help Center (choose Appeals) by September 30, 2020.
  17. I think the definition goes back to pre-2010 before the PT rule was lifted. What was the definition outlined by GCHQ to reviewers? Perhaps, caches owned by the same CO, more than 2 caches close together, related to each other by some theme, along a trail/roadside/small area. I remember hiding a fairytale story series of 6 caches along a trail, each at least 200m apart taking up about a kilometer section of the trail. I was told they they could be listed as a multi-cache, not 6 individual cache listings. There had to be a GCHQ definition that was followed by reviewers pre-2010. Perhaps a reviewer can fill us in.
  18. This is one I visited. So many things wrong with this cache: Playground Remove 4 screws. Stand there for about 10 minutes or longer dismantling and putting it back together, prolonging your exposure to concerned parents and curious kids It's an electric conduit box (a huge irk because it sends the message that geocachers think that playing with and dismantling public electric equipment is a legitimate form of fun) It's a guideline infraction for screwing it to a playground sign post
  19. Nice. Your logsheets are in wonderful shape. Is there a gasket in the lid? A cushioned (paper) disc on the inside of the lid? I've seen nalgene jars (the kind used for creams and ointments) that don't have a removable gasket, but the inner lid has a cushioned feel that creates a good seal between the lid and the bottom container. Also, 15cm high is a great size. Big enough for a small logbook, small pencil, a travelbug or two and a few small trinkets. I'm really impressed with how dry it keeps the contents.
  20. Around here these are the most often used pill bottle... the prescription pill bottle.... The second type of pill bottle is the aspirin style bottle with the narrow neck....
  21. I posted an NM. Which was followed by an "Maintained=Not Maintained" OM log. Followed by someone else posting an NM. I am so pleased that someone else stepped up to back up the guidelines and proper behaviour. But then the owner posted a note instead of a disable --- speaks volumes about the owner's purposeful conduct:
  22. When the cache is described as: And this is what it looks like—a pipe bomb:
  23. Especially the travel bugs. The tag clearly says not to keep it.
  24. That's not a bad idea, I'll try that out. Just to clarify...personally, I would ask the next finder to remove it, log their find and log that they removed it. Then I would archive it since you no longer can maintain it.
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