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  1. I've been reading using google translate. Is a challenge cache involved? One that requires old multi caches to qualify? The multi was published in 2013, more than 5 years old. I say this because it makes me wonder why the people who want to do this particular multi do not want to do the same multi but with a new cache code and 2020 date? -------------------- Ich habe mit Google Übersetzer gelesen. Ist ein Challenge-Cache beteiligt? Eine, die alte Multi-Caches benötigt, um sich zu qualifizieren? Das Multi wurde 2013 veröffentlicht, mehr als 5 Jahre alt. Ich sage das, weil ich mich frage, warum die Leute, die dieses spezielle Multi machen wollen, nicht dasselbe Multi mit einem neuen Cache-Code und dem Datum 2020 machen wollen?
  2. I take it to mean a good hint is important in busy locations. It helps finders get in and out of there quickly, without drawing too much attention.
  3. In these states, Geocaching HQ has disabled physical caches owned by players whose Geocaching account has not shown activity in more than five (5) years. A good experiment and a step in the right direction (except for those who prefer a numbers style of play). Maybe they might consider addressing stagnation next.
  4. Many like signature items and trackables. I don’t recall forum topics asking people to stop hiding so many larger caches with stuff in it, or room for more than a logsheet. No one says it irks them to find an ammo can in the woods. Most say it bothers them when people hide micros in forests. Cachers don’t say it bothers them that when they lift the lamp post skirt there’s a sistema container instead of a bison tube. There have been plenty of discussions about too many micros, and too many micros listed as small. And there are people who filter out micros because they don’t like the log-only experience. Those who aren’t interested in trade items, a nicely maintained cache with stuff in it is equal to a nicely maintained log-only (micro) cache. This is not true for people who enjoy the added experience of trade items. It irks me when it is insinuated that an adult’s level of maturity is that of a child because they enjoy the “cache” part of geocaching.
  5. When did it become a side game? When I started it was a major part of the activity. Thus the name “cache” in geocache. Otherwise maybe it would have been named geolocation game.
  6. I like to collect things made by geocachers, aka "signature items". I also like pathtags. Some photos of things I've collected from geocaches:
  7. Thank you Mount10Bike for the stats. It confirms a decline but nothing too worrisome. I wonder what happened around 2017 to increase interest a little. Lab/Adventure caches? New virtuals?
  8. In general, I'm not sure how worrisome fewer cache hides are. Fewer cache finds might be more of an indication of declining interest in the game. Any stats on cache finds over the last decade?
  9. I see that a lot in my area. Owners who host and attend a lot of events get a lot of FPs on their caches. Containers attached to toys always get FPs. It can be a lidless centrifuge tube with a moldy bit of soaked paper, but put that in a drilled out golf ball and expect it to get double-digit FPs.
  10. The style of caching can cause harm. Did the property owner or manager allow digging on the property? Does the description say that permission was granted? How does one find the buried item? Some may not use the tapping with a hiking stick method. Some will rack an area clean if they think they have to find a buried item. I've seen this happen in my area for a D5 cache. People literally brought rakes and raked a wide section of the forest (and didn't find the D5 cache--perhaps they need to bring shovels).
  11. I agree, if they are not maintaining their cache then the space should open up so you can have the opportunity to enjoy cache ownership near your property. The process that Groundspeak provides (logging DNFs, NMs, NAs, followed by reviewer judgement) is fair, equitable and transparent. When contacting COs, as you have learned, you may end up in a predictament.
  12. I wonder if that was the case with m&m O's irk that suggests new members with around a dozen finds shouldn't log NAs.
  13. I don't think the number of finds matters as much as whether the cache actually needs an NA because the CO is not responding to issues. What was the problem with the cache?
  14. I would not like to get an earful from anyone about my caches but if it wasn't a big deal, I'd thank her for bringing the barbed wire to my attention, and add the "not for kids" attribute. It might be helpful for the next parent with a 2 year old, who filters out "not for kids" caches.
  15. People criticize" the opinion, not the person" all the time in the forums. I understand the warning to mean, don't be offensive to the commentator. The complete context of the warning note from Rock Chalk outlined what was considered offensive: "Sound like a real nice guy to me! Yeah right!" It comes across as a personal attack on the commentator's personality, rather than a criticism of the commentator's opinion.
  16. I would disable the cache listings. Wait about 3 weeks then put out new containers and quietly enable your listings. In 3 weeks time they’ll probably have gotten bored with pirating cache containers.
  17. Did you try contacting local geocachers via Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/MarylandGeocachingSociety Another way to get help with your cache is to attend events and get to know your local cachers. The easiest way to get help without adopting out the cache, is to put a note on your cache description and in the logs to get the next finders' attention. They would probably be more than happy to leave a pill bottle until you can get around to putting a better container out.
  18. That's where moderators come in and throw some cold water at us to make us calm down. It tends to do the trick.
  19. Where I cache, there are whole cities taken over by prolific hiders with 100s and 1000s of caches. Once they fill up their city they move on to the next. They encourage others to help them do maintenance by dropping throwdowns if their cache is missing. The owner never intends to return to their cache, their form of maintenance is click the Archive link if months of DNFs are reported, followed by a reviewer note, but more often they leave archival to the reviewer. Community maintenance is almost always in the form of a dry logsheet in a wet cache. Throwdowns are always upcycled free containers never meant for outdoor use, most often prescription pill bottles and aspirin jars (we must be a very unhealthy bunch), sometimes they will spend 25cents and leave a poorly-milled bison tube.
  20. That's me. Before that forum topic was deleted I had written about 3 replies and deleted each one instead of sending. I wasn't all that sad to see it gone. But it was confusing at first until I remembered that forum topics can now be deleted.
  21. Send this link to the cache owner https://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ if they agree to give you their cache listing.
  22. I'd like to hear from the COs who have 100+ active hides. How do they manage it?
  23. The basic member, and the one with the least amount of finds did the right thing and logged a DNF: Premium Member 2399 Found it 11/29/2019 The cache was gone but the green holder was still there. Premium Member 6381 Found it 07/27/2019 I remember finding this one years back but just had forgot to log it..today when i came back and stopped to show a muggle friend while out riding i only saw the wire...tftc nice church here Member 88 Didn't find it 07/20/2019 Well, we found a wire in the tree where it might have been, but no sign of the cache.
  24. I only hide as much as I can reasonably take care in a timely fashion. I try to get to my cache within 7 days. I use the sites Temporarily Disable feature so finders don't waste time and gas money to search for my cache if it's in possibly bad condition or possibly missing. If I can't get to my cache for a while (more than 2 weeks) I will post a note in the logs about the delay. If it's a problem like encased in ice, I will disable and post notes monthly. Once the ice starts to melt I'll will check and update more frequently with regards to ice melt and availability. Also, if I had a winter-friendly attribute I'd remove it and replace it with the winter-not-friendly attribute. I might even re-consider the hide.
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