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  1. If that is all that is in the log, it can have two meanings. First, that the logger is too illiterate to write a decent log, which is common I'm starting to find. Second is as someone already said, it can be a backhanded way of expressing disappointment with the lamppost skirt lift ..
  2. Timely, I hadn't thought of the dangers .. so I'll be armed, wearing the Orange and out in those places that allow hunting. But seriously will avoid geocaching in the woods wearing antlers on opening day of rifle season ..
  3. Dumb question probably - I did read the information referenced above by Atlas Cached - does using both the GLONASS and the WAAS cause any degradation of accuracy?
  4. It's been happening to me also, using Internet Explorer, doesn't seem to matter if I have Geocaching open or not.
  5. I've never figured out why in the world auto GPS's are popular, roads are generally marked, numbered and on maps. Why one would spend $$ extra for an electronic voice is beyond me.
  6. As a very new cacher, I have heard that the CO can erase a find somehow .. I had thought of it on an easy one I put out, but the "finder" rescinded the find shortly after my cache went missing. I'd send an email first, but am confident more experienced folks will be along shortly with the correct way .. I agree, if it is there then the Find should be anulled
  7. garyg51

    Thumbs up/down

    We probably will not have more than the capabilities needed that we have along these lines already, as jholly and Hurricane Luke mentioned. This has been suggested quite a few times before and the "like" thing smacks of Facebook, which geocaching is not. If you "like" it, you already have a place to do the "liking". Agreed, anything that smacks of Facebook is repellant, so "Not Like"! Or whatever the Down action is .. why can't folks write a single, simple sentence without just pushing an Up/Down switch? Same, although the acronyms do reveal who the Tools are .. Seriously, to me the Up/Down, Like/Dislike smells like Junior High, but I am a noob, so what would I know?
  8. Is there a difference in email notifications to the CO between an a Needs Maintenance and other finds?
  9. Eagle, court of Honor 1968, March but can't recall the exact date. I still see & hear from those friends from long ago ,,
  10. Huh, then its no wonder when I can't find one,
  11. I'm interested too - I posted a similar query a bit ago & what I got out of the replies was that it was all about the features, and haven't been able to find anything about relative accuracy amongst the brands. Perhaps they all just come over on the same boat from the same factory, .. and they are all alike save for features? And yes, I realize that's off topic, albeit slightly ..
  12. From what I read the SporTrack Pro does NOT have a 3 axis compass and is, in fact, almost identical in makeup to the Meridian Gold. Only the Platinum in the Meridian Series had the 3-axis electronic compass. I appreciate the helping hand, thanks
  13. Thanks - I don't have a pick on mine in Menu, Setup for Compass - closest one is Initialize & ? that's for another purpose? Or maybe that's it?
  14. First, thanks for all the replies .. David - thanks, I had tried looking at your company's PDF brochure, not sure yet which, if any of the add ons are going to be important to me, the camera for example .. can you tell me objectively how much more accurate your new models are vs the older ones (my Sportrac specifically)? Thanks Lady Bee - yep, all my finds are within walking distance, thought maybe geocaching would be a fun (and so far it is) add on to my daily walks. And, since I did find a couple "non-beginner" caches I realize that the SportTrac works, somewhat. Where do I find out about the meet & greets abouts here? I tried today getting out early, before the heat & bugs, but was skunked .. Thanks Bamboozle, I don't seem to be able to find either the compass type or instructions on calibration in my paperwork, can you recall what needs to be done?
  15. Hello, I'm very new to geocaching, but have made a couple finds on my daily perambulations using what is about a ten (10) year old Magellan SportTrak Pro. It doesn't seem to feature the best accuracy, though that might well be the operator .. as an example my front porch varies 20 feet or so day to day. It did have a substantial hard fall a couple years back, but it clearly shows tracks & the functions which I use are ok. Since this one is paid for, with both DC power cable, serial cable for the PC, Mapquest Topo & Mapquest Send, etc .. I wanted to ask if there was any point in looking around for a new unit? Is there an improvement in accuracy with the newer units, more ability to store data downloads from Geocaching (all I get is a one-liner title & coordinates), better readability, anything? Thanks in advance, I'm planning on placing my first cache but thought before I do I'd see if it would be advisable to wait for a new unit? And, lastly, my cell phone isn't nearly smart so an app isn't a viable option Garyg51
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