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  1. I read the cachepage most of the time, The exception would be a LONG page with little to do with the cache, then the short description is about as far as I get. We cache with the laptop and an internet connection so we have the latest info in the field. I personally don't care if GC ever has a new cache type, I an an icon junky and the numbered multi cache sounded fun to me. I really not a big fan of multis in the first place.
  2. Don't know how much programing it would take, but I would like to see the Icon of multis show how many stages the multi has. The ? could be used if the owner doesn't want to share that info. A 2 part multi could have a 2 in the treasure box, a 10 part multi could have a 10, and so on. Just something I thought of.
  3. I have traveled overseas many times with the same backpack and it has never been a problem. I wouldn't lick my packpack, or chew on the straps, but there has never been an issue with diseases. The Caching Crew Hayes VA
  4. Looks like a lot of great fixes, but I can't understand "Removed find and hide count from friends list". You have now removed the only useful feature of the Friends List. P.S. Also just noticed that my avatar pic displays on GC.com, but it is "squished". Does it require different formatting than in the forums? I Have to agree the only usefull feture of the friends list was to keep track of how many finds your friends have. I could see them all one one page.
  5. Wew have a couple of caches around here that have keys to unlock a box. On the key there is a note asking to leave the keys within 20 miles of the final or in the final so the owner can move them on. I think a couple of them are missing but the others have stayed in the area.
  6. If we give the cache a honest effort I will log a DNF. If it is a drive by get out and look real quick but I only have a few minutes, and don't REALLY look for it, I probably won't log a DNF. There are a couple of caches that I have logged a DNF on more then once. When to quit looking? We quit looking when the kids are tired or its cold out and we need to get warm, or I can get 10 more caches if I give up on this one and continue on. Usually the magic number for us is about 20-30 minutes for a first attempt.
  7. I guess all coin sales are on hold untill then.
  8. I had the kids play tag in front of a potential cache site, while I hid the cache in a muggle infested area. It is hard to be seen caching with four children in bright red t-shirts running around chasing each other. The kids are great finders while playing "hide and seek" I just hope we don't loose one of them in the woods someday, I am quite fond of them.
  9. Already marked it on the calendar as out of the office and busy. This one is so close to home. Just a couple of hours drive.
  10. I am having a similar problem, glad to see it is not just me. I got one earlier today that was fine but the route i need for my trip tomorow has "no results" I know it parsed right I can preview it, the server just doesn't send it. I tried it three times still nothing. I will try again in the morning. I can allways use a saved one from a few weeks ago.
  11. All the little members of the crew love caching. We don't leave the house without the GPSr (just in case) Mine are 10 g 7 g 6 g 5 b The wife is into it as well and is always looking for a new cache in the area. The youngest two usually just play on the playgrounds until someone finds it. My boy is more into what the container looks like.
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