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  1. Thank you so much for your quick answer. It made me understand the problem couldn't be with GME. So I turned off another geo-script I was using (GC-vote), and then everything worked perfectly again. I am really sorry for blaming GME, but really happy to be back in business Torkil
  2. Hi, hope this is the right place to present my issue. I have been using GME for a long time, and I find it brilliant I have, however, been having two problems for the last couple of weeks. 1) It is no longer possible to use the mouse to drag the maps. I have to use the arrow keys. 2) Some previews of pocket queries does not show any caches (even if the query itself reports a lot of caches). Elaboration: * This occured simultaneously on both my machines. * I use Windows 7, with Firefox, Greasemonkey and GME (on one machine) and GME (on the other) * I have a third machine which uses GME and that works perfectly. (Also on Firefox/Greasemonkey). On problem 1) I can drag the map the first half second or so, but when the page is loaded it doesn't work anymore. On problem 2) The map is shown with the correct zoom level for the query. If I choose to find cachen with a radius of 1 km from the starting point, the map is very zoomed in. And if I up the radius to 50 km, the map follows. But no caches are shown. And if I do exactly the same on the machine using GME everything works. Any ideas? Thank you so much, Torkil (for Team Dreggen 2)
  3. I would love to get county stats as part of the statistics package. In Norway we have 19 counties, and the caches are already attributed with the county in which it is placed. Adding stats on this would be very appreciated by me. A couple of examples: " You have found 120 caches in Norway, distributed like this: 50 Troms 40 Nordland 30 Finnmark " " You have found caches in 3 of 19 counties in Norway. " Wouldn't this be great?
  4. I am a brand new geocacher, and amazed by this totally new world for me I am also very fond of statistics, and would very much like more statistics on the web pages. Now, on maps: 1) There are continent maps and a world map. I would very much appreciate a country map - where each county is an entity. I have seen someone have this in their profile pages, but as far as I understand this is generated by external software? Please make this a part of the default statistics package... 2) The European map is ridiculous. Why is it cut along the arctic circle? The northern parts of Norway (where I live), Sweden, Finland and Russia are cut out. I am e European, you know... Thanks for a brilliant product, and I look forward to a lot of caching this summer. Torkil
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