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  1. Is this the older US Topo 24k National Parks package? and would it be East, Central or West?
  2. Also check out Snowmobile Trails. Click on "Trail Reports" then, "Lake City trails", and then on either of the two maps at the top of the page. Yes, sorry Grasscatcher...didn't mean to leave you out. I did check out your site, and that is exactly what we are trying to accomplish for our snowmobile trail network, and then make it a tranparent master map we can all upload/use on our GPSr. We're not so worried about it being routable at this time, but that would be icing-on-the-cake for sure! P.S. Great job on the trail map...looks awesome!
  3. I am also mapping ATV trails, but I'm creating a trail network then adding it to the original TOPO Canada map I then upload the modified map to my GPS. These trails are now part of the map just like the roads etc in the original topo map. The best part is the software is free and you don't have to have any other maps like TOPO to create your own trail networks. If you are interest I could try to explain how it's done. Yes, yes...please tell us more. I'm am avid snowmobiler and a member of the Hardcore Sledder (www.hardcoresledder.com) forum. A group of guys there are working on this same concept for our local snowmobile trail network, and they would be very interested to know the best/easiest way to accomplish this. Man, this forum just rocks!
  4. Huh. I've got the Legend Cx, and I get satellite locks sitting in my living room no where near a window.
  5. Regarding the car adapter frying the first one, what I would do is take a multimeter and check that the output of the car adapter is correct. That way you could know that at least the juice going into the GPS is what it's supposed to be and could be pretty sure that the problem was in the original unit not your car adapter. Good idea, just not sure if my multimeter has small enough lead ends to get inside that mini-usb plug end on that cable. That baby is small!!!
  6. Thanks for correcting me Sputnik57....didn't have the software in front of me to be sure.
  7. What little problems have you had? I'm planning to get one of these this weekend... Not sure with Kokopelli2, but I had zero problems/issues with mine the whole 9 days I had it...until it cooked on the car adapter cable.
  8. If you mean from the unit into Mapsource...then simply connect the unit via USB cable and select "Transfer" (I think?) from the Mapsource menu, and pick "From GPS". That will give you options for transfering waypoints, tracks, routes, etc... to your unit.
  9. Well, the new Legend Cx package arrived yesterday, with City Navigator v7 CD...and all is well again. I'm a little apprehensive about plugging in the cig lighter adpater cable yet, as the previous unit worked fine until I used that thing...I'll just run it on the rechargables for awhile to test real world battery life. On a side note, Joe C.'s boss (Tom B.) called me Friday afternoon as a follow-up to my conversation with Joe. He was looking for additional information to help determine what had gone wrong here...so apparently I may not be the only one experiencing this issue?????
  10. Received my new Legend Cx last week. Played with it in/around house while waiting for an auto mount/cig adapter cable. Mount and cable came Tuesday, so created a route to my work for testing/playing purposes on Wednesday. All-in-all worked very well..was pretty impressed. That afternoon while sitting in line at a drive-thru for lunch I noticed it had powered off and wouldn't come back one. Weird, but I did have it set to power off when external source was lost. So I unplug cable ends, thinking maybe it got bumped loose, reconnected...unit powers back up fine. On my way back home, after shutting it off for a quick stop at a store...it would not power back up. Thought I had a bad adapter cable and dead batteries. I get home and it powers back up in the house, but freezes/locks solid as soon as the USB/computer cable is connected. No way! Have to remove batteries to get it to shutdown. Same thing happens back in the truck with the cig adapter cable...plug it in, unit locks solid. But everything seems to work fine when running just off batteries. An email to Garmin Tech Support gets no (quick) response, so I call them yesterday afternoon. Long and short of it is, this guy (Joe C.) comes back on the phone and asks if I'd be ok with shipping my bad unit back to them, they would overnite me a new unit, and throw in City Navigator DVD just for my troubles. I say "Well hell ya I'm ok with that!". Unbelievable, I've never experienced such top-notch customer service in my lifetime. I was expecting to hear the usual "ship it back, we'll look at, you should have it back in 2 to 3 weeks". Totally blew my mind! Joe C. from Garmin Customer Service (or his boss if you're reading this) you deserve a raise. You and your organization have really raised-the-bar as far a customer service is concerned in this day and age. Hats off to all of you Garmin folks!
  11. An Ebay store ("fastmemeoryman", I believe) has 512 microSD chips for $39.00 shipped. Comes with an regular SD-size adapter (for use in cameras, etc.) and a case. Got mine on Monday...works great.
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