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  1. My first ever trackable find was in a cache in Edinburgh - at the castle. It was also my first cache outside of my home country, so I was very excited to find a trackable. I took it, but didn't have an internet connection until I was back home (in Belgium). When I looked it up I realised that theTB had been traveling the world for 6 years, but with a mission to get back to Edinburgh to be picked up by the owners. Brilliantly I'd taken it out of an Edinburgh cache to another county. I put it in a TB hotel on a motorway, hoping some traveller would take it back to Scotland, or at least UK, but it went from Belgium to Portugal and doesn't show any signs of going back to its home...
  2. Just a small suggestion - I sometimes search by cache name when I'm looking for a cache listing. I guess the results are listed in some kind of order of relevance i.e. similarity to the search term. But could the results be presented in order of proximity to my home location instead? The set of results could be the same, just presented by distance instead of by similarity to search term. Thanks.
  3. It's not the last date I found it which is displaying wrongly, but the last found date of the cache. So in the first example it was found March 6th but in the view of geocaches I have found it shows found "2 days ago".
  4. Since the March 5th update I've noticed something odd. In my list of caches found I have two examples where the Found By User date is wrong. http://coord.info/GC4701K was found today 6 March but appears in my list as found 2 days ago (which could be the date I found it, or a coincidence) http://coord.info/GC44YG9 was also found today, but appears in my list as found Yesterday. I've never noticed errors like this before and only noticed them following the update. Other caches in my list of caches found have correct dates. I also noticed that someone found one of my caches on March 5th but I never received a mail notification (although I did receive notifications for caches found on 4th and 6th March). I guess some mail went missing during the update.
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