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  1. Three Nuvi's, Two 60csx, they all work great. Complaint--Recently one of the little battery spring clip contacts broke off a 60csx. Called Garmin and was told "We dont fix them but will send you a refurb for $110" OK you got me $110 for a 50 cent part. Now what are you gonna do with my old unit? Throw it away or fix it and get $110 for that one, hmmmm...
  2. OK, I have not been able to bring up My[Your] Profile page or search for a cache without freezing up this old computer since this new thing began. So I tried Firefox and it told me the computer is toooo old but suggested I try Opera. I went to it and it took about two minutes to download. I am about as computer dumb as one could be. I don't want to jinx myself but my computer is now on steroids. Everything working so far and much faster than before. I hope this machine won't blow up with the added horsepower. Windows 98----IE6
  3. A nice weekend finally comes along to hike and cant even look up any caches. Go to my profile page or cache search page and the computer freezes up [not responding] What a PITA
  4. P.S. Nice troll. Exactly!!!!!!!! Your all getting your legs pulled here people.............
  5. We got hot and scratched (from some branches) and muddy Sorry but, Thanks I needed a good laugh tonight........
  6. 1--After a bushwack the dogs can allways backtrack to the trail 2--Ticks like winter.
  7. GCNJ

    60CSX Question

    Only needs to be level for compass.
  8. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. This problem is on most of my geocache pages. Cool weather is here and it's time to get out and hike, so lets get this thing fixed PLEASE. Can't do much caching without coords
  10. I get the same thing with left side of some pages not all blocked off. Now for probably a dumb question, whats IE 6?
  11. I had issues with my 60csx and the fix was to bend the prongs for the batteries out a bit to get a better connection. Cant hurt to try it.
  12. GCNJ

    Sick 60csx

    OK, I pulled the sd card, reloaded Updater and ran it. Still came up with 3.60 and 2.40. So I called Garmin and their tech support spent a good 45 minutes with me and now I am up to speed with 3.60 and 3.00 So thanks to Garmins great customer service and all the help I recieved here, my 60csx is working better than ever. What could be next? Maybe a Colorado? Thanks Again
  13. GCNJ

    Sick 60csx

    I never did an update, the software version was the same as when I bought the unit in Feb 06. It always worked so well I did`nt want to mess with it. So the arrow and distance problem was the battery posts as Storm180 said. Sometimes it`s just the simple stuff we overlook.
  14. GCNJ

    Sick 60csx

    I am not sure if your issues happened before you upgraded or not but my red compass arrow kept dissappearing on me on my way to the cache. I checked some of the forums and it looks like the battery would lose connection or only have a low power connection causing the arrow to vanish. The clips that hold the battery got bent to far back and caused this issue. So I took the advice and bent out the connectors and put a piece of foam on top of the batteries in the unit and its been ok ever since. Storm180 Storm180 Thanks you hit the nail right on the head. The battery posts looked ok and the batteries seemed tight but I bent then out some and all is good--red arrow and data fields are back. Thanks for the other replies also, I will try and get the chipset software updated to 3.00.
  15. GCNJ

    Sick 60csx

    My two year old 60csx decided to act up. Waypoint---Go To and no red arrow on compass and no Distance to Next. I could live without the compass arrow but not knowing the distance to a cache is NG. I did the software upgrade which is now 3.60 and 2.40 and did the hard reset----still NG Before I send it to Garmin and pay 150 bucks with only a 90 day warranty on the refurb they will send me I am open to any ideas Thanks
  16. I use a Garmin 650 in the car and then my 60csx on foot. The 650 does exactly what you want and I think they are under 300 now. Great unit.
  17. appledon and Marge from Pa. hit #2000 at GCVXEN---IZZY Now onto the next goal-----Way to go---CONGRATULATIONS
  18. I have been using a Nuvi 650 for a couple of months now and am 100% happy with it. Easy to use, see and hear. The xtras on models 660 and above were all useless to me---Bluetooth etc.
  19. Just did a fishing trip to Quebec in June and also some geocaching with a 60csx. Did`nt change anything, just used it like I do here.
  20. I have only one gps, a 60csx and use the compass all the time. Batteries last all day.
  21. I just bought my first gps, from CHUMBO. Ordered it on Monday and recieved on Tuesday 427.99 and free overnight shipping for a 60csx.
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