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  1. You are the caching man. I wish I weren't in TX. at the time so I could completely ignore you close up and personal instead of by long distance. Party on Wayne, party on Garth.
  2. Dr.I that with the current events that you are just a speck on the map as it were. If you are so inclined you can contact me by e-mail or phone. So I can delete or erase your evil message.
  3. anyone but. As noble your effort may be, I think I may be the only ansewer to the, blast T.J.off the track with bulk effort, for I am a recognized beheamoth. I noticed it one day while at the lower lodge in the mens bathroom and I asked everyone why they didn't tell me I looked like Grizzly Adams or at least one of his prey. Alas wednesday is no good for me. I do see a pattern here. SCARED?
  4. realy look like the one I found in Texas by geovamp, also the starter of grampa the vampa TB. They are way cool and I was so keyed to find a geovamp coin. I am looking forward to hunting yours. Good on ya.
  5. that the stories of my demise are greatly exagerated. I am alive and well and currently caching in Dallas TX. Haven't been spotted at cache sites by humans as of yeti. My computer in the woods is very slow what with the squirrels I use to power it so I'm waiting to get back to the great northwest to log all my finds. Gotta go, humans are near.
  6. gets in at PDX at 1:21 pm Feb 8, I will have the garmin at the ready if there is a waypoint you need me to get. And if someone can pick me up? I would love to jump in on this after caching in Texas. I'm taking a P'rats notebook,2 fractal marbles, Portland Police patch and a bunch of calling cards that say, " You have been visited by SASSQUATCH, Aloha Oregon" Unlike Q.M. I will have some serious hours racked up for the work week what with travel time, school, and hours spent at hOOters discussing politics and international affairs. If not thats ok. If someone could e-mail me the final coords, maybe I could make it to that.I will check my mail on that slow arse hotel computer.Have fun!
  7. foiled again. I will be flying from Dallas via Phoenix at this time. This bites
  8. you'll do this while I'm in Texas Feb 2 to the 9th. Sounds like a blast. Just did tree hugger 2 as my 151st as you may have seen the pic. Oh well, my Saturdays are filled with 7th and 3rd grade girls basketball games anyway. And if you chose a weekday it would be Wednesday which I can't do either. Have fun everyone. And I do mean everyone, practicing and non-practicing alike.
  9. Billy's humiliation began when he decided to send that stupid e-mail. He apparently needs no help from oregone or anyone else to achieve this.(pause) I just deleted a long tirade from this post. I'm going to try not to offend anyones delicate sensibilities. Judge not lest ye be judged Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. If there is a God, and I don't understand how he could let children suffer at the hands of demons if he is real, then what do you say you let him do the judging and stop doing it yourselves. Its not your job.
  10. The average Howard Stern fan listens to his show 45 minutes a day. Why? To see what he'll say next. The average Howard Stern hater listens to his show 2.5 hours a day. Why? To see what he'll say next. Wrap yourself in a cocoon Billy and make sure to keep out anyone who does not look, think, believe, talk, or act like you. That way you will learn nothing about everything. Or is it everything about nothing. And make sure to keep that Valium prescription up to date because your due to be upset most of the time. Hey Tommy, I mean Billy Boy, way to go on that D+
  11. Not only is he a smart guy but apparently he was able to raid the Dark Knights wardrobe without getting caught. I'm afraid he is even more wiley than previously thought. Be afraid, be very afraid.
  12. Although I am quite adept at singing kareoke in Japan, Singapore and the Phililpines with various Lou Rawls and Elvis classics. Can we do this on Tuesday? Or don't they support this kind of activity on that night? You'll never find, a love quite like mine. People told me I look like Elvis, I hope they didn't mean, dead and bloated on a toilet.
  13. I thought the good Dr. I or his evil minions might have abducted you and were holding you against your will in his secret underground lair. Give me a call when you have no class.
  14. If you move it someplace dry then I want all who find it to come over to the house so I can hose their feet down. My boots are still drying from that one. I think it's fine where it is. Ya know, since I don't have to go after it again. BOO!
  15. I personaly enjoy tales of ex-girlfriends and drunken sex. I have one that employs both. Peeing your pants is the coolest
  16. 1ST of all It's great to see t.j. in the mix. We thought you had sucumed to the dark side. A P.O. box is not worthy of a virtual but some are *** kicken. I love the J of arc statue cache, it is amazing.Oh yeah. Leatherman, come on down, we,re going by height. T.J. is upstanding and respectable and I can't remember a bogus virtual placed by him. No harm no foul. I don't believe in BEATLES, I only believe in me. (John Lennon) OZZY, what we expected. Anna whatsherface omigod shes so horrible. I am the IRON MAN. [This message was edited by Sassquatch on December 23, 2002 at 01:42 AM.]
  17. I'm mostly playing around and it gives me a great opportunity to go off on a tangent now and again. Not like oregone mind you but a short, one paragraph tangent notheless. I guess like everyone I'm just getting kinda bored, what with no event caches this winter. Has anyone heard from fractal lately?
  18. Grandpa and Grandma, I was under the impression we buried the hatchet. Why do I keep getting shots fired across my bow? Truce alright? Besides, I'm not hibernating. Just this last weekend I hit your Phoneix cache and unintentionaly disturbed two humans cheating on their spouses up by the Timneric cache. Overall a pretty full day. Of course when the kids go on X-mas break I may have to slow down a bit. I guess it would give my fur a chance to dry. It's getting a bit nappy and I'm running out of wet-naps. up the airy mountain, down the rushing glen we dare not go a hunting, for fear of little men
  19. I must say, I did have a really great time in Dallas TX. except the big snake kind of freaked me out. But as we all know Portland is the greatest. Big, small, multi, urban, rural, flat terrain, hillside or mountainous, beach or lakeside. In Texas it was pretty much the same terrain the whole time. In the PDX area I have seen sternwheelers at 5 am all lit up like new years eve, deer, coyote's, homeless, giant sitka spruce and so on. Way too many things to mention. Most of all it's the people. Portland is teeming with awesome people. And I would rather not start naming names. The birth of geocaching, the rest are just wannabes, nuff said. As I speak, my cohorts and I are planning a geocaching roadtrip in the rain and as my buddy Q.M. says, I'm mighty sweet but I won't melt. Again it's the people, and the dedication. I won't say it's a sport because it's such a walk in the park.
  20. Of course I'm real. I've drank beer and geocached and drank beer with many of you. But man this is a real drag. Maybe I should consider changing my name like oregone and sparrowspav. But what would you call a 6 and a half foot behemoth tromping through the woods? Next thing you know we'll find out that soup was a hoax too, or that there is no such thing as a fractal. I know what a sparrowhawk was cause I saw it on the History Channel. Who's next? Santa? dadgum those zen cones! Besides, myths can't rent yurts now can they. I am avenged!! Besides, I'm sure the reason the northwest native americans made totems representing sasquatch dating clear back to the 1800's are because some guy in 1958 played a joke. Makes sense huh. Tommy can you see me? Can you feel me near you? Tommy can you hear me? Can I help to cheer you? [This message was edited by Sassquatch on December 08, 2002 at 12:34 AM.]
  21. I was realy mad at my printer. I didn't mean to lash out like that. I am truly disgusted with the Trailblazers and I don't blame anyone for being disheartened by their lack of intelligence. My apologies to Grandma and Grampa, you guys do indeed rock and don't seem at all grouchy. Hey Q.M. I called Tim and he had nothing to say. GO CHARGERS!! Peeing your pants is the coolest
  22. Although Sen. Mc Cain was great on SNL I can never condone any reason to arrive late or leave early to any NBA game. I used to live in San Dog and I watched the Clippers hosted by the great BILL WALTON but I watched every game. You never, ever know what will happen.I saw the Clippers beat the MAJIC and KAREEM lakers by 25 pts. Although I am envious of those who casualy attend these games. Your either a fan or your not. God bless your caching and placments. Where's by beers
  23. is this thing on? Dr.I posted at 4:05 and I read it at 4:15. If my dadgum printer didn't run out of ink from printing every Salem cache that seems to all be shoved into one mailbox I would have been there hours ago.@#*$! I thought I explained this already! I feel like driving into a bridge embutment.
  24. I caught this about 5 minutes after you posted it and if it weren't for my printer having run out of ink only seconds before I would have nabbed your gift and foiled your EVIL plot. But since the fate of the free world seems to rest on Hewlett Packard and their bajillion different cartriges for printers I will leave your capture to my more than competent colleauges. Peeing your pants is the coolest
  25. You have at least 3 bigfoot in this photo. And funny thing is I think I went to high school with the one in the middle. Please don't sellout and give this picture to the Weekly World News. Peeing your pants is the coolest
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