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  1. I hear what everyone is saying.


    I do alot of caching at night just to make that easy find kicked up a notch on the difficulty scale. And you aren't surrounded by howling coyotes during the day which gets the blood pumping too.


    A way I can tell if a cache is worth it to me is to scan the logs. A TNLNSL TFTH will probably not do it for me, ( maybe I put that one on my night caches list. )

    But logs from people I know and trust that go on and on and on I can be sure that's a cache worth going for. And the events in the PDX area are pretty dadgum good, ( insert factalsoup plug here )

  2. Actually I was refering to the TOP SECRET sattelite photo that Capt. Smith posted showing my yurt as the, Beer/Alchol storage tent, extra demented. AKA B/AST,ED. And no offense but my idea of my sponge nurse is more along the lines of Brooke Burke not some guy named Dave. Although I'm sure your very good and come highly recomended. :D:D

  3. For some reason over the last few days the PDX website has been down. That's fine I'm not complaining, I know these things need maint. ect.... ( actually I have no idea) but now it seems to be back up and it calls for my username and password but it won't let me in. Anyone have any ideas. It's my same name and password as before but I am denied. Keeping me off the site won't stop me from showing up at Champoeg ya know. I am softwarickly challenged but I am polite. Beef jerky anyone? :mad:

  4. Well, I was looking forward to at least 4 more months of trash talkin before everyone says, You know we can't do this right? But you guys give in after a few days. Now what am I gonna do with my time?


    And what is Von Helsing up to anyway? Has anyone found out what Skull Valley means? ;)

  5. Where is the assisted living Yurt? I may need a sponge nurse to assist me with my diapers after I become basted.


    By the way, this is very entertaining ;)

  6. Oh!! it's like this huh. I feel a drive by comin on DAWG. With soup and fractal on the job I pity the fool. Those 2 could flat out make it rain. ( a nifty trick in Oregon). But to tell you the truth, this team Maximus is starting to scare me. dadgum glad they're on my side. The way YURTZILLA will reign down on the limp tent yurt wanabees will be UNORTHADOXT!! ( In all actuality I don't like the ratio happenin here) :blink:


    I'm also thinking on a squirt gun filled with tequila but I haven't finalized that one yet.

  7. Team Maximus Posted on Jan 4 2004, 02:30 PM


    I'll be making this my first event cache. I havn't frequented the forums so most of you don't know me but I guess I will see you all there. I talked to Quantum Mechanic and Sassquatch the other day and I'll be drinking...er staying with them since they have room for one more. ]


    Oh Yeah!! Did I mention that Mardi Gras Man won't be in the sassquatch yurt. He's moving to New Mexico and will be replaced with newcomer Team Maximus so break out the tar and feathers for the hazing ceremony.

  8. MMMMMMMM......


    HOOPLA!! ;)


    And can anyone tell me why I see a warn 0% under my avatar?

    I've been hanging out on the PDX site and haven't seen all the new features here.

  9. I was wondering how much more intrest there is surrounding this event. I anticipate that this is gonna be the event of the season. At least until soup and fractal team up to blow our minds again that is. are ther any cachers still seeking Golden Tickets?


    and I wanted to move this thread back to the top where it belongs.


    That doesn't smell like mud Chucko

  10. Most likely some short little underage punk wandering in the woods crying after their last rejection from the opposite sex, or the same, wanting everyone else to feel as bad as they do. When I was 19 I thought it was crap, but now I know for sure that youth is wasted on the young. So many good things to appreciate. In the paper I read about monsters but in the geocaching forums i've met nothing but cool people. Such a shame. What a waste.


    That doesn't smell like mud Chucko

  11. Looks like I get to beat the horse. I know the place you're talking about. I've taken family, girlfriends, wife, and kids to the Columbia River Gorge all my life. We've been to all the sites at least a hundred times. I know that the building you mention is pretty cool, although it's always closed when I go. But for us locals, it's just Vista House, no big deal. If a cache was placed there, virtual or not it would be only to pad my stats which I don't do. I suppose visiters would be more inclined to go there but oh well at least your attide sounds great. Glad you had a good time in Oregon and better luck next time.


    That doesn't smell like mud Chucko

  12. I suggest the ingredient for the Champoeg Chef cookoff be beer.


    Mmmmmmmm....... I like beer!!


    And of course, I've never been accused of being sane but I already have a yurt at Beverly Beach for June of 2004 also.


    That doesn't smell like mud Chucko

  13. I third it


    After looking at the map, maybe we have enough people to run through the campground like an angry mob, wielding torches and pitchforks. Of course oregone's idea is good too. Almost was there last time.


    Note to self, bring more tequila.

    That doesn't smell like mud Chucko


    [This message was edited by Sassquatch on September 16, 2003 at 10:10 PM.]

  14. Great, I'll either be at work or asleep after working all night. dadgum you Willy Wonka. I'll bet those golden tickets make the chocholate taste funny anyway.


    That doesn't smell like mud Chucko

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