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    3. Geozits: Red spots, may be raised and/or slightly cream-filled, geocachers develop from being stabbed, poked, and/or pricked by various cacher-unfriendly flora, such as nasty-sword-bearing-trees, stinging nettles, wild rose bushes, and those plants with the furry, stinging leaves. Many times these spots still contain the tips of the plants' weapon of choice. May need to be squeezed, poked with a needle, and/or cut out with a dull blade. Similar to geostripes.


    Can we add them, huh, can we?


    Rainbow, Elf, and Arty



    Happened to me today :ph34r: It's all part of GEOCACHING...... :D


    Vern / Foothills Drifter :ph34r:

  2. I have heard people talking about "Dial-a-hint". Is there actually such a thing?



    Well...sort of. Out here in Lakeside (eastern San Diego County,Ca.) We call it a 'Life Line' It is called many other things. All it involves is calling a friend who has already found the cache and getting a hint. Never tell EXACTLY where it is.....


    Vern / Foothills Drifter :blink:

  3. Okay, I'm a little confused...what is the difference between the travel bug that is 4.25 and the travel bug for hitchhikers that are 5.99 1-3, 5.00 4-7 & 4.25 8+


    Which ones do I order?



    They're all the same....pick the better deal!


    Vern... :D

  4. We just sit around the computer till a new one pops up ;):) .


    Some cachers have Blackberrys and other nifty portable devices that provide alerts when an email arrives. I have heard about how some email programs can text message you with incoming mail.

    There is also a nifty program available that kinda combines these features for those that do not have portable internet access. I don't want to say more lest it adversely affect my FTF chances ;) .



    Here in Lakeside,Ca. it is assumed that chuy! WILL automatically get the FTF on ALL new caches..... ;)


    Vern / Foothills Drifter :)

  5. If you had the opportunity to turn back time to the point that you started what would you change?


    Thanks in advance,




    I'd change my underwear :( .........I like everything else I got.


    Vern / Foothills Drifter :P

  6. An armed society is a polite society.

    Ah, Heinlein, a true visionary!



    See ya on down the trail....

    When we meet...we'll talk about it...........


    Vern / Foothills Drifter

  7. Howdy......

    An armed society is a polite society. I speak softly and carry a large caliber pistol. Long live the SECOND AMENDMENT. I don't run.....


    Vern / Foothills Drifter

  8. Howdy......

    If I go through with this project,I will make it very clear that BOTH the BUG and the G/COIN will have to be logged on their respective sites.


    Still thinkin 'bout it...


    Vern / Foothills Drifter... :laughing:

  9. Juxtaposition: to place two or more things together, especially in order to suggest a link between them or emphasize the contrast between them.


    Go for it.



    Thankx for your input.....It's gonna happen soon...............


    Vern... / Foothills Drifter... :laughing:

  10. Howdy......

    I have a lot of TB's and a few GENERIC GEOCOINS. The Generic Geocoins have a hole in them. Well...you guessed it. Is it OK to 'chain' the two together and log them seperatly???

    Just movin 'round would be their goal.

    Let's hear it............


    Vern... :laughing:

  11. not sure if this the right spot for this Question,


    i want to get like a 100 little green army men and tag, number and label them (Private 1# 8TH platoon)

    there goal would be rejoin there platoon at co-ordinated xx. they would hopefully sent all over the place and would try to make it back together.


    my question is would i have to make each a travel bug and buy the dog tags or could i just put a card on them and log them on the caches page.


    would it work? would it be allowed ?



    Check this... http://www.geocachearmy.com/

    It might be simular


    Vern... :blink:

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