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  1. Vern,

    No one laughed the first time you felt you needed to be gross.

    No one is laughing the second time.

    Not funny. Grow up.


    Howdy Rubeeslpr......

    Thank you for you input...

    Have a nice day.



  2. Thought about it, may do one someday, but it would be on my own site, not a blog site.



    I have both options available...... something to think about...

    Thankx for the input!


    Vern... :grin:

  3. Check out "My Geocaching Musings.


    I have included many helpful links and there are links to other cacher's blogs there. :grin:


    Howdy Miragee......

    I know ya got one...I have read it a time or two......

    You are my inspiration... (is that spelled right...is that a word...) (is there life after death......) :grin:


    Vern... ;)

  4. Consider posting it on a personal Travel Bug. That way I can watch it and get an email everytime it's updated. (Provided it's worth watching :grin: )



    That would help ta keep tract of stuff......


    Vern... :grin:

  5. Howdy......

    I have thought about startin a blog a time or two...It ain't happened yet,BUT,now I'm thinkin real serious 'bout it. How many of ya got 'em. I thought it might be a lot a work (at first) but now I'm thinkin a little different.

    Whats the word around town............. :grin:


    Vern... :grin:

  6. Howdy......

    Before all this started...I also had an avitar...now I don't. According to my account, I DO (not)



    When you are logged out the avatars don't show up. That was probably what you were seeing.



    All is well in my little world now..... :laughing:



    Vern... <_<

  7. I'm new to the game and don't know which gps to choose. i'm looking at the garmin etrex vista or the magellan explorist 400. accuracy and signal strength is my main most important concern. mapping, memory, and compass are nice bonuses, but none of that matters if i can't get a good accurate signal that won't stay in trees. suggestions?



    VISTA CX of course...


    Vern... :ph34r:

  8. Howdy......

    I have been a Premium Member for about 10 minutes now. How do I get rid of the 'Gercacher' under my avitar and get it to say 'Premium Member'. inquiring minds want to know............


    Vern... :cry:

  9. If the coin says "track this coin at www.geocaching.com" somewhere and has a 6 digit tracking number - then it's a traveler, like a travel bug, and you should move it along. There's a "Track Travel Bugs" tab on the left navigation field on GC.com pages. Click on it, then enter the tracking number in the field.


    There are also other tracking sites - if one is referenced on the coin - again it's a traveler. Track it on the correct site and move it.

    I found one and it has a number to track it on the back but when I try to register it, it says the number/bug doesn't exist. Am I supposed to activate it then or what?



    The original owner is suppsed to activate it. Go to the site listed and do it if he/she didn't. I just did the same thing to a 'wooden nickle' I found!


    Vern... :mad:

  10. Hi,


    I have the Vista and want to load some local geocaches (and eventually create some.)

    I can load the geos into the Garmin as a waypoint; how do I load/transfer the geos into the units' geocache menu? I have read Garmin's manual which referred me to their online manual. Talk about a map to nowhere!


    Anyone have any suggestions???





    I have a VISTA C. I just download to the 'unit' with Easy GPS and goto the GEOCACHING Icon and 'enter' and they are there. It just kinda happens automacically........ :o

    I ain't real technical so's I can't explain it real well :mad::mad:


    Vern... :o

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