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  1. Never mind - I have found other posts with the same issue - must be a change to the database
  2. I used to be able to search through a significant numer of pages (at least in excess of 80nm) using "Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates". Now I can only get 11 pages (approx 50nm). Has something changed or is this a temp situation (or am I doing something different- - unintentionally)??.
  3. putt42

    Feature Request

    Ok, thanks much for the inputs, but I guess I am beating a dead horse here. I thought someone had made the arbitrary decision to list only 20 or so waypoints per page, making the downloading of waypoints a little more of a chore. I think I now realize that it was not an arbitrary decision - it invents a "premium" feature. I enjoy geocaching, and I understand the need to generate some funds (travel bugs, coins, etc.), but if the basic geocaching site were not free ......... Thanks again
  4. putt42

    Feature Request

    Thanks, but it's not a matter of a customized query - it's a matter of that a current query by (for example a zip code) gets displayed on many many pages resulting in having to download a significant number of files. Perhaps I was not as clear as I could have been - the issue is downloading a query as a single file, and not the "query by distance" I use as an example for a query. The current query capabilities are fine for me. Thanks for the response
  5. putt42

    Feature Request

    It would be nice to have the ability to download waypoints based on a specified "distance" from a given location (could be town/zip/GPS Coords/etc.). The idea being that this will result in one large listing (not the current multiple pages) of all waypoints fitting this criteria and also only one file to download. Currently, for example, I typically download waypoints up to 50-75 mi from my location (zip code). It takes up to ten pages of "marking all" of the waypoints and then downloading each individual page (resulting in up to ten .loc files). I then have to combine or individually load these files into the GPS. It would be a nice option to be able to list and "mark all" waypoints up to a specified distance, and then be able to download this as one file. Maybe this capability has been previously requested or already exists and I have not been smart enough to figure it out. Thanks for any advice or help
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