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  1. I intrested in doing that, I might be able to go Sunday. I have wanted to go do those for a while. I got a swim competion on Saturday. -Austin Q. Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: I'm not going, I already did both of them during the summer - I just mentioned it as an FYI for the rest of the geocaching community. Do them both if you haven't done any of them - you will not regret it. Just be careful on the slippery rocks!!!
  2. If anybody wants to do Lost City of Atlantis and Black Beard's Grotto, this is the weekend to do it. The tide is very low in the afternoon both Saturday and Sunday. Check out this link http://facs.scripps.edu/cgi-bin/plottide.pl for time. You can also do the swimming caches if you are a true Polarbear , but if you don't like to get your paws wet you can try Scuba Steve's Grandma - that one will be on dry land at low tide. Be safe and have fun!
  3. BZ to Zeber! However comma...San Diego has a "Congrats forum"! My first post, GoBolts! and I put it in the wrong place. Sorry! Perhaps someone could delete this for me - or better yet, put it where it was meant to go? It won't happen again! Looks like The Lost Clan is lost again... Ohhh... I'm so bad...
  4. Would love to, but my weekends are occupied for now. However, I'm planning on taking a day off next Wednesday 10/4 and head up that way. Start: Morning and be gone all day. Anybody interested???? Everything is set, I got the day off and I'm going - come hell or high water!!! If anybody is interested in tagging along, pls e-mail me.
  5. Clairemont Mesa is a good parking spot especially if you are planning on staying out after sunset - no locked gates etc. Just make sure you park on the street. You have several trails to choose from, but you end up either going up the saddle between the Fortunas or take the "stairs" up to S Fortuna.
  6. Would love to, but my weekends are occupied for now. However, I'm planning on taking a day off next Wednesday 10/4 and head up that way. Start: Morning and be gone all day. Anybody interested????
  7. Congrats to "lostguy" for hitting 700 at tonights event. It was great to see you all there...
  8. Congrats to nscaler for hitting 400 at yesterday's event. Congrats to Miragee for hitting 2 while geocaching in Colorado. She has not had time to log it yet, but I quote her: "I will be in Colorado probably until next Wednesday, and don't want to rush back home, so I might miss out on whatever is planned for next weekend as well . . . however, I'm having a great time on this little road trip. One of the caches I found in Colorado was my #2000, which is fitting since I grew up here."
  9. Anybody interested in going to MTRP this weekend? I was planning on doing Kwaay Paay and surrounding area with starting point from ABOVE OLD MISSION DAM suggested parking. Sunday at 9 am
  10. Congrats to rjbloom & co for reaching 500 today
  11. Y'all gonna die .... Thanks for the suggestion... I'll pick up that cache too... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d6-d2e06ac87c84
  12. Anybody interested in tagging along on Sunday for all day hiking in MTRP??? I'm starting from Clairemont Mesa Blvd entrance @ 8 am (or sooner) and going pretty much straight to "Saddle Up" cache via "Bullseye of MTRP" and "TB M.A.S.H. Unit MTRP." Once on top I'm grabbing the caches north and south along the rim, ending with "The Adrenaline Cache" before heading down. See google map http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gmnearest.a...;zm=14&mt=k I expect to be out there until sunset. Well, that's the plan anyway...
  13. Thank you!!! I just recently started to surf the forums (another thing to get addicted to ) and I saw that many of you congratulated me on my 400th also!!! Thank you all!!!!
  14. Another $0.02... First of all, my hat is off to you rjbloom - in a very short time you have solved 100 puzzle caches (several TT caches included) - that is going to be hard to beat. My viewpoint on solving/tagging along: I personally do not care if people use other's effort when finding my puzzle caches. Caching is supposed to be a fun experience - a chance to meet up and bond with other people if one desires, or go at it alone. When it comes down to FTF, my opinion changes a bit. I've had requests for hints before there is a FTF - I do give them, but it's more like a nudge or a cryptic message (which makes sense once the puzzle is solved). I do not want to give away the FTF easily if there is somebody out there that is working really hard by themselves trying to solve it - it's about giving everybody a fair chance. Once there is a FTF though, I give clues until the person can solve it. Do I expect the same treatment? - NO! It's up to each individual to put restrictions on hints/lifelines etc. 'Nuff said...
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