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  1. I have several TB's out in the same situation. I simply look at as they're keeping me updated as to its whereabouts. As none of my tb's have any specific goals, I don't mind this at all and I actually appreciated it. Mine has a specific goal very deliberately spelled out with a link to the intended cache destination in the description. The cacher holding it took it from the cache I released it in and has been holding it hostage ever since... SMH
  2. Wading through 10 to 50 pages of "took it to" logs when I want to see where a trackable has "actually" been and if it has been to its goal location or not. Yep, me too. I just messaged the holder of one of my TB's. They've had it more than six months and "visit" several caches a week but still won't drop it. I don't care to see that someone is simply holding my TB and posting several logs a week just to move it .10 miles back and forth within the same 5 mile radius... Grrr!
  3. I just messaged the holder of one of my TB's. It's been in their possession for over six months and they dip it in several caches a week but still won't drop it. Frustrating for sure. I await a reply to see if they'll actually drop it off or not...
  4. Oh, and if/when you go Premium Member, you can filter searches and Pocket Queries by several means. I set up my PQ's to filter out Temporarily Disabled caches in particular to lesson the chance that I go looking for something that can't be found. You can filter by other factors things that you may not enjoy looking for as well...
  5. Another factor I use to determine how long i'll look is who hid it. You'll find that after awhile you'll get used to how certain CO's hide their caches and it may make it quicker to find them. Yesterday I headed out to grab a few caches along the way to a neighboring town and stopped for one in particular that was an easy T/D. Spent about five minutes before I remembered who hid it, all the while thinking "this should be easier". Remembered that this CO hangs his hides in trees and almost immediately spotted it. I didn't used to read the hints and logs before a search. After searching for too many caches that were DNF'd more than Found, I started reading the logs and spending less time, if any, searching for those. Don't be afraid to log Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived (if applicable) on these types of caches. How long I search depends on the owner, the log history, and any other number of variable factors. Just enjoy the hobby!
  6. Mudfrog, if you want to paddle on up here to Michigan, I'd be happy to show you around some waters
  7. What is the Georgia DNR stance on geocaching? What about geocaching on sensitive natural sites? Were permissions granted for this, and the other cache in the area? The way it reads to me, the cache listings should be updated to be more clear about permissions, taking care with the fragile landscape, etc. That, and it really doesn't seem like a 55-yard hike off trail and uphill in a sensitive nature area is the best idea. This article for more context. You see, these are the public faces of geocache listings which can be very, very counterproductive to opening doors with land managing agencies for geocaching. Not only is permission or trespass an issue to consider with this cache owner's hides, but also the descriptions of the caches being accurate and helpful enough to keep the caches from becoming an issue. That second cache is located on a Georgia DNR Natural Area, and I can't locate anything on their website or the Georgia Geocaching Association pages to know what the regulations are for GA DNR lands. I did find an old thread where erikl-88r was working on an updated policy with the DNR, but didn't add an update to the end of the thread. From the link: "In many parts of Rock and Shoals, the landscape is nearly bare granite, topped in scattered hollows with a thin layer of soil or transient pools of water. It's a landscape of life both tough and delicate, he said: Plants tough enough to survive the harsh, dry conditions, but delicate enough to be easily hurt by too much human intrusion. Some of the small, delicate flowers here are found in only a handful of other places. But it's not the rare plants that makes Rock and Shoals a special place, it's the unique plant communities, said Canalos and others familiar with the area." I'm troubled by this and rather glad I don't live down that way. CO's like this one are indeed dangerous to our fun past time. Sad that people like that only seem to care about their own perceptions.
  8. 2tall1s, cemetery caches are generally accepted around where I am. Gladly, I've yet to see one in poor taste or ill maintained. terratin, if some folks see TD'ing this for a week or so around the anniversary, I could print and put in one of the cards from that other popular thread... NiraD has a point too. The physical stage (container) is well out in the woods behind the cemetery. Though there is another cache along the eastern fence, I preferred crafting virtual stages leading to the cache itself. Nothing physical in the cemetery itself. Redsox Mark, yeah, no mention of how he passed in the listing. Doesn't belong or help in any way. There's enough of that out there already. TriciaG, yeah, I considered that too. I've found myself searching for caches that've been disabled or archived. Happened yesterday actually. Even after loading up a freshly run PQ I've missed some of those, so you're right, not everyone would see the Temp Disable. Some might though, and that may make a difference. Touchstone, yeah, the paying respects part has been tugging me back and forth. This is part of the reason I'm in no rush to throw a cache out there and get it published. I've given these thought for nine months before actually starting to work on them. Now I'm letting each page marinate in my head before I submit. Thanks for the nudge. Knowschad, the thought is to disable for the preceding week and a few days post of the anniversary. A few things I considered while contemplating how to put this together: Limiting traffic; PMO listings have a way of doing that near me, as do multis. Talking with the family. This subject of this cache in particular was pretty chill with a 'laugh at your troubles' way of living life. Nothing bothered this guy, and as I suspected, his family are amazing people as well. (I knew some of them, but have had the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the others) I've tried to be thoughtful and considerate of possible issues with the wording. Yeah, I think I'll edit the paying respects part... All in all, I'm not going for record find rates with these. PMO, a multi, and a ? will, in themselves, limit the traffic of the ones that need extra consideration (IMO). Fewer finds suit me fine. I'll do as wmpastor wrote and simply wait until after the 4th of July holiday as I'm in no race to see these published, after all, that COULD be seen as an agenda by some and I've no desire to print out the cards...
  9. Thanks for the reply and kind words. I'm not so concerned with a "no" answer from the reviewer. Ours have been pretty prompt and easy to work with in my limited experience. I submitted the first in the series on Memorial Day, fully expecting publication to take closer to two weeks considering the holiday. Was surprised to get notifications of the first two finds within three hours... My concerns is more related to balancing respect for the families and site and timing of the actual publication. To be clear, I'm not in a rush to have it published. I may submit and request a later date for publication (after the 4th). No rush to decide...
  10. I've got a series in the works, the first has been published, the second placed and written up, the third in the planning stage, and the bonus final about completed (pending #3). The series is in honor of three men who each saved my life in one fashion or another. Sadly, all three have passed on. The second in the series is a multi, carefully and respectfully planned out in a cemetery. As the subject of this cache in particular passed away last June (23d) i am debating whether to hold off submitting for publication until after the holiday or simply post another reviewer note asking for publication to be held. Out of respect for the families, I don't want folks out looking for this around the anniversary of his passing. The subject of the third in the series is buried about 100' away as well. Upon publication, it will be stated that this cache will be Temporarily disabled for two weeks each year (the week before and after the anniversary). So... Hold off on submitting, or submit with reviewer note so as to have time to work out any possible issues with the reviewer in the interim? Thoughts?
  11. Either way, I prefer 10 times a container full on "agendas" than a geocacher throwing trash in the woods. +1
  12. Seems like it's been forever since there was a good bicker about ABS pipe caches. Personally, I prefer PVC.
  13. Might want to consider this with your design... 2.5. Logo Usage and Trademark Information
  14. Found the remains of a dog once. Still had a collar around it's neck. Might have been a bit irreverent, but my dog needed a new collar and the pile of bones was obviously not going to be needing it... No, there were no tags. I'd have gladly tried to contact someone if there had been.
  15. Being required to have a validated e-mail address would help in communicating with the 2 find wonder that states that they moved your cache..., or just so happened to be the last one to find your cool container before that looong string of DNF's.
  16. Yeah, I read the posts out of curiosity. This whole thread has been, ummm, interesting as there's a very similar situation with a cache near me... No, I didn't log NA, though I should have. Still might.
  17. Sorry, haven't been sleeping much lately. Temporarily Disabled...
  18. Have I posted about this one before? GC2ZF5T This one was knowingly placed off coords... Just surprised it took so long for anyone to log NM or NA. If I was that FTF, I'd have gladly posted NM. Fixed it
  19. SO, now that it's TD it's getting more traffic...
  20. Yeah, NO. And if you absolutely must, do as Pup Patrol said. Clearly list it as the very first thing on your cache page. Better yet, don't do it at all. People don't like cameras secretly taking pictures of them. Seems a bit unethical to me. Just my opinion though. Several have asked, and you still haven't answered... What's the purpose, what are you watching for? If you're thinking about a creative cache idea that incorporates a trail cam, then you might have a winning idea (as long as folks know what to expect). If knowschad is right and this is about muggled caches, there are other possible solutions. (read some of the recent PMO threads to make up your own mind).
  21. Yep. After reading this thread I went back and revisited the page of a cache very near home that plagued me for months. I visited that cache five times (logged 3 DNF's, I should have logged the other two) before finding it with some helpful hints from a phone cacher friend. Even after trying to contact the CO, there was NO indication that they cared that the cache was intentionally 75' off... Without exception, all of this CO's hides that I've found have been disgusting experiences for one reason or another. Yeah, I know, that's why there's an Ignore List. Sometimes I ignore the list to find them and make mention of the conditions to let others know what to expect. If someone had done the same before me, my kids might not have been turned off by the experience. Make the coords as accurate as you can. Do cache maintenance, and please, if you quit the game, police your cache/trash by removing it and archive it.
  22. So..., we've got some new cachers a few miles south of me. 46 finds and putting out new caches left and right. No problem there. I'm up for new caches in the area. I find it interesting though that they place their caches as close as possible to caches owned by experienced and well known cachers. Oh, they've also been STF on a couple of their own caches... Interesting.
  23. I've only deleted one online Found It log..., posted on a cache I archived several days earlier. As I recall, that particular person was somehow posting Found It logs on several other caches that had recently been archived. Yeah, no e-mail on that one, just delete. I've not owned many caches, but I check(ed) on them as needed. Whether it was prompted by an online log or I was nearby. I only confirm and reconcile online and physical logs when I change the physical log sheet. Even then it's more just having fun reading who was there than actually scrutinizing the two logs.
  24. I posted a review for First to Find on GoodReads this evening. Wow! What a read that was! I started Thursday evening and finished Friday. Couldn't stop. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Gonna start reading Death will attend in a few minutes
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