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  1. Thank you for the kind words on JMCz - my father who passed away from pancreatic cancer this last Sunday, January 16 2020. Rest in peace dad, I will miss you forever.
  2. My father JMCz found and personally signed all of his caches. His top rank was #3 in the world and holds #12 at the time of this posting. He helped start a company in the late 80's (Xircom) which sold to Intel eventually for $750M. Dad retired early and made geocaching his main hobby for quite a while. He would travel to a city and hit the first cache at sunrise and continue until it was too dark and he was too tired to continue. Then the next day he would repeat until the saturated caches were found. Then he would continue to the next city. I went caching with him once for my record of 300 in a day on one of those desert roads. But, in the city where I would be happy if I could get 15-20 in a day, he managed to do 50-100 with ease. He bought his vehicle just for caching and carried spare tires, a bicycle, and multiple computers and equipment with food and water. He backed off over time, maybe from fatigue from people that criticize or rudely attacked his efforts, hides, and many geocoins and travel bugs he contributed to the game. I can honestly say it got old for me to have people complain about hides or the way I shared geocoins. Red Handed geocoin was a classic with crazy lady I will never forget, but I digress... His numbers won't rise anymore as he passed away of pancreatic cancer this last Sunday, January 16, 2022. I'm in the process now of going through the trackables and collectables he has accumulated over the years. It's a treasure trove, but my treasure was having him in my life and discovering so many things in the world - even geocaches and the cool geocachers.
  3. It doesn't work for me -- I have an older avatar with two flags that does not show up in any of my cache logs. I changed it to a pumpkin face JPG file 75x75 as a test and still no change in my cache logs. And, the old flag Avatar is showing up here. Araggggghhh! Just changed it to a monkey.... Ha! Still no change here and I feel like a monkey.
  4. It doesn't work for me -- I have an older avatar with two flags that does not show up in any of my cache logs. I changed it to a pumpkin face JPG file 75x75 as a test and still no change in my cache logs. And, the old flag Avatar is showing up here. Araggggghhh!
  5. Thank you all for you advice and support. I will try some of the suggestions! Jay
  6. Seems that my question was more about geocaching sites than about coins, but i guess I put too much emphasis on the coin in my example. Hopefully coin experts know about different website operations???
  7. A person who geocaches in Australia took one of my coins TB1E7F3 out of a geocache GC10415 Little Flaggy Creek Cache and then put it in a cache GA0810 which appears to be another type of game. How did he do that or how did that happen? Do I specualate he is playing two games and messed up my coin? I'd enjoy suggestions on what to do at this point. So Far I just grabbed the coin back from him... Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide, Jay
  8. Strange it is missing -- I will try to post elsewhere as suggested. I wasn't really demanding anything, just curious as to what would happen if someone got a geocacher's password and went in and deleted years of cache logs, photos, trackable logs, etc...
  9. I guess it's geocache tomorrow.....
  10. Well son of a gun. I looked in there and there was a blocked list that had noreply@geocaching.com I never had this set up before. I just fixed it there, but now wonder if there is a way for me to do at least one more PQ today....
  11. Can anyone in support do a "reset" for me? i really wanted to geocache today...
  12. Is there a way for you to get my "5 a day" reset or do I need to wait until tomorrow to try to fix this....
  13. I just sent and e-mail from my work to my hotmail and it went through -- this rounds it down to geocaching.com having a send problem....
  14. My PQs are not ariving in my hotmail -- I maxed out my 5 for today, so I can not try a different address to troubleshoot....
  15. I will have to try that one -- thank you... It's a little confusing, but if I walk through it I can test for the results... Thank you!
  16. Nope -- the graphic part is to the left for me....
  17. Thanks -- I've done that too and was getting eager to get a reply from someone. So far - nothing.... Thanks again! Jay
  18. Driving in circles through an unfamiliar neighborhood trying to figure out how to get past the train tracks or the aquaduct dividing the city in half.... A street map would be nice.... Do you us this on your handheld and where would you suggest I buy? Thank you, Jay
  19. I have just started using this macro on GSAK. I love it, but it challenges me in Geocaching mode on my 60CSX. I can click on a POI and get the info. If I want to find that cache then I click SAVE so it is in geocaching mode, then I click goto. And when I click FOUND it is nicely put in to my calendar for logging later that night. The problem is that when I click SAVE, the name is truncated without GC numbers and it it hard to log them at night -- I have to go by abbreviated names instead. Is there a solution to this? Do you use another method? Thanks for the help == I am really new at this GSAK high tech stuff! Thanks again. Jay
  20. I KNEW I COULD COUNT ON YOU GUYS FOR GREAT HELP! THANK YOU ALL!!! Yes, Independence is spelled wrong and the hole is through the A in INDEPENDANCE. I see! It was a bad production, but it now can still be in circulation because it still is beautiful... Also BRAIN FART on my behalf!!! I was so upset thinking that someone was reselling stolen coins that I didn't think NOT to post the tracking number in actuality. I will notify the owner ASAP!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU YOU GUYS ROCK!!
  21. I just picked up a TB in a cache and it had a geocoin attached to it. The geocoin's tracking number is scratched off of it. The TB page even had something in it that bothered me a little. Check it out TB1CERQ What would you do? Thank you in advance for your opinions and for someone to bounce ideas off of.
  22. Ok, if nobody here can help me, can anyone tell me where the best place is to have my logs fixed?? What I see in my log more than once -- "you retreived SALMMING SAMMY (Travel Bug Dog Tag) from" and nothing more.... What should I do??
  23. How many stages to that multi!?!??!?! It should have been blown up!! JUST KIDDING!! You'd think that the police would know about geocaching and look these things up first.... I have many in a city environment too and I wonder. Especially that they just installed new police cameras in the area, and one of my caches is build exactly like a pipe bomb -- it's about 2.5 feet long on a corner of a busy intersection.... But is is a favorite cache of the geocachers in the area -- see "Combination of Beers"
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