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  1. Can the 'found' box be checked on import? ie - If I import my found caches, is it possible to get them to import with the 'found' box checked or is this button only for logging finds? I have imported them into a 'FoundLocal' category, but when doing serches for nearest caches it will let me show unly unfound caches - but those in my FoundLocal category are showing up because they import without the 'found box' checked.
  2. Why not make these caches permanent deletes, then they won't load back in the next GPX file? If you still want them in the database, then change the status to archived and lock the record so it won't be overriden. I have them locked now - the reason I do not delete them is that someday I may decide to do them - and there is no way to put a note in the delete log as to why I deleted it - to review later. If it is locked then the text never gets updated for me to check that whatever condition caused me to archive it has been fixed. Another solution I just thought of - Maybe I need to just put text like !hide! in the user field and always filter those out? That would solve my archive delima. I still would like a warning if a found is changed to notfound PS. I added a blurb to the end of my last post after you read it, I think:
  3. Would it be possible to add an option to 'Manual update of cache ARCHIVE status? There are caches in the database I never care to attempt - but if I archive them, then the system just changes them to available the next time I download. On a similar vein - it would be nice if there was a warning if a found cache is going to be changed to 'not-found'. I would like to know if a cache placer deletes my found log - or if I mess up somehow. -- I guess on both of these I don't mind if the gpx updates the cache as found or archives it (I would always want it to do that) - I just don't want it to change from found to unfound or from archived to unarchived without my permission.
  4. Don't forget - every time you exit you should copy the gsak.ini file to either Garmin.ini or Magellan.ini or you will loose all the other defaults you set for other exports. I am running 3 .ini files now - and waiting for the ability to specify the corresponding ini file on the command line
  5. You're welcome. Those of you giving Garmin money are welcome & encouraged to get in their face about this... So, what you REALLY want is to be able to use GSAK to spin out a MPS file (we'll leave GDB behind at this point in the discussion) suck them into Mapsource, delete the ones that aren't interesting and then push that back into a selection process so that ONLY those points appear in GSAK/GPX, right? (Sort of an manual arc filter...) If that's correct, then I think you want the OPPOSITE of GPSBabel's duplicate filter. Instead of discarding everything that appears twice, you want to retain ONLY those that appear twice - once in the original GPX and once in the .mps - right? (I have no idea how Clyde could hook this up to be comprehensible to normal people...) gpsbabel -i gpx -f mongolist.gpx -i mapsource -f onlyyourwpts.mps -x duplicate,shortname,keeponlydupes -o gpx -F mytodolist.gpx Where "keeponlydupes" is the new piece of this puzzle and 'mytodolist.gpx' contains only things that were in both the original and in the mps file. Right? If so, bribe Ron or myself (after I return from vaction) to add this. I think it's easy to do, but I could be wrong. The other thing that could make this work is if the arc filter had a 'points' option along with the current 'line' and 'polygon' options, so it only found waypoints within x distance of each point would match This is the same thing I did when I travelled down the interstate. I had all the coordinates for the exits - I created an arc filter then checked all the waypoints. I then unchecked all the waypoints that were more than 1 mile from each exit. Would have been nice to have it automated. But won't be making trips like that often enough to work up a script file to do it.
  6. What's wrong with caches in Norway? hbrx. 32 V 598598E 6646042N Absolutely Nothing I just don't remember doing any caches when I was there in 1979 I would love to go back and do some though. I come from a long line of Norwegian bachelor farmers.
  7. Are these benchmarks that are not in the NGS database? The few in my area seem to be regular adjusted benchmarks?
  8. Do you have the DataSheet files? Once you have one, just drag and drop it onto bmgpx and you will have a gpx file that you can then use. Let us know at what point in the process you get stuck and can give some more detailed instructions.
  9. Now that I have GSAK I noticed that I had a cache in Indiana and Wyoming - two places I have not been in 20 years. They were Locationless Caches - and so of course the cooridinates were meaningless to me. I realized this is a perfect place to use 'corrected coordinates' and so looked in the logs for my coordinates and corrected the two to show where I found the 'cache' Thought would pass this along - now my map of found caches looks a little more 'true' and if I ever do more locationless caches I won't end up with caches in Norway
  10. And I guess I was half asleep when I wrote the original title because it should have referenced CacheMate - not GSAK - since it is CacheMate that ends up with problems when the Description gets excessively long. (over 8k)
  11. Yes, many times the Station Recoveries have a better description of how to find the Benchmark. But sometime GeoCache logs have better descriptions of how to find the cache than the original description too My thoughts are that the 'Station Description' would be placed in the 'D' 'Description Page' and that the 'Station Recoveries' would be placed in the 'P' 'Post Page?' in cachemate I like the idea of reversing the logs too. hmmm wonder how hard that would be to automate??
  12. Holy Cow! That guy can write and write and write and write.....
  13. Hmmm 300 miles might be a bit farther than I hoped but, I might be able to swing both areas at the same time. Do the machine, do Boise..... There are some nice caches along the way - especially if you take the scenic route along old highway 30.
  14. Looks good. I'm hoping to be there again. That is if I finish logging my finds from last weekend by then!! I hope you're right about the 80 degrees YeOleImposter. 80 I can handle. It's the 90s that it can get up there that would do me in. Just pulled this off the Weather Underground for 09/25/2003: 09/25/2003: Max Temperature 91 °F / 32 °C Min Temperature 51 °F / 10 °C Average for 09/25: Max Temperature 76 °F / 24 °C Min Temperature 48 °F / 8 °C Record for 09/25: Max Temperature 91 °F / 32 °C (1974) Min Temperature 32 °F / 0 °C (1970)
  15. Was wondering for those that use GSAK to keep track of benchmarks - would it cause any kind of problem to have them treated like logs are for geocaching? Really that is what they are. Then other programs (noteably CacheMate) could handle benchmarks easier because you would not have these overly long descriptions. What problems could this create?
  16. And I think it may have been asked before (by Embra?) if you might consider adding a 'Did Not Find' Category? This would be useful for those caches I have looked for but did not find as well as for benchmarks (alterior motive). Thinking out loud: Probably easiest to set it up as a different field altogether from the Found since computers do not like 3 states (Success / Failure / No Attempt) All three are mutually exclusive but awaiting a Tri-nary instead of Bi-nary computer Don't know if it could share the same date field as found or not? If the 'found' field is character based instead of binary - well then, very easy to change.
  17. Clyde, any chance we will be able to add different 'types' to GSAK? It would be great to be able to customize it for Benchmarking Right now I just have mapped out Different types of benchmarks to the current list of types.
  18. Always thought it would be interesting to have a 'Public Transit Cache Machine' - where all of us would be hopping on and off busses
  19. The limit was raised from 3k to 8k around a year ago, I think. It isn't used automatically, though... there's an option in the conversion process to enable the long description support. That option exists in GSAK's CacheMate export dialog as well... did you enable it? If you do have the option enabled, I don't know how much more I can raise the limit. Palm OS fields have to be set to a specific length, and I can't set it too high without pushing the limits on older devices. The runtime memory for Palm OS programs is pretty scarce. I have run into this with benchmarks also - was trying to think of a solution too. Was wondering if there is a reason not to move the 'Reported by' into the 'logs' category (I think was suggested by our fearless leader awhile back)? This is not really a cachemate 'problem' but if it makes sense we may be able to talk the creator of BMGPX to recode it to move the 'reported by' logs into the 'found logs'. PS. What is the limit in the found logs? Are we just trading one problem for another?
  20. I have run into this also - was trying to think of a solution too. Was wondering if there is a reason not to move the 'Reported by' into the 'logs' category? This is not really a GSAK 'problem' but if it makes sense we may be able to talk the creator of BMGPX to recode it to move them?
  21. The Tri-Cities is trying to get ready for the CacheMachine.... YeOleImposter will make sure that the local cachers have things ready. YeLittleImposters are already thinking of spots to set up lemonade stands for those who are not used to 80 degree weather at the end of September.
  22. I load the datasheets into GSAK by way of BMGPX and then sort by date! Too Easy Then I go and look for marks that have no 'placed-date' to see if these are old ones since some do not have the date monumented.
  23. Thinking this through, I think I may have the answer - but I don't want to be presumptuous enough to speak for everyone. How about... Another column that the user can choose to display or not (and hence you can position anywhere). I am thinking of a very small width column like the travel bug, but with a "padlock" icon. Obviously those records that are locked would have the "padlock" icon, and those not locked would be blank. I like the idea! Could do something similar for the corrected coordinates - would make it easy to sort them to the top for editing, review, etc.
  24. Wow - two old guys named Gary always asking Clyde for more features. Is it the name or the old age?? YeOleImposter aka Gary
  25. Just got back from the cache Portland Cache Machine ... so have some message catch up to do. I want to appologize if I was one who hit your bandwidth on Thursday or Friday. I was experimenting and should probably have done it with a smaller file. I did use the direct link saurontree... Again, sorry if it was me.
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