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  1. I am guessing that the spinner is changing the waypoint names. I am sure it is an option you can change so that it leaves them as GC****. No way to get the MC**** into the GPS unless spinner can export to your GPS.
  2. I have been using the smart names from GSAK - but that means I cannot then use Logger to automate logging of caches - I have given up using a program like Logger because I do not want to give up smart names in the GPS. Was just hoping there was a way to do both.
  3. I did a quick look on the cachemate website and could not see that this can be done, so am asking if it can be done now, or if not, is this a feature that could be added to cachemate: Can cachemate export 'smartnames' to the GPS instead of the current waypoint name? I would like to be able to use a program like Logger - so I need the real waypoint name (I think) but when I export the waypoints to my GPS I don't want the GC numbers - since they are meaningless - I rather would like to have a 10 character smartname.
  4. I am using GSAK to keep track of benchmarks - so set up an item in the custom URL settings so that I can quickly pull up GC.com, NGS Datasheet, or LostOutdoors Topo & Photo maps of any PID.
  5. Looks like you have a PocketPC. So will let others tell you how to do it specifically with a pocket PC - but yes, it can be done. I use my Palm T3 and Garmin Legend exclusively when caching by using GSAK to send the Data to the T3. I can send the waypoints to my GPSr directly from GSAK or from my T3 if I am in the field (Legend only holds 1000 waypoints - and on long trips I group cache and benchmark coordinates by area and transfer them from cachemate on the T3 to the Legend with a patch cord). edited because I opened my eyes and saw he said he had a HPJordana
  6. I don't think GSAK works on a PocketPC PDA. It needs regular Windows. GSAK does not 'work' with any PDA - it just manipulates the data on a PC - so you can send the data to Cachemate or Plucker on Palms - or to GPXSonar on PocketPCs - Or to your GPSr or to Paper now
  7. Got a note back from Deb that she would look into this further and make a determination what to do if anything. I can tell you that I will probably never email anyone to correct their log unless I know them. You do not make friends by sending even a nice note - let alone one that is easliy misinterpreted (ask CCrew - even I jumped on his case because of how I read his remarks).
  8. Destroyed? It looked alive and well when I was there. I don't think the recovery notes often comprise the complete history of a monument. I'll be interested to see your own recovery note appear on the data sheet saying it is destroyed. I sure did not see a "8-INCH SQUARE STONE POST" if you can show me a photo of it I will change my log The steel cap we saw was placed in the 1980s - not 1903 - If the NGS did record this it would be as a 'RESET' just like many marks that are destroyed and replaced by another benchmark. What we saw is simply a tourist attraction placed by the parks department at a historical site.
  9. I noticed that quite a few folks logged the Willamette Stone 'benchmark' http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=RD3152 while doing the PCM. If you read the text of the NGS Datasheet it describes the benchmark thus: What we all found was a stainless steel cap placed in the mid 1980s. If you are tracking benchmarks you should log this as either a DNF or as 'Destroyed'
  10. A mile away? 4 wooden posts in the description versus marble columns on the library? Weathervane on the HS dome that doesn't exist on the library? Come on, you want to bust on me for 2 BM finds, but I didn't just get my eyes and common sense yesterday.. With 100 or so cache finds I'm obviusly new to hunting things, spare me here... -R I think we need to watch ourselves here... CCrew used the term "obviously bogus' and has already said he meant 'obviously wrong' not 'obviously cheating'. Lets not escalate this to a flame war. CCrew asked a question - and it was misinterpreted - lets not let our answers be misinterpreted - and have CCrew think we are all a bunch of harda**es jumping his case for a simple question. His question: What should be done when you find a log that is obviously wrong? Answer: Email the logger if it bothers you. (or if you are not interested in sending out 50 emails to the 'supposed finders' of Willamette Stone (Monument) )
  11. The real question is - Is the dome in the picture actually a benchmark itself? with a different PID? I was in Portland 2 weeks ago on a caching expedition - 103 caches in 2 days - plus 10 benchmarks that were close by. The only way I have of matching photos with my logs is that CacheMate timestamps my log and my camera timestamps the photo. I have had problems with water towers in a town when I am logging them a week after I took the pictures - usually one is taller than the other and so I can 'remember' which is which. Would be funny if Geo* has a picture of the HighSchool Dome on the GC.com page for the Library Dome.
  12. Make sure you set GSAK to not print the link to GC.com at the top of your HTML page. Also try setting plucker to 'stay on source' or whatever it is so that it will not leave your hard drive to find stuff. Bet that speeds it up quite a bit. Then start experimenting with other settings. You may also want to try JPluck - it is quite a bit faster than Plucker Desktop.
  13. I don't think I have ever thrown away a rechargable battery. I loose them long before they quit taking a charge
  14. Yes, what do you mean by 'obviously bogus'? If one was trying to run up the numbers it is easier to not put up any photos. Is the 'green dome' in the picture not in the same town? I can see scanning through photos and accidentally picking the wrong photo. You are right - the description does not match the photo.. Obviously Bogus implies the guy was trying to cheat - not that it was a mistake. Check out the logs for "Monument' (Willamette Stone) in a recent topic - 50 geocachers logged this one - some with text "as described' yet the text says it is a stone marker and everyone found a stainless steel cap! Obviously Bogus? No. Careless Mistake? Yes. Not understanding what constitutes a Find? Definately. If you meant 'obviously mistaken' then ok, but in the world of typing I am afraid your 'obviously bogus' will be understood as chalenging the integrity of the finder. Probably not what you meant to do?
  15. Well, Not quite so pestigious - but I posted my 100th Benchmark Log today (from 2 weeks ago). With 65 finds - 30+ dnfs and a couple notes. Hope to get the rest of my BMs logged (20 waiting) and hit 100 finds by the end of July
  16. When I double click on the 'User Data' field it just opens whatever is set for 'double click' instead of allowing edit of User Data - anyway to make 'User Data'' work like the 'Notes' and 'Corrected Coordinates' do? Thanks!
  17. Well, I finally found one that is pre-1900 RC0860 - 106 HIGH WATER MARK was monumented in 1894. Amazing that the waters of the Columbia River reached 8' up this old post office building!
  18. I am guessing it has no PID because it was probably placed as a 'tourist attraction' and not done by survey crews?
  19. Logger looks interesting - How did you find out you had to change the name? Did you try it and it did not work? Just curious. I would not have thought of that till it failed. I guess it was designed before GSAK came out and so nothing in the docs of how the name must be formated. I have just logged 52 of the 103 caches I did last weekend in Portland. Automating them would make it so much easier. But I too used SmartNames so guess am out of luck this time. Only 51 left to go - and 10 benchmarks.
  20. Willamette Stone (Monument) was logged by a bunch of folks recently as they walked over it to get to a geocache. Too bad the original 'stone' was vandalized in the 1980s and was replaced by the current stainless steel cap and brass plaque. I marked this one as destroyed in GC.com. Probably should send a note to Deb?
  21. Thanks! So, I am curious, was the 1991 GPS data from the 1990 observation? Is there a way to tell from the datasheet?: SA2222 HISTORY - 19901128 GOOD (Nobody) Surprised no organization was listed as doing the observation and if it was NGS and GPS readings were taken am surprised that the recovery note itself was so sparse: SA2222'RECOVERED 1990 SA2222'RECOVERED IN GOOD CONDITION.
  22. Speaking of Filters.... Any chance of showing the 'Center' point. This is data that is saved in the filter but not displayed anywhere. Would be nice if it was edit-able on the filter screen - but even if not, it should at least display so users remember / know that it is part of the 'filter'
  23. Would unstalling 2 instances of gsak in different locations work? If you did that could they point at the same database but still have different settings? No Need. Version 3.06 (which is still in beta/development) now allows for this scenario. Great! Would be nice if most of the Exports had this feature. On the exports I run, I usually have 2 or 3 different 'styles' I constantly output. Would be nice if there was a way for GSAK to remember them like it does for Filters.
  24. I just noticed on SA2222 that the Old Datasheet from GC.com has these lines: SA2222.The horizontal coordinates were established by GPS observations SA2222.and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in May 1991. The Current Datasheet from the NGS has these lines: SA2222.The horizontal coordinates were established by GPS observations SA2222.and adjusted by the National Geodetic Survey in July 2001. The History shows: SA2222 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By SA2222 HISTORY - 1981 MONUMENTED NGS SA2222 HISTORY - 19810724 GOOD NGS SA2222 HISTORY - 19890619 GOOD NGS SA2222 HISTORY - 19901128 GOOD SA2222 HISTORY - 19920911 GOOD CHANCE SA2222 My Questions: 1) Did someone go out with a GPS in May 1991 and July 2001 to get the coordinates? 2) If Yes, Why is it not in the Recovery History?
  25. http://www.smittyware.com/palm/cachemate/faq.php#found_flag That was added to the FAQ not long ago... I'm not sure if it was before or after the 3.5.3 release, so it may not be in the included docs. Will give it a try. Assume I will want to turn off the automatic changing of categories? Or will it not change them to a new category if I do it this way?
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