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  1. WooHoo! Just checked in PayPal and found my invoice had been sitting in there since yesterday. The PayPal invoice must have hit the spam bucket by accident. Paid & Anxious!
  2. They are just on opposite sides of the highway, about a 10th of a mile apart. I didn't even think about it but in the photo of SA1107 you can see the silos where SA2511 is set.
  3. I could not see anything wrong with the 1st reset and actually appears to be a 'better' mark. It is in the open with a clear view all around. The 2nd reset is set in the 'V' of two grain silos that are side by side. Here is the 1972 Reset: Here is the 1983 Reset:
  4. I just found this one. Had to sweep the dead beetles out of the way and take a few pictures to make sure that I got at least 1 without a live beetle walking over it.
  5. We have talked about the stamping not having to say "Reset" but this is the first time I have run into 2 resets of the same mark. One is a USCGS placed in 1972 and the other a NGS disk placed in 1983. Both show up in the NGS database.
  6. Glad I am not the only one , although my last hike 3 1/2 hours up, 2+ hours down, I did make sure that we each carried 3 liters of water in our pack. Wish I had brought an extra pair of legs!
  7. A round trip distance of 8.4 miles makes Shriner Peak the farthest I have hiked to claim a benchmark! We started our hike at 8:30am and reached the summit at a little past noon, gaining 3434 feet in altitude. After a brief lunch we begin the descent which will take us a little more than 2 hours. I only wish we had started at least an hour earlier to beat the sun's heat. Benchmark Photos Other Hike Photos
  8. I finally have one I can submit. A nice 1.6 mile hike up to Dege Peak (and then 1.6 miles back) from the Sunrise Visitor Center at Mount Rainier National Park. At 7016 feet this is the highest benchmark I have recovered, and until tomorrow when we do Shriner Peak it will be the farthest I have hiked to claim a benchmark. Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gpaulson/tags/sb1139/
  9. Please put me down for two also! Very cool.
  10. Never thought about the underwater benchmarks located at culverts, etc, being ideal fishing locations! Thanks for the tip.
  11. I noticed on a couple of benchmark disks I located this month that someone had 'stamped' dates on disk. I am guessing it is a survey crew of some kind? You can see the dates 9/14/96, 9/17/97, and 9/26/2000. Here is a photo of RB1488:
  12. What is really sad is when they are reported to the NGS as 'Found' by a GEOCACHER when they are actually destroyed. NGS RD3152 GC.com RD3152 My GC.com Log I sent an email to Deb Brown in June 2004 that this should be changed to destroyed but I probably should have also put a 'Not Found' log into the NGS.
  13. Does anyone have a special tool to lift these lids? When we were on vacation I found that all of the disks along 2 roads had these kinds of lids. I used a screw driver on the last 2 I found and it took a lot of work. The cast iron lids must have weighed 2 pounds and could trying to get a a grip on them was next to impossible. The center hole in the lid makes it appear that a simple tool could have lifted it straight out. Even a bolt on a piece of nylon twine might work. Just wondered what others were using and will add it to my 'tool box'.
  14. Bumping this in case there are other new purchasers who didn't see it. Have sent my name and email along!
  15. Can't believe they still had a 3300 available! I just read this post and called the 3 Radio Shacks in our area. 1 had none, 1 had a 2200 for $50 and the last one had a 3300 for $111. So I hopped in the old car and joined the 33 club.
  16. Of course now GSAK can read the MS Streets & Trips .est file directly. No need for ST2GPX or any thing else!
  17. Not quite sure what you mean by "Hopefully that will show up after the system reformats it" Just never sure what 'formatting' the forum software would do to my centering and attempt to make the text look like the message I received. It did strip all the spacing. ps. Log file is on its way.
  18. Clyde, just noticed this with the 6.5 version - right under "Show full change log" in the GSAK Change Log: | Waypoints in each file | | DOCUME | 1\Owner\LOCALS | Hopefully that will show up after the system reformats it. For info the "DOCUME" appears to be the begining of the path and the "1\Owner\LOCALS" another part of the path: C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\362942.gpx from importing from outlook?
  19. I have picked up Anita Bear! I see the goal of Anita is to make it to Alaska. Your choice - do you want me to drop it in another cache (am thinking of Yellowstone NotSoNational Park (GCJCXV)) or hold on to it till I go to Seatle at the end of this month? Either one works for me.
  20. Funny how you never read in the caching topics that someone was out hunting for a benchmark and ran across a tupperware container that was not listed on GC.com Don't know how many times I have been out and about and found an altoid tin or film canister only to come home and look on gc.com and find out that it is not listed as a cache.
  21. Did not even know there was a Boise Meridian! Went to read your log and was so discouraged to see it was vandalized just like the Willamette Stone! Argh! It is still amazing history but sad about our current history that one person feels they are more important than everyone else and steals them. I am still going to put this on my list of places I want to visit next time I am in Boise.
  22. Yes, should just be a note. It is not an intersection station but a disk. I thought if you could not read the lettering it should not be logged as "FOUND"?
  23. If you have locked a record, then all fields are protected, otherwise only the corrected coordinates are protected. Regarding the found status, this does depend upon the option you take when you load the GPX file. Please refer to the help button on the GPX load dialog or view online here. How about the new DNF record? does it use the same setting as the Found Status? Also, while I am bugging you would be nice if the DNFs had their own color? No need for the summary down below but would be nice if could visually spot them among the yellows & whites
  24. Very Cool! Almost wish I had some little ones - wait! I've had 7! That's enough little imposters! I guess the only thing I could wish for is that Pepper lived closer to us
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