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  1. Program has been working well! 2 feature requests I have thought of while using it: 1) Make ignoring destroyed markers the default. I end up editing my ngs.dat file to not include the text at the end so that I don't have to deal with them. 2) could the output of the program go to a file? Not sure it is really needed but it whizzes by so quickly I wonder sometimes if I missed something. I guess I could just pipe the output myself, but others may not know know how to do that. BTW, I have edited the FindStatGen macro to produce my benchmark statistics. My numbers are not very impressive compared to the veterans here but it is fun to have the statistics. Here is a link: YeOleImposter BMark Stats I still want to tweak some stuff, like figuring out a way to add DNF data -- but for now it has the important stuff.
  2. Depending on your climate that container may or may not be waterproof -- so your placement will help keep the log dry. Also, that is not so small! Google 'evil micro cache' and see some really tiny ones.
  3. Thanks for the baby powder idea. I have added it to my shopping list! I like the idea that it comes prepackaged for sprinkling. Now to get to work on how to 'turn pipe caps' to face the sun.
  4. Would be good to know what other steps you are using. You say you 'save' the file? To where? How? Sounds like your intermediate step may be the cause??
  5. I just was in Kootenai county in northern Idaho and recovered a few benchmarks there. Can't wait to see some color there! Looks like I need to make some stops also along both sides of the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon, hard to believe there are 8 white counties there!
  6. Just a side note. If it generated 500 waypoints then you did not get them all! The PQ will only list 500 -- If there are 600 caches in that vicinity then 100 are missing -- and I have not seen anything saying it is the furthest ones away that are left out -- so random caches will be missing from your list. In other words, always make sure your PQ returns less than 500 caches.
  7. I probably should have said something earlier about this, but same thing happens to me. I thought it was just my windows setup. I cannot drag and drop either -- I have to run the program from the dos box -- ngs-gpx.exe county.dat (where county.dat is the file I want to convert) But I have same problem with other programs too -- so just thought it was me. This is a great program! I have just finished updating about 6 counties in my area (nearly 10,0000 benchmarks) and it is doing a great job. Look forward to a better formula for the projecting the reference marks. I also added the following lines in long.html so I would have the box score as part of the description: <tr> <td class="tbldataheader">Reference:</td> <td class="tbldata"><pre>%%referencebox%%</pre></td> </tr>
  8. I believe Mike is working on this so that these marks can be added as child waypoints in GSAK, and therefore can be loaded in the GPS at the same time you are loading all the benchmarks. Question: Which of these PIDs should be created/searched for? - Do you ever search for the ones with "Approx" distances? And would the coordinate created be anywhere near close enough to be useful? - The AZ Mark never seems to have a distance -- so even though I like to hunt for these, I don't think there is a way to create a coordinate for it.
  9. Add 3 to your dinner list! Looking forward to being able to do another cache machine.
  10. Looks like the new "short.html" did not get included. The one in the zip file is dated 8/24 and has the same missing "</style>" style statement at the end of that section. Am real curious what the new one was going to look like
  11. I used to transfer from cachemate to my Etrex Legend using the serial port on the legend. I am sure the same could be done on the 60csx -- although I am not sure why would need to. Using GSAK I have all the caches in Washington (and lots in Oregon and Idaho) on my GPS as Points of Interest. When I was limited to 1000 waypoints I needed to xfer while on the road. Now I have every cache I may ever run across already on my 60csx.
  12. Yea, I usually just hold the page key down until the compass turns off. I have used a Etrex Legend long enough to not need the compass most of the time.
  13. My understanding is that WAAS does not work when in battery saver mode.
  14. I have been wanting to work on an updated bmgpx program for a long time, someone has beat me to it (thankfully). Foxtrot_xray over at the GSAK forum is working on a great utility that will parse the ngs datasheet files and put them into a gpx file that you can use in whatever program you wish. We are using GSAK but I am sure it could be used by any .gpx program. I really like that the short description is completely user defined -- you can have it output anyway you want. Check it out, see if you can use it, give some suggestions to the author. I sure have, and he may tire of me
  15. I would like to see a GSAK macro that reads the dat files and creates a 'real' gsak file. I use bm2gpx but I don't think it would be too hard to create a macro that would put the original description in as the description and all the logs as actual logs. Then all the reference marks can be put in as child waypoints. then can use the macro that is already out there that can read the logs on gc.com and add them to the ngs logs already parsed. I have written a rough flow chart for the macro but am not finding the time to put it into real code.e
  16. You may want to post this 'issue' over at the GSAK forum and will probably get a response within an hour and a fix shortly afterwards (if at all possible).
  17. I have tried a number of different things. Outdoor Navigator worked well while it was available for Topo Maps but they quit selling the product. I was just going to suggest Mapopolis, but when I go to their site it says that they have discontinued all direct to consumer sales -- so now I don't know what to suggest. Will be watching to see what others suggest
  18. Very cool application! I have bookmarked it for regular use. Nice to be able to get a quick visual of the Adjusted/Scaled Reported/Unreported status of benchmarks in the area. One addition that would make this even more valuable is if you could incorporate Topo maps into it like http://mapper.acme.com has. I use this map all time out of GSAK. Thanks again!!
  19. Noob alert! I was trying to figure out how to activate this coin and could not find anything in the thread. Can you please give the link & procedure? Thanks!
  20. I stand corrected. It would be good if the NGS history showed that it was the original stone that was cut down. I would not register a disk that replaced a drill hole unless the NGS data sheet showed the history that this is what happened. Maybe someone can forward Deb the email from the surveyor so that it can be included in the history.
  21. (I just about deleted this post after I put it together because I really am not trying to beat a dead horse (or benchmark) but figured I would go ahead and send it because if a metal disk placed by the park service in 1988 can be called a 'find' of 16-inch tall, 8-inch square stone post then what counts as a "not found"?) The 'cut stone' is Zero inches high. I went back and looked at the photos in GC.com and the stone is flush with the ground. And the photo from BeanTeam shows that if nothing else, that 16" of dirt was not mounded up to the top of the monument and a disk placed on the pointy spire of the monument. Question. If a brass disk marked "benchmark 1903" is lost and a new one marked "benchmark 1908 - 1984" is placed over the same spot, should it be counted as a find of "benchmark 1903"? I guess I am not sure how we know that the "monument is still part of the original stone" - Nothing I read at the site indicates that anything was saved from the original stone or how they cut it down from 16" to 0" after it was vandalized. I guess I am just confused since the discussion of a true 'find' here in the forum can get so technical. Here we have no idea if the whole monument was removed by vandals (or state park personnel after it was vandalized) and a flat stone with a shiny commemorative disk was placed by the park service (not any survey crew) and it is considered a find. <sarcasm> If I am looking for a 'chiseled square' and find a disk named 'chiseled square' near the location, would that count as 'found'? </sarcasm> And, BeanTeam - thanks for the photo!
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