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  1. They are strongly against geocaching because they post no trespassing signs? Maybe they just don't like trespassers? Maybe they don't want to get sued when someone hurts themselves? Or have caches created a situation where they had to post the signs to keep out problems? Not sure what a brush picker is -- or why somone would pay to pick brush -- but we have same thing here -- farmers not wanting us to plant caches in their wheat fields cause they want to rape the land so I can buy bread. Not sure if it (Mexicans) who are doing the harvesting or not for those greedy corporate types. Now that I have that out of my system, lol....
  2. Um, I ask why GC made it hard to for folks to find and read -- and as a reply you point out another way it makes it hard to find and read? Explain the logic underlying that conclusion, please. This was in fact unintentional and it has now been corrected. Thank you lee_rimar for pointing this out. Dang! There go all my conspiracy theories.
  3. Thanks for getting me off my kiester. Just booked my room at Inn America No more king beds left, so got 2 doubles.
  4. Dang! I finally thought I had found evidence of time travel. Imagine the number of caches you could find if time and space were no barrier. lqtm (laughing quietly to myself)
  5. Why publish them all at the same time? Take your time. Make each cache interesting in its own right. Issue one per week. Let different cachers have a chance at FTF with each one.
  6. Yes, I have 12,000 geocaches in mine right now as POIs plus the associated child waypoints and even hints. Like you, I also have a set of map POIs that are also stored for trails, office, and other places I want to 'goto'. All told, I think gsak says I loaded over 30,000 POIs my last update.
  7. I am guessing that the owner did not want to advertise how far off his coordinates were. If nothing was said about deleting the log, I would just re-log it without mentioning the 200' part
  8. Inquiring minds want to know: - Changed custom type designations (IDs, not styles) to accommodate types needed for upcoming Northwest Topos mapset Northwest Topos? Upcoming? Woot!?
  9. I just looked at BiddingForTravel.com to see what kind of deals people have been getting when using priceline.com Does not look very promising: 2* Vacation Inn Victoria 6/21/08 $85 3* Holiday Inn Victoria 5/17-5/19 $111 4* Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort 6/20 $125
  10. No problem! I definitely was not complaining. No harm, No foul -- just more maps <Edited for inability to spell>
  11. I understand giving the prize to the person who contributes the most but wondering if it will cause the smaller contributors to feel they will not have a chance and so not contribute quite so 'enthusiastically'? I am working on a couple of trails here in the Tri-Cities but (as any trail guide book will show) will never be able to match the contributions of those on the west side of the state. Hopefully, every once and a while all of us will have a chance at the prize
  12. Thanks MarcusArelius for the walkthrough on recording the points. Believe it would be nice to have some more directions for the 'post production' phase. I just created my first map and have no idea if I did it right 1. How to label trail sections? I ended up using the split and join tools to create segments that I could name using the 'properties' function. 2. How to designate sections as main, minor, and paved trails? 3. We are asked to send in .gpx but this method appears to create a .gdb file. 4. The other question I forgot to ask.
  13. Very cool! Please don't forget those of us down in S.E. Washington too! I would love to have this available and would help in any way possible.
  14. Shutle64 and I were interviewed about geocaching here in the Tri-Cities and the video is available on the KNDU web site. They edited it quite heavily, sadly cutting out technical info given by shutle64, but overall a decent local news story.
  15. I upped my bid to $58 and then $60 tonight and also am booked into the Holiday Inn Parkside for 2 nights. Looks like a very nice hotel. The wife and 11yo will be able to find a lot to do right around the hotel while I cache away the day with Tominsons. http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/1/en/hotel/MSUMT/welcome
  16. Hotels.... Anyone use priceline.com for a hotel room? I just tried $55 for a 2.5* hotel and got turned down. BiddingForTravel.com had a post that someone got the Marriot Courtyard at that price on 5/28. Will up my bid tomorrow.
  17. Location: Plymouth, WA - Status: Abandoned Railroad: SP&S - Years: 1907-1951 Photo date: 8/2004 MadDogHunt Revisted is accessible by going through this tunnel near the WA/OR border on Hwy 395. There are 1/2 a dozen other caches nearby.
  18. There was a great cache here in the Tri-Cities that required dropping something metal down a pole to retrieve the magnetic container. Problem was, it was so difficult to find that people began removing bolts on the retaining wall 'looking' for the cache that the owner finally disabled the cache to keep people from totally destroying the area. I really dislike urban camo that trains folks to dismantle everything they come across on the next difficult cache. It is one thing to turn over a rock or block of wood, it is another to remove stones from a stone wall, plates from electrical panels, etc. There was one cache that I thought showed well what cachers do to an area. The owner had placed a picture of the park sign as part of her cache. By the time I got to it, the large decorative rocks that were a beautiful border are now haphazardly strewn around the edge. argh!
  19. W007! Looking forward to this. Have to decide if we will just drive over from the Tri-Cities for the day or if we will take the Travel Trailer and make a weekend of it.
  20. Well, I'll be. D@mn good point. The original reason I wanted to update coordinates from the main datasheet was because I didn't trust my calculations on projecting. (At the time, had plenty of sample functions that gave me the distance and direction, but not the other way around. Math isn't my strong point, so it admittedly took me a while.) However, now that my functions done, that's a good point to make. It's an option right now to update or to not update, I'll have to re-work it and transfer some information both ways. (Coordinates from projection to main sheet, description and other data to child.) Cheers, Mike. I agree. I have found the computed coordinates to be much closer to the mark than the scaled coordinates on the data sheet. I manually change the scaled coordinates to the child coordinates calculated by NGSGPX.
  21. I have the datasheet in cachemate just fine -- just like it looks in GSAK. Must have been a fluke.
  22. Looks good! Will be interesting to see how it plays with the stuff created by version 1.0
  23. As I am sure you will, make sure to check that the geocacher actually found the actual disk. We have a some cachers in this area that will mark a disk as found if they find the survey marker (with a note that the disk must be buried) and willl mark a disk as found as long as they found some disk near the coordinates -- never mind that the stamping does not match at all.
  24. Everyone, Please upload some of your favorite shots of the cache machine to the cache page -- or tell us here how to view them online if you have them up on Flickr or somewhere else. thanks!!
  25. I understand, but realize 1) Travis has done them 2) even many non old timers have done these if they have passed through Yakima at all in the last 5 years. 3) only 1/2 of the ones on the original route are still active and of those that are active many have not been found in 3-6 months -- a good indication they really are missing, just no one bothers to post DNFs 4) and most important -- there are still plenty to do on the cache machine for everyone if these are skipped. If these and the micros are skipped, then on Sunday everyone can have another full day of caching. BTW, the Vancouver cache machine weekend ended up being my best MONTH worth of caching with 135 finds! 26 on the way to Vancouver, 77 (+2 previous finds) at the cache machine, and 32 on the way home to the Tri-Cities. Here is a link to my stats for the weekend
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