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  1. quote:Originally posted by GeckoGeek: quote:Has anyone used this with BMGPX to track benchmarks too? I wrote a program to trim the descriptions down in size first, but it does work. I still run into descriptions that are too long for CacheMate from time to time. Not sure what can be done about it. Hmmm. Sounds like would be a good 'error-check' on CacheMate's part to truncate any descriptions that are too long? Or do you prefer doing it by hand?
  2. quote:Originally posted by Prime Suspect: quote:Originally posted by YeOleImposter:I sure wish one of the programs like watcher or Utopia allowed one to put the 'find date' in. Then these programs could be used as a 'database' for keeping track of found caches. What are you trying to achive that the system doesn't already do? You can already get a complete list of caches, including archived, with the date you found it. What additional functionality were you looking for? Which system? I want a program that I can keep track of my finds with at least the date I found it and basic cache info. This program should then be able to output this into some kind of csv or gpx type file. So far I have not found this - and will probably just do like everyone else and import my found.gpx pocket querry and then manually add the archived ones. Probably the easiest route anyway, unless someone has any ideas.
  3. quote:If it's not too much (at least a little less restriction is going in), I might also truncate the descriptions (of course, with an explanatory bit of text at the end). I know that, in my case, I don't usually have even 10 records loaded (just those that I'm interested in seeking or are in the field looking for), but I've been glad lately that I put the longer description support. After all, the whole point behind shareware crippling is to make something tryable but not fully functional. Sounds like a workable idea if TPTB won't allow you to use 10 records off the database. You say you usually only have 10 records loaded - how about everyone else - what do you keep loaded? My normal GPX file has 100 of the nearest records. Has anyone used this with BMGPX to track benchmarks too? My system right now is to use GPX2HTML and Plucker to create pages I can view - and then I use ShadowPlan to keep track of notes, etc. I was thinking this would allow me to combine the two into one program.
  4. quote: posted October 08, 2003 01:25 AM i think I have worked out a way of getting the images using GPXSpinner. Its a bit of a cludge but it should save some decryption frustration!. Always share your kludges - you are not alone. What did you do to get it to work?
  5. I sure wish one of the programs like watcher or Utopia allowed one to put the 'find date' in. Then these programs could be used as a 'database' for keeping track of found caches. They would also need ability to 'add' caches that did not import (archived caches).
  6. January 3rd! Happy New Year! Have to start looking now for a cheap hotel - GEM? Any $33 RedLion rooms w/ Priceline?
  7. From what I have read, it appears that CacheMate would be a great program and am just about willing to send off the $7 registration just to try it out.... But there is my hangup, I don't want to send $$ just to try the program and don't feel that the ability to import from a memo is sufficient to get some test data in to try it out. Here is what would be great - and maybe it is there and I am just too dense to figure it out - I would like for there to be a sample database enclosed with the zip file so I can play with it a little to see if it would work. I have no way now to see how the logs from a cache look, etc, without some sample data. And unless you find a way to only allow say 25 records for unregistered users and let them download their own data - then a test file to play with would be nice. Thanks - and am guessing the $7 will be on its way soon either way.
  8. I just noticed a cache that is causing strange things to happen. The cache page says the name is 'GeoCache' Search says the name is 'Traditional Cache' Pocket Query GPX calls it '' (nothing) cache page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?&ID=78757 search page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=46.7167&lon=-121.15727 gpx: <Groundspeak:name></Groundspeak:name> Any ideas?
  9. You might post the cache that you are trying to find so some of the gurus here can see where it shows up on their software maps. Also try putting the coordinates into LostOutdoors.com and see where it says it is. You can almost geocache based on the Topo and Photo maps without a GPS from that site.
  10. Sounds like you should use gpsBabel to change the names of the geocaches to an abreviation of the real cache name instead of the GC#
  11. I dislike multis for this very reason. If I wanted to find 12 caches I would go look for 12 caches - not 1 cache 12 times Just personal preference - and I have ended up doing all the multis that have shown up in our area - but when I travel I don't do any of the local multis because it does not make sense to have to drive all over creation to log just one find. I would rather hike a mile or two up a mountain than drive 30 miles around town. Now a 'theme' multi that would follow a single path down a trail or bike path would be cool. my 2 cents - and not worth that!
  12. I see no reason not to make the watchers available to all paid members, the anonymous option would be ok. The other thing that should be available to owners of all caches (and not just member-only caches) is the list of people who have viewed the cache page. I make all my caches members only for the first week for 2 reasons - 1) to encourage people to subscribe and 2) so I can see who is checking out the cache.
  13. Too bad there is not a way to 'personally archive' a file - so it does not show up on the nearest cache lists, etc. This way all the people who have problems with caches up trees, on military bases, under water, etc. could just turn those caches 'off'. Ok, it would not stop the complaining, but that is another topic.
  14. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by Moss Trooper: belive me.. there will be some one stupid enough to go for it in the mistaken belief they can beat a bullet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Won't be me --------------------------------------------------- It will only be me ONCE!
  15. quote:Originally posted by ron50eli:Or what ever the case may be, looks like all Interstate caches will get achieved if DOT says so. Not Jeremy. This site isn't going down because of him either. It's because he has to make rules that some people find hard to follow. That's the breaks. Permission means ask before doing. Let's face it. The real truth here is???????? I would be interested to find out how many caches really have permission? I am guessing that less than 10%? How high up the DOT do you have to go to find someone with the authority to say 'YES'? Any level can say 'No'. Looks like we will be virtuals only on most public lands soon....
  16. Be sure to log one of your Lewis & Clark sites on the Locationless Lewis & Clark Expedition Lewis & Clark Expedition Cache I have been adding the found locations to the Lewis & Clark Trail Map
  17. I would be interested to find out how the data is input for these conversion programs. My guess is that it is just a table that the "address are from xxx to xxx on this street in increments of 20". So if a number is skipped somewhere or something else screwy it will be off. That is why empty lots all have house numbers etc.
  18. Another thing I have done is put my final coordinates into a mapping program like USAPhotoMaps or LostOutdoors.com and see that the coordinates match up with where I put the cache. If it eyeballs pretty close at 1 meter per pixel then I can be pretty sure it is close enough to find.
  19. I would like to find something like that too. I like what skydiver has done for Missoula but am no where near talented enough to figure out even how to extract the data from geocaching.com
  20. This would even make a great button that one could wear. I like the idea of 'volunteer'. Changing the latin would be cool too. Maybe putting the coordinates to the center of the USA in the blue part? Order me 12!
  21. quote:Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried GeoCode and it was right on. My house is on a little culdesac on a hill and never lines up, but GeoCode got it. Pretty impressive. Does it really track when you use it 25 times or does it just request you buy it if you use it more than 25 time? I really don't want to spend $50 just to do the occasional address look-up. I have been using it for quite awhile, 1 or 2 addresses at a time and so have done probably 50 lookups, and no problem.
  22. I open the file after I am already in the PQ 'system'. In other words instead of hitting 'create a new PQ' I open my saved PQ. So I am already logged in, etc. AFter opening the saved PQ HTML file - it shows the saved PQ and I can hit refresh. Does this make sense? This step just saves me from entering all the data since it is saved in the HTML file.
  23. I just tried this and it appears to work and would give you unlimited 'stored' Pocket Queries: Save the PQ you wish to store as an HTML file using your browser. Edit the HTML file as follows: --Replace the line: <FORM ACTION="./default.asp" METHOD="POST"> with: <FORM ACTION="http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.asp" METHOD="POST"> --Remove the ID# (sample is 99999) from the following line: <INPUT type=hidden value=99999 name=ID> --Replace the line: <INPUT type="submit" value="Edit this search" name=editSearch> with: <INPUT type="submit" value="Create this search" name=createSearch> Now save this again. Any time you want to recreate this PQ you just have to click on your saved HTML file and hit create search
  24. We have just started a practice when we go family caching to stop at the dollar store first. With 4 younger kids who like to geocache, it is too easy to wipe out a cache. So instead the kids go to the dollar store and buy something they want. Then we go hunting and they are allowed to trade the item they just bought for something of similar value in the cache. Sometimes they come home with what they bought. Sometimes they trade a couple of times, but at least now they are not scrounging around for old toys to trade.
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