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  1. Any chance to add more of the % special tags to the Custom URLs? I would like to be able to use others that are available for the cache name format. Not sure why it is limited to %code, %lat, %lon
  2. Now that GSAK 3.+ will handle bmgpx files = are those that are using it keeping the benchmarks in a different directory or just a different database? The reason I ask is that I notice I want quite a few settings that are quite different from what I ask for on caches - things like how I want the names shown on my gps - have it set for %code-%smart, and am not sure if it would be easier to change it each time I run it - or have it in a separate directory - or ask clyde if these settings can be saved and chosen from a drop down list - or just continue this runon thought.
  3. GeoCachers of South East Washington http:\\groups.yahoo.com\gcsewa - formed around March 2003 also known as East Cascades Geocachers
  4. Weird. I just ran a similar querry for my area and had no problems. I asked for 100 caches within 50 miles and in Washington State. I got back 91 caches, all within 50 miles. Are you sure you checked the box to make the 'within 60 mile radius' active? I know I have forgotten to do that before. Anyway, sounds like you got it to work. YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  5. quote:This isn't necessarily a bug, but it would be nice if it worked more like ChiefPig suggests. The current design will result in terminal headscratching to newbies like me It actually did, though, exactly what you asked for, right? All caches within 60 miles and within my province? One thing you may not realize is that you can include multiple provinces/states. I just created one for all virtuals approved in the last 7 days in all 50 states - by clicking on the first state, holding the shift key down, and then clicking on the last state, so that they are all highlighted. Can also use CTRL to pick multiple states/provinces. Gary YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  6. I will have to try this again, but last time I got involved reading one of these discussions on virtuals I created a pocket querry of new virtuals approved each week, and was amazed how many are approved - you only hear about the ones that are not approved here. I think it is time to run my little test again and see if there has been a change. YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  7. quote:Originally posted by Sildantar:Any help at all on converting dec/min/sec to decimal degrees 'by hand' would be helpful. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in a degree. So just like a clock. how many seconds is 0.5 minutes? 30 seconds. So Seconds / 60 = minutes and minutes * 60 = seconds. So usualy 1.500 minutes is xlated into 1 minute 30 seconds, etc. Same for minutes to degrees. YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  8. Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy, On BMGPX - can you put a 'space' in the date field? Right now you have it output as a 8 character field "YYYYMMDD", the datasheets have it as "YYYMMDD ". I finally found out that the new version of Plucker handles simple tables - but displays them as formated - so if no space in the table then no space between fields. I notice that you leave the spaces on the other two table fields. Also, while you are playing, might want to look to see if the problem I mentioned when the 'Reported by' is blank on the datasheets, BMGPX is putting in the same info as was in the previous 'reported by'? I am guessing the string you are parsing is not 'blanked out' and so the old data is still in there when the string is shorter? Anyway, thanks. And for someone "... who don't do anything" I sure appreciate what you do do! Gary YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  9. Seems like a 'better' solution would be to allow owners to change the coordinates and a message then is sent to TPTB that it was changed from x to y. They can then archive the cache if needed. YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  10. And I find out why you set up tables... Just as what happened above - the 'table' got all squished because 'reduntdant' spaces were stripped by the html processor just as it did here on the board. I ended up replacing <table> with <pre> and kept the formatting. Guess I will pull the source code and look at it... My skills at programming are pretty meager, but would be interesting to read the code anyway.... YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  11. And just as I say that - I find that the problem with using spaces for tables is that HTML likes to strip extra spaces so.... not sure what the answer really should be. I had to add <pre>...</pre> around the space formatted 'tables' like History to keep the correct format. - or change all the spaces to nbsp; to get it to work YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com
  12. quote:Originally posted by GeckoGeek:Something I'd kinda like to see added (not a biggy but nice) is if CacheMate did a little better handling of tables. Right now it completely ignores then and runs the text together. Inserting a space between cells and a hard return at the end of the row would be nice. I think the problem needs to be addressed by bmgpx.exe - it is creating tables where there are none to make it pretty in html. In other words: AC3260 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By AC3260 HISTORY - 1975 MONUMENTED NGS AC3260 HISTORY - 1978 GOOD LOCSUR gets turned into a 3x3 table. My opionion is it would be better to just change this to: History Date Condition Report By 1975 MONUMENTED NGS 1978 GOOD LOCSUR YeOleImposter.DoesntExist.com [This message was edited by YeOleImposter on October 13, 2003 at 06:11 PM.]
  13. Also just noticed - When there is no 'reported by' in the data table, it appears that bmgpx is filling the blank with the last 'reported by'? check out PID SA2371 which is the one I copied above. The note for 1990 does not show who 'found' it, but the output has NGS? I am guessing this is from the routine that creates the table?
  14. quote:Originally posted by GeckoGeek:Kill the table code or kill everything in the table? It just strips the <table>, <tr>, and <td> items putting the data back the way it was in the benchmark data sheet. So now it looks like this: Date Condition Report By 1962 MONUMENTED CGS 1962 SEE DESCRIPTION CGS 1963 GOOD CGS 1971 GOOD NGS 1979 GOOD WADNR 19820728 GOOD NGS 19890620 GOOD NGS 19901120 GOOD NGS 19910901 GOOD WA-077 20010307 GOOD WADT In my opinion, the way it should be
  15. I notice that running the datasheets through bmgpx and then through gpx2html I end up with a couple of tables, like the benchmark history. Not sure why either program would set it up as a table. It causes problems when run through plucker because now what was on one line is in 3 seperate lines, so a 3x3 table now takes 9 lines plus. I have written a short perl script that strips the table stuff out, but was wondering if it is useful to others, and if not I might contact the developers and see if they can leave the info like it is in the datasheet and not try to get all fancy with it. Gary
  16. I am trying to pare down the info that I keep on my palm for each benchmark - One item that I am considering stripping are the Magnetic & Stability lines ie: MAGNETIC: N = NO MAGNETIC MATERIAL STABILITY: C = MAY HOLD, BUT OF TYPE COMMONLY SUBJECT TO STABILITY: SURFACE MOTION Any reason to keep these? Seems that for the most part they are always the same? Maybe not in other parts of the country? Thanks Gary
  17. quote:Originally posted by GeckoGeek: quote:Originally posted by embra:I find myself scrolling through a lot of stuff I don't need. Does it work on gpx files? It's run on the datasheet prior to running BMGPX. I am working on a similar utility to trim my benchmark files - maybe we should start a new thread on the benchmark forum? GeckoGeeek - are you up to starting the thread? Otherwise I will with my rough perl script and ask for other input. Gary
  18. Can the data file be kept on a memory card?
  19. I use Mapopolis With my Visor - along with a 256m compact flash card to hold all my stuff - including benchmarks & cache pages.
  20. And my kids think I am crazy when I tell them that 2 plus 2 equals five for sufficiently large values of 2
  21. Well, have never played with Javascript before, but here is what I came up with to answer my own question. I split the string into the lat & lon parts then split those, thereby avoiding problem where there is more than one space between the lat & lon. Would appreciate it if anyone who knows better could comment if there would be any improvements on this: javascript:Q=document.selection.createRange().text;if(Q){myArr=Q.split('W');lat=myArr[0];lon=myArr[1];latArr=lat.split(' ');latd=parseFloat(latArr[1])+parseFloat(latArr[2])/60;lonArr=lon.split(' ');lond=parseFloat(lonArr[1])+parseFloat(lonArr[2])/60;window.open ('http://www.randmcnally.com/rmc/directions/dirGetMap.jsp?A='+latd+',-'+lond+'&z=large&l=9&T='+latd+'&N=-'+lond+'&h=false&c=USA&sLatLongAddr=true&val=CNT');gohistory(-1);} Thanks!
  22. Love the javascript - now my question is.... Is there anyway to tweak this script so that it will use more than one space for a seperator, ie both: N 46 13.167 W 119 11.983 N 34° 03.061 W 084° 39.226 would work? right now only the bottom one from gc.com works, but the top one is from another source I use. Thanks.
  23. quote:Originally posted by ShaneN4Girls:Use Prime Suspect's Utopia along with your personal queries. You can append multiple gpx files together, then export to Streets & Trips - that's how I make my maps. Utopia along with the personal queries does everything I could think of coming up with (and Prime Suspect has always been helpful when I e-mail him with a really stupid question about something I didn't know it would do). I will look at Utopia again. Is it possible to manually 'add' caches to Utopia that are not in a querry? ie., the archived ones that will not be sent with the PQs?
  24. quote:Originally posted by Maeglin: quote:Originally posted by YeOleImposter:Hmmm. Sounds like would be a good 'error-check' on CacheMate's part to truncate any descriptions that are too long? Or do you prefer doing it by hand? It already does (well, the file converter does), and that's his problem In Palm OS, I have to set the maximum size for fields to something... can't have them be indefinite. I've already bumped up the max. length from 3k to 8k, which is about as far as I can go without running into problems. Ok, I was thinking 'Name' not description. 8k record length sure sounds like alot!
  25. quote:Originally posted by Prime Suspect:I was refering to geocaching.com. I can display all the caches I've found, including the date I found it, by using the search page. Just log on and search by your user name. It lists all the caches found, and the cache pages are just a click away. This satisfies any need I have. That's why I'm asking what you're looking for. Gotcha, No, I like to play with the data - currently using gpsbabel to convert the data into a format for both tigermaps and M$ Streets & Trips to create maps: Local Caches I have found Washington, Oregon, Idaho Caches I have found USA Caches I have found
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