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  1. Well, if adding new geocachers to the fold is positive then it is a positive development for all of us. It would be interesting to find out how many people have been introduced to geocaching from the iPhone app (and the new lite version should help even more). These people then become premium members so they can use the pocket queries with the app -- all in all I bet gc.com comes out way ahead in creating this app. When the android has the installed base near the current iPhone base then I am sure an app will be developed to exploit that market too.
  2. Not a typo -- word has been in use for more than 20 years, automagically based on the word automagical. Just have to be a nerd to know the meaning
  3. I can see using this with my iPhone easily. I use GSAK to manage all my pq data. it has corrected coords for muticaches and mystery caches. It has my notes about the cache, etc. I create a 500 waypoint pq using GSAK using whatever criteria I want. Upload this to Groundspeak and now I can download it to my iPhone for later use. I am sure they need a time frame on how long to keep the files so they do not sit there for 2 years. Most pq data is dated after 7 days, so that is a good cut off and matches how long the pqs are stored online already after you run them. ------------------ This is probably also in response to the 'other' iPhone geocaching app allowing users to download PQs either from gc.com or self created. Now the 'official' app can do something similar. Keep the updates coming!
  4. After talking with Kennewick Police Chief I made calls to local law enforcement to let them know there would be a bunch of crazies out on the road tomorrow -- in case they have folks calling in about suspicious groups of people congregating in fields doing strange bumblebee dances....
  5. Did you stop at the Church of God-Zillah? http://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/3227 http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com...mp;slug=4025861
  6. I will respond just to answer the question and let this new one die -- the Round Table Pizza meeting was last night, Thursday. It was the regular monthly meeting of GCSEWA (geocachers of south eastern washington) we made our final plans for who could help and what they would do. Looking forward to 3 Margaritas tonight! (Friday).
  7. Hey, we have Rattlesnake Mountain! -- the tallest treeless mountain in the Western Hemisphere. source: http://www.visittri-cities.com/media/media...i-cities-facts/
  8. Just a heads up for travelers to the Tri-Cities. Hwy 395 Southbound is closed between Pasco and Kennewick. You can go north, from Kennewick to Pasco but to get back you either have to head east to the Cable Bridge (downtown Pasco to Downtown Kennewick or west to I-84 (Pasco to Richland) (this is usually the best detour unless you want to go to downtown Kennewick). The road is not well marked, I think 395 only has one warning before dumping you into Pasco with no detour signs. The cache machine route is avoiding the closed section (way to be psychic Travis). YeOleImposter
  9. The acFunks have just reserved a pavilion @ Chiawana Park for a lunch stop. A few of us locals will front the cost of burgers and pops and hope to recover some of our expenses through donations (does $2 per person suggestion sound reasonable?).
  10. I stopped in last week to check if it had been reserved and went ahead and took care of it.
  11. http://www.drizzle.com/~travisl/tccm2.pdf Wow! 95 caches and still so many that are skipped. Looks like this should be a 2 day cache machine Anyone staying over Sunday could easily pick up another 20-50 before going home. Re Bateman Island, it is completely mapped in the NWTrails maps put out by Moun10bike as are most of the trails in this area. Have posted the map to our local group's discussion forum for input. Thanks! Travis!
  12. Link wasn't working but found it at http://www.drizzle.com/~travis/tccm2.pdf Thanks Travis for the route. Planning the trip is half the fun of the event!! Oasis, the link you posted is exactly the same as the one Travis did??
  13. Yes. That is the one and only parking spot.
  14. Prices for TC hotels posted on the TCCM discussion, lets not post on this thread anymore. Please go to the Tri-City Cache Machine Discussion for further info.
  15. HOTEL ROOMS I just finished visiting a couple of hotels in Richland near the start point and believe I have a great deal. Shilo Inn has stepped up and set a side a block of rooms for us. $69 for Double Queen (1-4 people) or Single King (1-2 people). Just mention "Geocaching Group Rate" This is a nice hotel, has the areas largest pool (outdoor), free internet, in room fridge, microwave, and coffemaker, Cable TV (w/Showtime), and more. Free continental breakfast (opens at 6am) Hotel Link Video Tour Shilo will hold the rooms till the 9th, after that they will release them again for other reservations but still honor the price if they have available rooms. Red Lion offered $86/night Or if you want to spend as little as possible, Bali Hi Motel knocked their prices down. $46/2Queens, $41/1King (but I would spend the extra $20 (and I am cheap). Just ask for the "Geocaching Group Rate" when making your reservation or use the promo code 'GEO' if you book it online. Rooms are clean and hotel is in good shape. I would stay here rather than pay $100 night somewhere else but $69 for the Shilo would be hard to explain to my wife why I chose the Bali Hi. Bali Hi website Yelp! Review of Bali Hi - gotta be a joke.
  16. Priceline will get you a room at the Richland Red Lion. (what prices have people received?) I am going to check today with a couple hotels in the area to see if any can give us a great rate.
  17. Always possible -- and makes it more fun! Many drivers are looking for 'navigators' or just fill a back seat. If you don't get any takers here on the forum, it is easy to find someone the night before at the pre-cache get together (still have to figure out where this time) or first thing in the morning. Where are you coming from?
  18. Hmm, I could do some checking around. What kind of deal did they have? I can take the info with me to use as a negotiating tool.
  19. If there were going to be a T-Shirt, it would have to have a mushroom cloud. As in Hanford ? yep, Hanford, the Manhattan Project, and the Richland Bombers.
  20. I agree. Badger Mt is a stiff hike -- lots of fun but couple hours. There are a few at the base parking areas that are accessible if we happen to be driving by the area but anything along the trail is best left when you want some exercise.
  21. I believe the cache you are remembering is GC5276 Powerpuff Bluff which is just a little over the 2000 foot elevation mark, which is 1500 feet up from the highway. There are at least a 1/2 dozen caches along McBee Road / Jeep Trail (across the highway from Benton City) starting with GCXFCT Peakly Bridge. Portions of the 'road' can be kind of rough on those who are not daring or who care for their vehicles. I went up there 3 times with my PT Cruiser but doubt I would try with my Toyota Solara. Even without making it to that cache there are still 3 or 4 that would get you up high enough to be quite worth the trip. Edit->Yes, Geeks are Us it up along that same road, just not quite so high.
  22. Travis, 2 of my caches that are listed as Multi caches could be put on the potential route. They are really just offset caches where the second/final stage is less than 50 yards from the coords. (We had a problem with some teens muggleing caches and offsets were too much trouble for them to go after). GCFB2A Yelm's Deep GCJCXV Yellowstone Not So National Park
  23. Our local group GCSEWA (pronounced GeeksWA), Geocachers of South Eastern Washington, is looking forward to the event. Had close to 30 folks at our monthly social this last month. There are enough caches in the Tri-Cities for 2+ days of caching, so everyone plan to grab a bunch the day before or after the Cache Machine too! Travis, we will plan to host a bbq lunch of some kind around noon at a park along the route. Details to follow!
  24. If there were going to be a T-Shirt, it would have to have a mushroom cloud.
  25. Travis, if I can make a suggestion, a good starting point would be the Spudnut Shop in Richland, which opens at 4am, is unique, and has a large parking lot as part of the Uptown Plaza. I will find the GC codes of a cache in that parking lot as a help when I have access to gsak.
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