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  1. Hi, third party applications using the geocaching live API are always asking me for authorization first time used. Is there any way to see a list which 3rd party applications are authorized by my account and to "de-authorize" single applications not longer used? BR Oliver
  2. Could you be a bit more specific, please? Version 8 of what, an API in what tool, for what and utilized how? Thanks - Oliver
  3. Hi I am using GSAK and the findstatgen macro for generating stats. With this, it is also possible to generate statistics on your own caches, e.g. how often and by whom they were found. I assume, in order to get the statistic right, GSAK needs to know all the logs of those caches. Unfortunatly, the only way I know to get many logs from a geocaching.com cache is to go to the listing and download a GPX, but than I only get the latest 20 logs. Any ides how I can get all the logs into GSAK? Thanks in advance & best regards, Oliver
  4. I might be echoing a bit but, yeah, honestly - a lot of discussion and comments on getting back virtuals and why it might or might not have to do with geoaching, and how Waymarking was moved to another forum as it hasn't got too much to do with geocaching. And then: challenges! Goto http://www.makeadare.com/ Why not keep to the original plan and focus geochaching.com on geocaching?
  5. Hey, next try did work! No idea what happend with the first tries... (well I probably messed it up somewhere ) Thanks for fighting my stubborness! So, this comes to the follow up question: Using the <sym> tag does only help me if I know who downloaded the GPX file, right? It is nowhere in the GPX who downloaded it telling me who found it if the <sym> says Geocache found. BR, Oliver
  6. No, definitely not. I go to the page of a cache I have found and press the "GPX File" button. That file does contain neither a <sym> tag or a "Geocache found" statement. BR, Oliver
  7. Hmm... I cannot see that in any of my GPXs... using GPX version 1.0.1 as set in my account details. BR, Oliver
  8. Hi, not quite sure I catched the right forum, but I'll give it a try here. I'm playing around with the GPX I can generate from geocaching.com. I figured out that a) downloading a single GPX from a specific cache listing will include my own log in the GPX regardless how many logs came later than that one requesting a "My Finds" pocket query will generate GPX where all included caches will include my own log c) requesting a free defined pocket query (e.g. from the map) will generate a GPX with the latest logs (5?) of the included caches included, but not necessarily including my own logs in case they would be older First question: is the above right? Now, why do I want to know? I'm trying to figure out how to identify a cache found by myself out of the GPX. As I am using GSAK I think I did understand that you identify this by looking for your own username in the logs included in the GPX. Well, then I took a GPX, deleted my own log from it, and loaded it into GSAK. And GSAK did still mark that as "found". So then I took a GPX, deleted my own log from it, changed the Geocache Code and ID and loaded it into GSAK. And GSAK did still mark that as "found". Second question: How does GSAK identify my own "founds" even if the GPX (apparently) does not include any hint on that? (Or was my try just a result of some wierd database caching? Espcially after the second change to the GPX it should not have been found anymore... Thanks for your help! & regards, Oliver
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