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  1. Ok seems I need to be making these a little harder. Take it away TN...
  2. Go for it! Seems I am getting lucky on these wild guesses...
  3. This one might be a challenge then again maybe not! Do you know this one?
  4. Let's try - GCPWNS - Langebaan - Lagoon View II (Western Cape)
  5. Well done C&C. Thought that would be a challenge. All yours...
  6. Ok.. where is this cache and what is it called?
  7. Nope. This morning a thought crossed my mind that the vegetation looked like the Otter Trail, so I Google Earthed it and saw the was this cache there. Checked the logs and saw you log and the original picture.
  8. Kerneels see klip - GC20AM9 in Tsitsikamma
  9. Help Signal Build a Geocache. GC27JZ7 Tsk Tsk Tsk that was too easy for you then hey TN. Over to you then...
  10. Ok, what cache uses this... [/url]
  11. That's definitely Scottburgh with the 2 caches: GC3KMJH - Sharks GC3K1K4 - The One by the Beach Both by louwtjievdw
  12. You got it. Over to you Wazat...
  13. Unfortunately that would be a little unfair since The Gully still hasn't been found yet. Nope it's much older than that.
  14. Can't access pic Sorry link didn't work initially. Fixed...
  15. Ok, lets get this thing going again I was really enjoying. Which Cache is Skipper approaching?
  16. Ok good one. Then has to be my personal nemisis Broken Beyond Repair
  17. Guess that was an easy one for the CO . Take it away Wazat.
  18. Where is this? (Thanks to fellow cacher for the picture as a newbie I have been there, but didn't know about this awesome game yet.)
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