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  1. quote:Originally posted by Harv: I just logged my first benchmark find. I was curious, is this something that some official agency actually wants our help with, or is it just for fun? I actually have been hunting benchmarks for more than 20 years. At one point, I went to the USGS office and told them what I was doing, and they were very excited about it. Seems they don't have the budget to check on the marks and were thrilled that someone was doing it for the fun of it. They even supplied me with cloth bags and preprinted address forms to send them any BMs that I found dislodged. FWIW, textual descriptions exist that describe accurately were each mark is located. For some of the older marks, the description can be fascinating; e.g. 'mark is the top of glass beer bottle buried at a depth of six feet...' Back to the subject; if you find evidence of a missing mark, I'm sure the placing agency would like to know about it.
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