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  1. I'm confused as to why there's an issue here. As CoyoteRed said, make it a puzzle or multi. I have a cache that, if you approach it from the easy direction at the bottom of the hill, you'll go right past a cabin in the middle of the woods inhabited by a local guy and his large dog. I don't want people going that way, so I encourage them to approach the cache from the top of the hill, which is my buddy's house on a dead-end street with a trailhead. So the only coordinates I have listed are those at the end of the street. When they get there, they have to get my buddy's house number and use it to get the final coords. So far only one person has taken the low road.
  2. I have a pair of generic cargo pants I bought at Wally World; they have pockets everywhere. On each leg there's a big flapped pocket with velcro, which is just perfect for 1/4 folded printouts and maps. On the outside of that pocket is one just the right size for my eTrex. It fits like a holster. When I want to put away the GPSr but maintain a lock, I just holster it there. I'm not a lanyard kinda guy; I like the eTrex to be secure and not flopping around while I'm climbing over and under obstacles. These pants also zip off to make shorts. They didn't have ankle cinches, but my girlfriend added those for me. A little reinforcement in the right areas, some water-proofing, and these would be the perfect pants.
  3. Ticks are the devil incarnate. I had never experienced a tick bite, ever in my life. I was raised camping, running through the woods, rolling in leaves, climbing trees, in shorts, in sandals, even barefoot. Then last year I got my first tick; not once, but many times, over several months. I am convinced there is something different going on. Can anyone here tell me why all of a sudden ticks are a bigger problem than they used to? Are we living in the end times or something? We must be, because Jack Van Impe said so.
  4. How courteous should I be after a year? The only two coins I placed have been MIA that long, and I know one of them was logged as being picked up.
  5. It is spreading. I've been contacted by a board member of a very large county park (2700 acres), asking me if I'd be interested in teaching a geocaching class there. There are currently 2 caches hidden within the park, but lots of room for more. I'm considering holding an event there, because there's a beautiful lake, a swimming beach, picnic grounds, and miles upon miles of hiking trails. I've also been contacted by a local tourism promotion agency. They are encouraging us to place caches in some remote areas where they would like to see more activity. They are offering to provide swag for the caches, and are even considering subsidizing the minting of a local geocoin. I'm debating on whether to start it out with several normal caches or one epic multi...
  6. All coins should be released to the wild.
  7. I think it's an excellent idea. I've been thinking of something similar for awhile now. Only I'd like to take it a step further; I want to have a coin made that actually has to be inserted into something at the final cache to get the container open, like you'd see in an Indiana Jones movie, or National Treasure. That way, no one could even use a facsimile of the coin to crack the code. Has anyone ever done this? BTW, if you do make this coin, I'd consider doing a hide myself that uses it at the final stage as well. We don't get much caching travel in this neck of the woods, so I can't imagine that I'd need to buy that many coins to support it.
  8. Perfect timing; I just cleaned my "for fondling only" 2004 PA coin last night. I was able to restore its mirror finish (aside from the dings after going through the wash twice) with Brasso. I've tried using ketchup, vinegar, all the things people recommend, but nothing works as well as Brasso. You rub the paste onto it, let it dry, then buff it. As some folks mentioned in the other thread, some coins, particularly the colored ones, have a protective coat on them, so I wouldn't recommend a harsh anti-tarnish cleaner. But then, they should never tarnish, either. For real silver, I use Tarn-X. As was also mentioned in the other thread, serious coin collectors frown upon any kind of cleaning.
  9. Also, I might add, you don't even need to do a hotsync. Just load the converted file onto a SD card (assuming the Tungsten 5 has one) and Cachemate will recognize it. Now, I have a question for those who also are using Cachemate/GSAK: How can I sort the caches in the Cachemate database by location? I want to sort them according to proximity of my zip code, but I can't find a way to do it.
  10. I saw those at Wally's- how are they working out for you? I really haven't worn them more than maybe once. I took them along on a cache hunt over the weekend, but didn't need them. They are baggy enough that you can wear them over jeans if you want. My girlfriend bought something cheaper, and they fit like crap. She was wearing the matching rain jacket while we were kayaking last fall in the rain. She put the hood up, and the front of it came clear down to her chin! It was a hoot. There's a limit to what I'd consider a bargain.
  11. I think Goretex is the way to go, for breathability, but I recently bought a pair of nylon Stearns rain pants at Wally World for something like $15. I love banana slugs.
  12. Ever since I've been using 2500 MaH Energizer NiMH rechargeables I've been tempted to throw away all my other batteries. Rechargeables have come a long way in just the past couple years.
  13. I forgot to mention; the 3-D postcards that are my sig item are of my own making. Right now they are from this series. I also photograph the scenic caches I visit in 3-D, so those who pick up my glasses in the cache can see them. My next series will probably feature the abandoned iron furnaces in my area, some of which are cache sites themselves.
  14. "P51, Cadillac of the sky!" Have you seen Empire of the Sun? If not, I highly recommend it! I've been tempted to change my handle lately. The "Bluejay" thing has been with me since the early days of the interweb, so when I got into geocaching, it just seemed natural to continue it. But since then I've wanted to change it to something more whimsical, relating to the ferrets I keep around the house (and have since 1979). My sig item is a pack of 3-D postcards with 3-D glasses, so neither handle would really relate to that. My girlfriend is deadset against me changing my handle, because all her log entries mention finding the cache with Bluejaytoo. If I change my handle, everyone will think she has an imaginary friend. So I've decided to stick with it, and soon you'll be seeing a goofy picture of a bluejay wearing 3-D glasses as my avatar.
  15. Booya! Nice ride! Here's my 2000 Jeep Cherokee, currently at 95,000 miles. And here it is on the way to the Offroad Adventure Cache. Here's a video clip of it in shake & bake mode. My alternate cachemobile is my Giant Rincon SE with handlebar-mounted Garmin eTrex.
  16. I like the shiny ones, too. I'll keep two of them; one to stay in a sleeve and never to be touched, and another to carry around and fondle whenever I want. I'll even polish them from time to time to keep the shine. I do like the antiqued silver or pewter, though. I don't care much for the painted ones; I prefer a coin that looks like real money.
  17. Looks to me like all the ones you have listed would be good. I agree, though, on the ham call sign. So, if you change your name, can you carry over all your finds and delete the old name, or do you have to start over? I wonder this myself, because I've come up with a much better name for myself, and I'm considering changing.
  18. No hard feelins, dude. I see that I've never checked in here. Pennsyltucky in the house. (That's mid-western PA.)
  19. Thanks for the input; the rubber stamp idea sounds interesting. The thought of seeing them dash across an open field to get from one end to the other and get the other stages sounds pretty fun to me. The way we're thinking about setting it up is, each person/team will only get coords for a specific stage at the beginning, so I can't see how they could leapfrog, unless they use cell phones or two-way radios (we would probably disallow the use of them). I'm also thinking of maybe padlocking the final stage, and in each of the other stages would be one number, to be applied to getting the correct combination. We want to be sure that each team must find all of the stages before they have a chance of finding the final.
  20. I dunno, just sounds potentially painful to me.
  21. We're kicking around the idea of a competition event, most likely a muticache race type of thing, for an afternoon. I see that poker runs are pretty popular, but I haven't really seen much discussed on multi races. We're figuring on, say, 10 stages; each competitor/team will be sent to a different stage to start, and each stage will contain a clue to the final stage. Once they've collected all the clues, they can move on to the final, and the first one wins. Any words of wisdom?
  22. Looking to trade an unactivated 2006 NWPA coin (gc.com trackable) in either silver (nickel) or gold for a NC coin.
  23. Got mine Friday! Anyone have a NC coin to trade?
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