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  1. Yippee! I have discovered the problem thanks to your advice. I was entering the co-ords the wrong way!! Mega Thanks for making me examine it in great detail!
  2. Thank you TomToad, I did all that you have outlined. It was really strange. The area was not overlapping at all.I have just tried again with re-entered co-ords and I am getting the result from miles away. I must be missing something basic here! I have non-selected within? It is still bringing up the caches from the initial area that I searched. So frustrating.... Thanks for the help.
  3. Make sure you have "By Coordinates" checked under the "From Origin" section when you enter the coordinates for the search, otherwise it will default to your home coordinates. Thanks so much for replying,yes I did check that already.
  4. Hi If this has been asked before, I apologise. I am new with PQs I have constructed a PQ and downloaded it. It was perfect. Then I wanted to make a second PQ, so I built a new one with new co-ords as the origin (30 miles from the first one),but when I previewed it, it had reverted to the area of the first PQ. I seem to be unable to base a search around my home, as it keeps giving me a collection of caches from my first PQ. I have tried deleteing and starting again, and I am getting the same problem. Any ideas? Is this a known glitch? Many Thanks in advance.
  5. 1. I appreciate it when prior finders leave mild hints in their logs. It sometimes makes all the difference. Many times I go home and read all the logs on a cache that I DNFd that day and decide to go back and look again based on what I've gleaned from the logs. 2&3. Yes, the CO can delete the log. Personally I find that to be controlling behavior on the part of the CO, and controlling behavior irritates me. I wouldn't hunt any more of that CO's caches (just to avoid future irritation). I play this game for fun, and I want people to have fun finding my caches - I wouldn't delete anyone's log unless it was incredibly egregious. But I get that other people play the game differently (even though they're clearly wrong.) Agree with all of the above! I don't mind being asked to take out the hint at all. However it seems to me that there are hints in nearly every list of logs that I have looked at, so I didn't see the problem. I think it would be better if the cache owner is going to be so strict that they should put it in the description. something like: This is designed to be a challenging circuit, I know it's tempting but please don't drop hints when logging your finds. then all would be crystal clear! I suspect that some do. It appears to me that the norm is not to mind about a subtle hint? That's a whole new thread "when is a hint not a spoiler?"
  6. According to this CO, you are out of order, yes. That's the end of the story. It's possible that the CO is just real tight, or it's possible that your hint went over the top. We can't tell from here, but in the specific case, it doesn't matter, 'cuz the CO has told you what you need to know about this log. Other COs don't mind hints, particularly if they're witty and subtle. Yes, he can. No, of course not. But in this case, the CO's not trying to control what you write, he's trying to protect the value of his cache. From what you're saying, he was exceedingly nice about it, so I don't know why you're hesitating to please him. In particular, it sounds like the very best information about this subject in this particular case will come from discussing it with the CO himself. That will give you good insight into possible points of view of COs, whether his views turn out to be common or not, and give you ideas about how to provide hints that this CO would find acceptable, if any. Indeed I am not hesitating to please him. The logs have been amended for him. I just want to know how the game is played and what other COs and seekers' opinions' are. Many thanks for your input. In this case the CO states in his email to me but not on the listings that the circuit is intended to be tricky, I guess then that he does not mind 30% DNFs on his caches, which is fine. As I said I am new to this, so any knowledge is welcome. Thanks
  7. I have a question for you guys. I am new to caching and enjoying it in the way I want to. I like the great walks I get to take in new parts of the countryside, and I love to read the logs for hints if I am getting bored looking for something and want to hike on! I recently left a log for one cache on a large circuit, I also had to contact the owner about a lost log and some broken glass at GZ that I thought they would like to know about. They responded saying thanks for the heads up but "please would I change my log on a couple of their caches as they gave hints". They complimented my other logs. These particular owners gave no hints at all on this circuit and they had quite a few DNFs on several of the tougher caches. I really wanted a hint on one of their caches but so few people had found it, that I got no help. Very annoying to miss a couple out of a long circuit. Anyway I gave a subtle clue in my log on one of the tougher ones that two of us wrestled with for plenty long enough! So here are the questions 1.Am I out of order to give a hint? 2.Can the CO delete my log? 3.Should the CO try to control what the cacher writes? Looking forward to replies from COs and seekers alike.
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