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  1. You might want to use GSAK then. Import your PQs and also import the ALs, there's an extra macro just that for. Then use the Leaflet macro to show all of them on a nice map. Helps me a lot when planning trips.
  2. Didn't know that GPSr devices stopped working recently... I'm using my Oregon 750t for geocaching and I also did put every lab cache onto it, too. Helps a lot when walking around, seeing there's an AL, too. And guess what; I'm absolutely able to use the AL app on my phone then, as there's no other option. But still not using any geocaching app... ;)
  3. Still one issue remaining on the browsw map: Every time I click "pocket queries", the whole page is moving up, creating a white bar on the bottom. Would be nice if that one could be fixed, too. Thanks
  4. Nice try... But I'd prefer using PQs anyways ;-) I do have a FTF PQ showing me all the not yet found caches. That wouldn't work with lists. Plus, many other of my PQs exist for a reason. It's easy to set up a PQ for an area you haven't been yet, or where the results might change fairly quick. So, lists are cool, but they are by no means a working replacement for PQs.
  5. Could you please replace "possible" with "important"? I guess that most of us using the found list are searching by date and not distance. In fact I the only reason to search by distance for me might be looking for the closest and furthest cache. But searching for my last finds is what I'm doing on a daily base. So, having this as the default simply reflects my standard usage. Oh, and leaving out country and state also isn't exactly what I like. It's another thing that makes this list version less useful for my needs. So, it would be cool to get that back. And yes, as it seems to affect these lists in general it would also be a general improvement then! I gave up on mentioning the waste of space, so I don't say more about that...
  6. Might be it's enough for you, but not for everyone, like me ;-) I'm manually putting the biltema caches onto a separate list and right after that I "ignore" them. Would be way easier if they had their own attribute, like tree climbing caches, too!
  7. Ok, got a solution, that works for me! It seems that my profile info became too long. After removing one part, it could be saved again. So, there seems to be a length limit, can't tell, how much it is, but there is one... Thanks again for coming up with some ideas on what I could try! Bye, Christian
  8. Tried everything that has been suggested here. Still doesn't work. It saves a short text, but not the profile created by FSG :-( Too bad. I even deleted my profile pic, also didn't help. Will see what happens now and when this gets fixed finally... Thanks for your ideas and suggestions, I really appreciate it!
  9. Hi! I can't save my profile "about" any longer. I'm using GSAK and FSG to create my personal profile and it did work until last week. I wanted to upload my actual changes and after saving the "about" part is empty. Any ideas what this could be? Too much info in that part? Or "just" a simple bug? Thanks, Christian
  10. I know, nothing is perfect and there always will be ways to cheat. I can see it with my own AL. Some cheated with coords and logged all the answers within minutes, what isn't possible as they are far off each others. It just doesn't have to be too strict, that just discourages the fair players too much. Will see what the future brings...
  11. Lots of text deleted, sorry ;) The Adventure doesn't necessarily need to have answers included. A hash code of the correct answer would be enough, so you best case might be able to get the questions. At least technically spoken :) Geofencing: If you don't do it, answers will be shared pretty quick. And even with that Mega option you suggested, what should stop people from just handing out the answers at the logging points? So, best option in such cases really might be, to NOT have an Adventure lab there. That's at least what I would prefer!
  12. True, quite some of my maps will not be shown correctly now. I'm using GSAK/FSG to create my stats and about every map that is using an overlay to show some extras is broken now I would be more than happy to get that fixed.
  13. Hi! It seems like the app is using the Seattle time zone for the log date, plus staying with the date from the moment, the app started, until you shut it down. A friend extra wanted to play an adventure yesterday, but started the app short before 9am (German time zone) and the labs have thus been logged to Jan, 20th. Not the biggest issue, but still might be worth looking into. Bye, Christian
  14. That's one reason why there is the option of Geofencing to set the allowed radius for playing. I know, it's not necessarily the best option, but it might/should allow you to get the info upfront, plus the questions. Then go to the places, get the answers and as you're back at a place with service/WiFi, answer the questions. Far from perfect, but a (hopefully) working solution. You never know, at some point the app might also allow preloading Labs...
  15. Hi! A friend of mine deleted a few finds on the web page ( https://labs.geocaching.com/logs ), but the finds still seem to show up in the app. Shouldn't these lab caches be doable again in such a case? I know, it might not make much sense to log, delete and log again. But technically it should at least work tha way, correct? Bye, Christian
  16. The "problem" is that most people want to play according to the rules and they dislike "cachers" like you are. Fake logging isn't what we believe should happen at all. I'd bet most of your lab cache logs also are complete fake. 1700 lab caches, but attended just below 40 events with possible lab caches. I don't think you did so many new Adventure Labs already. Plus "Team Account". Smells like fake logging there, too. I personally wouldn't believe a single find of you in person. Ok, possibly the (few) ones with a picture in front of the cache... Why are you doing such crap? Must be cool to show off at events or such, I don't know...
  17. Ok, just thought someone might have noted down numbers at a dealer's booth already. On the other side, guessing numbers isn't a big deal, technically. If not done yet, contact GS, send a proof that you do have that specific coin and ask for a deactivation.
  18. I'd guess that these logs will go down in the next days as it's so many discussions going on everywhere, plus GS for sure will take some action, too. So, just don't lock travelling trackables and worst case delete a few more bogus logs if you wish.
  19. Don't think so, it's a very low number and guessing codes is way too easy, so I'd have expected way more codes otherwise. I guess it's just numbers that someone has seen on the original coin back then. Doesn't make it better. I already suggested to check actual activations vs. this list from that FB group. If such a coin got activated, GS probably just could deactivate it again as it must have come via that list...
  20. Groundspeak doesn't have a real chance to overcome such an issue. How should they? The codes technically could be guessed as it's "just" numbers, no more and no less. And it looks like this also happened. As long as you activated your coin, a discovery log wouldn't really harm your coin, don't you think so? Worst case you'd just need to delete such a log. I for sure understand, it's not exactly what one is willing to do, but there simply is no other way. Ok, you could just lock these coins and no further discoveries would be possible.
  21. Be happy that there are some responses at all Considering it's millions of accounts it's anyways just a really low number of people posting here. Many might just not even know that the forum does exist while others don't care and the next ones might not be able to understand/write English good enough to take part...
  22. Sorry, if my post sounded too harsh, I just don't see an external site as a real solution here. I'd more like to see potential issues solved where they appear ;-) And I also don't want to waste my money to fix just some smaller glitches. Besides that, thanks for your suggestion!
  23. That's a different story and I would absolutely second a request for 2 (completely) different versions of the website, but I fear that this is no option as it might take too much time and number of web designers at Groundspeak might be too limited that for. I do understand they go for the highest number of potential users which might be mobile users nowadays. Still just don't like this too much as I'm mainly using the website at home having 2 large screens ;-)
  24. I'm not a fan of the new lists, but this should be something everyone could easily do by themselves All of my browser have an option to show the page in desktop mode. Have you tried that? In theory it should right away solve your issue.
  25. Yep, finally found it as stated in my last post. Played a bit with that now and figured out how to use it the way I was thinking about. Filters to work worldwide as long as I don't enter anything in the search page. Never tried that before as I had no need for it Now I know that I still need to find another 8567 virtuals So thanks for putting me the right direction! Thanks to HHL, too!
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