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  1. Garmin 24K has 4 levels: Level0= 24 7.8ft 120m Zoom0=0 (under 1.2K) Level1= 22 31ft 500m Zoom1=1 (1.2-3 km) Level2= 20 125fr 2km Zoom2=2 (3-8 km) Level3= 19 250ft 3km Zoom3=3 (8-12km) (last level is empty) Garmin USTopo has 4 levels: level0= 22 Zoom0=0 (under 1.2K) level1= 20 Zoom1=1 (1.2-3 km) level2= 18 Zoom2=2 (3-8 km) level3= 17 Zoom3=3 (8-12km) (last level is empty)
  2. When using an original Garmin img file and converting to an mp file and "adding" the gdb file, before converting a polyline or point from the attached gdb file, I compare the feature I want to convert to similar features in the file, and when converting the feature, I use the same association and levels. This saves from from doing anything to the file itself other than adding tracks and points to the proper levels. Does this help?
  3. I use GPSmapedit to open the .img file. I then "add" the .gdb file (tracks imported into Mapsource from the unit). I then select the tracks individually (right click), choose "convert to" (point or polyline) obviously polyline. Then you select which type of feature to associate it with (trail, road, stream, etc). After your done adding the tracks to the .mp file (what happens to the img, shp, etc. file when opening it with GPSmapedit), I use GPSmapper to re-compile it to an img file. There is a learning curve, but all this has been discussed before. My point is that an entire basemap does not need to be created, ie topo, roads, geographical features, etc. if you have a base map from which to start.l
  4. It's a simple process if you already have a base map like US Topo or 24K. You simply edit the file by importing the tracks and recreating the .img file. Otherwise, it starts getting more involved. You could do the same with City Navigator files, but then for routing capability, you would need the more sophisticated re-compilation software.
  5. This will power your unit only. It will not provide data transfer. This is not a USB connector. The USB connector is not proprietary. It is a universal connector. If you want data transfer in your vehicle (portable or laptop computer), the chord is similar to the one pictured, but it has an additional seriel port connector which goes from the data plug to the computer. I'm not aware of a usb connector for the vehicle adaptor.
  6. May be I'm wrong, but if using Navigator for auto navigation, it would seem to be better to get Navigator. It seems to be more efficient in that less de-compression is necessary, therefore better streaming of data. I agree with Fhantasm, I've been living with a 512 mb card for over a year and have both City Select and 24K on my unit, and never needed a bigger card.
  7. With my street piloit, I like to be alerted when I'm nearing a speed trap or nearing a lesser expensive gas station. Regular waypoints won't do that (street piloit). Since I create the icons myself, I have no problem identifying what the alert is.
  8. 2 major highway projects are underway in the US that I'm familiar with. The first is the Springfield Interchange (I-95/I-395/I-495) interchange. This is rapidly transforming into what will be one of the most sophisticated (and complex) interchanges in the US. In a few months Navigator V8 will be obsolete and will not reflect the new changes. Also, the Wilson Bridge project with the new bridge over the Potomac and the interchanges on either side are already obsolete. These projects will be completed in a few years, and some poor sucker will get killed if trying to navigate through these areas with V8.
  9. right click on the item, choose properties, left click the button to the right of the type description, change the code/description.
  10. In the navigation mode, the profile is shown along the straight line and has nothing to do with the actual calculated route other than beginning and end point.
  11. Garmin never gets it right. The software is made by Monkeys. Stick with Magellan!
  12. The built in electronic compass feature is one of the worst features Garmin has. It is quirky, needs to be held perfectly still and level, and is disturbed by the slightest breeze. The reason that Garmin doesn't do the project waypoint feature to the compass is because the compass is too quirky.
  13. All of the features with addresses are located along the road. The buildings in a shopping mall are not shown in the actual location, but along the road. This is not good when navigating because the navigtor does not know where the entrances are.
  14. Currently doing something similar but for french and belgian topo maps. I just began 4 days ago learning/playing with various tools but can see they did a sloppy job as they did not care to name lot of places, items, streams etc..., just put generic names like "stream" "buildings" ! Formating, colors, zoom level are sloppy too. I guess the market is not very big in Europe for these because definitely the GPS can do better when I see all the possibilities available. What tools do you use ? Do you have by any chance a table showing the coding of the formating data included with an item name ? Eg with Mapdekode and Trackmaker: Hardwood<S=&H1F><Z=1> S seems for the string format color and appearance and the Z for the zone/zoom level which are obviousely translated from the Garmin img binary format. As a National Map Corps Volunteer in the USA, I have been extensively hiking all of the trails and exploring the areas in this 24K Garmin map which is the same as the US Geological Survey 1:24K maps which is the maps that all of these USA map makers use. I opened the original Garmin 24K map with GPSmapedit, and used this program to edit the map. Hikes and some off road trails were saved as tracks and other features were obtained as waypoints (if they were different then the Garmin map information) and stored and compiled in a Mapsource gdb file. Then added the Mapsource gdb file and added the tracks and waypoints. Garmin uses 3 map levels, so I paid carefull attention in assigning lesser features to the lower level(s). I obtained a shape file from a state GNIS department which showed the boundaries of wildlife management areas, and added the boundaries as polylines. Of course, to make the map back into a Garmin Mapsource file, I used GPSmapper. To see the coding of the maps, instead of opening the mp file with GPSmapedit, use notepad to see the coding and also allows editing. GPSmapedit has default values (colors, line styles, etc.) for various features (points, polylines, polygons), but I'm not familiar with changing these values, but are the same as the Garmin 24K topo.
  15. I've modified a 24K topo map. I deleted non-existant trails, added trails not shown, added new jeep roads, added wildlife management area boundaries, corrected stream names, deleted non-existing features, added new features. In short, I've completely revised one 24K map to accurately reflect everything that is there. The map sellers (including Garmin, Magellan, DeLorne, Nat. Geog.) rely on current USGS information which is completly out of date. I added it as a custom map to my unit, but loaded the surrounding 24K Garmin maps. For the map sellers, providers, it's easier to sell then to make over new maps.
  16. Whatever point you wanna make of it... You're welcome to ignore it if you don't care It doesn't make it any less stupid. Likewise, your welcome to ignore it if you don't care.
  17. I guess I'm a Garmin "Kid" as I like the feature set and have used many of them. I dont see where haveing a good featureset is a detraction to a gps unless it makes it difficult to use. Mine is no harder than any I have tried (lowrance and garmin and some limited magellan). One new feature I recently discovered was proximity detection. I can set a radius around a waypoint and the gps warns me when I enter and leave that radius. This is a function that my old lowrance aviation gps had and warned me when I was entering restricted airspace. Why don't you jump out of a plane! I'd like to know how the jump master works.
  18. How do the two stack up for you when it comes to locating caches? Oh... ouch, I've been stung.
  19. Just because the cx is more sensitive, it is just as or less accurate than the cs. The x can't even pull in the waas corrections when the cs does that under tree cover (with a gilsson antenna). I agree with Team Dublin. Magellan is better suited to mature audiences and keep the bells and busted readings for Garmin kids. Conspiracy theory?? Who do you think started the Navigator V8 is released post? Garmin, of course.
  20. When I complained about not getting the actual profile of a route in a unit using DEM maps, like was promised in the documentation, I had to systematically laso and coral 3 different Garmin tech support people untill I finally got them in a box the couldn't wiggle out of. Yes, I was right, the documentation is deceptive, you can not get the actual profile, just a straight line from point a to b. Are the tech support people, the experts, that stupid, or is this a marketing strategy? Is it because there are a lot of immature buyers of Garmin products where it counts to have the best bells and whistles? Then the answer is yes, Garmin thinks we are stupid.
  21. If you want Mapsource which is a very powerfull tool to have, don't get the c330 or the i5. The c330 and may be the i5 have hard drives which are mechanical and you know what they say about hard drives, "its not a matter of if, but when.....". Also, you won't get Mapsource, and before you know it, you'll regret that decision. As an owner of the c320 for over a year, I couldn't be happier for it. I have mapsource, and can load USTopo, 24K or City Select Maps at will (and even my own custom maps). c320 comes with a 128 mb SD, and to be honest, I've never really needed anything more. A 1 GB card will get the entire US.
  22. Ciscohiker: The easiest way to begin is to swap the file from the site with your existing file. Just rename your original with something like 05624019original.img and that's all that's to it. The rest gets more complicated. You will need to run the cgpsmapper compiler which creates a registry pointer where you place your custom files and what you will be calling your custom mapset in mapsource. It also creates the tdb file. You need to edit the registry to point to the location of your custom maps. After doing that here's what you might want to do. Start by opening a img file in gpsmapedit and saving it as an mp file. Add information or erase as you please and then save it again. You need to convert it to an img file again. Go to the link http://home.cinci.rr.com/creek/garmin.htm Skip all the steps down to "copy gpsmapper to the same folder as your mp file". Skip step 5 and go directly to "Uploading your custom map to Mapsource". Follow those steps and if successful, when you open Mapsource you will see you custom mapset in the product selections. Chose this and if all went well, you will see your map. Good luck!
  23. Best thing to do is to modify U.S. Topo maps yourself. You can't rely on Garmin because apparently it isn't a priority. Using Gpsmapedit, you can locate the map by opening the Topo100US(E,W,A,orH).tdb file. Once you think you've located it, right lick on the map segment and properties to identify the map by name. This will correspond to the name of the map selected in Mapsource by the map select tool. Create a file in mapsource for your tracks. Using the USTopo map, open it in GPSmapedit and save as an mp file. Use the add button to open (load) the file with your tracks, right click and convert these to polylines. Delete the old trails. Save, use GPSmapper to re-convert to an img file. Using this theme, I created a modified USTopo map of Kingwood WV,MD (southeast) (05624019.img); however, I removed the original contours and created in increments of 20,100, and 500 ft. I added some stream data, and uploaded the file for sharing at http://mapcenter.cgpsmapper.com/. You'll see in in the West Virginia section. I plan to do the same with a complete revision of the 1:24K Fletcher, VA map (features only, ie roads, trails, structures, etc.) Unfortunantly, I believe by modifying the routable map, it will lose it's routing capabilities, but I figure this will be much better than the present sorely outdated map.
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