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  1. Thanks. I didn't like NG state topo w/ 3D enhancement. The zoom level was not sufficient, and creating routes was unacceptable. No lock on feature except for the 3D roads. I hope digital (vector) quad maps will be made one day.
  2. Has anyone found the use of Delorme or National Geogrphic topo (others) sufficient to work with GPS units to justify the purchase?
  3. My purchase of c320 came with City Select V6. With a 512mb card, it would hold about a 8 states, with the V7 this increased to about 3x the capacity. This may be the reason for the switch to Navigator. Initially, the mapping may have been considered to heavy for the c3xx series units and handhelds. However, since 1GB card can hold all of N America (or very close), Garmin probably feels its safe to go with the heavier Navigator since it has been able to condense the alogarithms to make it more efficient.
  4. If you mean using DeLorme mapping in a Garmin unit....No. If you mean transferring routes, tracks, and waypoints, yes. However, a route created in Delorme may not transfer in City Select or 24K Topo identically because of the differences in the maps. You cannot transfer routes in the Garmin maps that do not support routing like USTopo, MetroGuide.
  5. Oh Imperial One! I have only the cs, but I'll answer some of your questions: a) you cannot have both maps displayed at the same time; however, one map has priority over the other, and I think it would be the City Nav if both are toggled on. b)The D's mean that the WAAS correction is in play. c)If you want to adjust your routing, instead of point A to B, you may try point A to A(1), A(2), A(3),etc..B d)Try the Sandisk web site. It will tell you which is the biggest. e)On Garmin's website, undermap updates, they have a link to "Error Report Form". This is were you let them know of corrections/updates and hope it appears in the next release of City Select.
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