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  1. Would someone who has the professional or routable version of GPSMapper please seed and post torrent?
  2. That's because you disconnected the cable without turning off the unit first. This will hang (freeze) many applications.
  3. That's because you disconnected the cable without turning off the unit first. This will hang (freeze) many applications.
  4. Was this a newly purchased DirectRoute or one you were using in an eXplorist? It's not of much use if it won't street route. That's really the main point. Street routing is the main point of a hand held? 10 MB is not a lot for detail maps. The Explorist 210 has 22 MB, for heaven's sake! Seems like a step backward. A handheld is not for street routing. It is primarily for outdoor use. If you want street routing you use a vehicle navigation unit. Like mixing apples and oranges.
  5. No, the original release date was August 17 which was on the Magellan site before then.
  6. Wonderfull, good riddance, and one less ranter. May be we can get some intelligent objectivity, not stupid rants.
  7. Funny cos your profile says you work for the Dept of Defense, or is that your part time job between teaching and selling GPS and backpacking ??? What is so funny about me working full time for the Dept. of Defense, working part time at Sportsman's Warehouse, and backpacking? My day has 24 hours in it, and I have 7 of them every week, just like you. I also do wildlife photography, teach GPS navigation to county S&R teams, and enjoy live theatre on occasion. Is that funny too? Perhaps the most constructive post would be to retell some experiences you are having with customers concerning the Tritons when they start coming in. All the rest is irrelevant.
  8. Whatever you use, topo or street maps, beware of outdated material the further you get from paved roads. Roads shown on street maps may not be navigable by vehicle, and some roads on topo maps may be trails. Some trails are not shown and some trails no longer exist. Just be carefull and don't count to heavily on roads the further you get from main roads.
  9. Can you elaborate on this? What are the specific issues?
  10. It clearly states Street Maps, I assume that will be applicable to the Triton series?
  11. Well, I'll throw mud in Magellan's face for the proprietary cable. But $30 isn't bad. Hopefully, this cable will be available in a generic form from some enterprising web sites.
  12. Squaking about a cable is a non-issue. With my Garmin Street Pilot, I have two USB 2.0 cables, and with my voice recorder and digitabl camera, I have two USB mini-cables. If I didn't have those, what's the big deal in dishing out less than $10 for a cable? It's not like Magellan hasn't reduced the price for those options.
  13. Not till January!!? This is 5 months after the initial release date. No street maps? Once I thought offered hope to Garmin is now laughable, sadly.
  14. Garmin still has to deal with their out dated topo. They have no direction there.
  15. I cracked the code in a gps military unit used in Afganistan. I then cracked Garmin's code and uploaded it to my unit. I now get accuracy to 3/8 ". I cannot offer this to anyone because it is a violation of National Security.
  16. I downloaded it. Error message "not Win32.exe application". I couldn't open Mapsource. Fortunatly, I had the previous install exe., so beware.
  17. E-bay is funny. I was looking for an item and found one that wasn't bid on. It had 30 min. remaining until the bid closed. I bid on it at the staring price. I was taken the the sellers web site and I had the option of purchasing it now. Turns out that the seller uses e-bay to sell its products and you can buy anything at the starting price.
  18. If you didn't have a cable with the purchase, your responsibilty is to return it to the seller for an exchange or refund. Did you register the product? If not, why are you expecting Magellan to give you a cable? Don't keep spamming this forum with this repeatedly. I agree, you should have returned the product, unless you got it on e-bay which nulls and voids any warrenty. Something your not telling.
  19. $50 bucks? Come on, that is a gross exageration. No more than $20. Unless ur a newbie, you should have about 1/2 dozen cables laying around anyway.
  20. Can you point me to the site that describes how? I'd like to try it... This topic has been posted extensively on this site. When you find it, you will have all the information you need.
  21. Here's what I'm not liking about National Geographic maps. They are raster based. Vector digital maps can have much greater accuracy with pinpoint precision. I have always felt that digital maps would replace raster maps and this is seen in USGS National Map Corp database. However, National Geographic maps are much more up to date than anything Garmin has offered. The appearance of Triton maps will differ from Garmin maps both on screen and in the gpsr, basically like the appearance of Mapsource maps vs NG maps. I believe that using NG raster maps is a bandaide solution for the Triton. But then again, Garmins offer for TeleAtlas does nothing for North America users since TeleAtlas has no database for North America. This means that Garmin will have the same ole same ole outdated maps. I think during the next 20 years, gpsr topo maps will be going into a difficult transistion but utlimately, digital maps will be the most logicial and viable option. It comes down to mapping, in the next 20 years, both Garmin and Magellan will come out with newer models, but in the short term Triton is a good choice for the more up to date maps.
  22. TeleAtlas has no Northern America database. So no maps for US and Canada. Goes back to the same issue, Garmin never really had good North America maps, and this latest move does nothing to improve that. I still have my eyeball on Nokia. Nokia will chart the course of the future.
  23. Take the 2000 - It will take a picture of your waypoint, you will record a brief summary of the waypoint, and while you fumble around with the HCx, the 2000 will let you read a book in the dark. It has a bigger screen. No contest - be gone HCx.
  24. I heard that Garmin is coming out with the GPSMap85SSS before the end of the year. It has a SIRF generation VI receiver. It is super thin and light with a large 4 in screen. It has sensitivity to 1 ft. SS is for super sensitive. S is for solar, so it needs no batteries.
  25. When Triton was first announced, the relase date on Magellan's site was August 14. What seems to be the problem?
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