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  1. Yes, the waypoints get appended to the other, larger zip file, I can see and manipulate them on the computer screen, transfer the whole thing over, but don't know where to look for them. I ask the gpsr for 'nearest' caches or 'points of interest', or I ask for alphabetic. The geocaches show, poi shows, but not those extra waypoints (that don't start with GC). Any thoughts?
  2. Done and done. Thanks. Something finally came through. Off to the trails!
  3. Thanks so much. That's interesting, the date/time shows from 2 days ago only, even though I've run about 3 previews today. Spam boxes are all empty. Still no e-mail.
  4. Does the size of the file matter? I requested 400 caches. I'm trying 2 different accts as well. One Yahoo, the other Hotmail - no luck.
  5. I'm not receiving e-mails on all the pocket queries I make. Is anyone else having this trouble, or know how I can correct it? I get a list of the caches in the query, but no email with the file for downloading.
  6. Can anyone advise me on how to find, on my Explorist 500, the extra parking waypoints that come with Pocket Queries? The cache co-ordinates are easy to find, but I don't see the other waypoints . Thanks, much appreciated.
  7. I think I've got things sorted out. Many thanks.
  8. I think I've followed all of that, but the bulk transfer comes into both EasyGPS and Magellan Geocache Manager as an loc file. When I transfer each file individually, I choose the GPX on the cache page and see all the information transfered (i.e. including hint etc.). So I know it will work - just not when I do a bulk download. Any thoughts on what I'm missing? Many thanks.
  9. At the bottom of the Query page, I press the 'Download Waypoints' button, but the files aren't getting transferred as gpx (i have premium membership). Is there a way to set the type of file download when you're doing a mass download? Appreciated!
  10. Many, many thanks. I was in touch with Magellan several times yesterday. Each time the techie would take me through the whole process of loading on waypoints. The files could never be accessed on the GPS, even though they showed. Each time the techie would put me on hold to figure it out further, and I would get cut off - of course all after having been on hold to get through, or having the line be too busy - it was Boxing Day, so they might have been just a tad busy. I'm going to start fresh today and give it another try. Thanks for all the links, Clyde. I think I came across that list, and checked each one, about 5 times yesterday scouring the forums. At least I have a spare Garmin it all else fails.
  11. I've upgraded my membership, but it hasn't kicked in yet.
  12. I can do all the things you mention in your first reply, but that still gives me no access to any information. I'm saving on the internal memory. K. So, do you: select your cache page - click on LOC (I've upgraded, but it hasn't come through yet) - save it to a particular file? GSAK specifically? Then go in through GSAK, and this new cache shows on the computer screen at this point? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Having spent at least 9 hours in the past 2 days trying to get my Magellan 500 Explorist to accept downloaded waypoints, I have to ask for some help. I've tried EVERYTHING. Finally, waypoints will load on with GSAK, but when I click on them on the GPSr, the screen just goes back to the previous one, i.e. I go nowhere. Can anyone help? I've read so many forums I can't even count them all, but none have helped me. Thanks.
  14. A friendly reminder to us all that this first week of December is the second round of hunting season in various forests in Southern Ontario.
  15. Okay, but is no one curious about the woman who was jogging at 5:30a.m. down in the park? This time of the year, it's still quite dark then. Geocaching at 5:30, but jogging? Incredible!
  16. It would certainly be helpful if there was a public announcement of the beginning of hunting season. Living in a city, and not being a hunter, the thought never crossed my mind. In fact, the day this woman was killed was a spectacular fall day. I would have been out there too, had circumstances allowed. It's rather surprising, really, that there isn't any mention in mainstream media. Thanks to rovers3 for directions to the MNR site. It's all there, but there are so many forests and cross-references it wouldn't be surprising at all to get the dates wrong, or be confused by the myriad of forests, which all seem to have different dates - just as easy as it would be for a hunter to confuse some of the details. I think we're definitely talking 'walker beware' here. I think I'll carry my bear bells, and make a quick trip to The Tire for the latest in blaze orange fashion. Your words aren't too strong at all CowTippinIdiots, I couldn't agree more (I just had to reply to you directly because your cache name makes me grin, and typing it out was even more fun - CowTippinIdiots - there I did it again).
  17. Are there still any available? I'd be interested in a set. Thanks.
  18. You guys are great. Thanks for the info. K. ..Can someone hunt in any forest they please, as long as there are no signs posted to the contrary? Please explain more to this city kid ...
  19. Does anyone know how to find out where and when hunting season is taking place in Southern Ontario? The horrible tragedy of a 67-year-old hiker being shot and killed accidentally by a hunter this week, in one of the forests just outside of Toronto has brought this question close to home. This woman was probably on a trail, not bushwacking through the forest with as much stealth as possible. Having just started geocaching in April, this is my first hunting season as a cacher. It would be helpful to have an idea of which forests hunters are allowed in - which areas to avoid. Does everyone just urban cache in the meantime?
  20. Hmmmmm. Don't know that I want to go out in the middle of the woods at night with someone named KILLER Kowalski
  21. For my own caches, is it possible to edit the log a finder makes if I feel their log has revealed too much information? I've looked everywhere for this answer already, found nothing,and would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.
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