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  1. I can't seem to find an answer to this question in the forums, though I'm sure it's there. A cache owner left unactivated geocoins in their cache. Is there a way to activate these coins? Thanks much
  2. Don't get discouraged. I think you'll be quite pleased with your Explorist once you get used to it. There's just a little learning hump to get over at first, but nothing too horrendous. Are you using Pocket Queries (available if you're a Premium Member)?
  3. If anyone's interested in a Magellan Explorist 500 LE, Canadian Tire has them for $200, reg. $350.
  4. Thanks for your reply. It's the first time I've had this happen - next time I'll know that the interruption's only going to be brief. I was somewhat buried in a marshy forest at the time, and hoping for a direct route back out. ..several minutes later I was back in business, but curious about what had happened.
  5. I was out caching yesterday between the 404 and 48, at Vivian Road, heading through the bush, zeroing in on a cache that has long eluded me, when my almost fully charged Magellan Explorist dropped all satellite feed for about 3 or 4 minutes. I mean completely dropped. On the Satellite page, you know, the one with the image of Earth, the slate was absolutely clean, no icons representing satellites at all. When the GPSr started picking up signal again, it took a bit of time for it to figure out where we were, with caches in Markham showing as being 485km away. Did anyone else notice this? It was just after noon on Sunday. Or.....has anyone had this happen to their unit at any time?
  6. After selecting the route you're interested in, ask for caches, say, 5 kms on either side of the 401, and up the number of caches to the maximum of 500. You can play with the numbers - if there are more than 500 within 5 kms of the route, the pocket query will pick and choose which ones to include. Narrow-down the number of kms, and you'd be more certain of including all possible caches. Happy trails!
  7. As far as I can tell, that's correct. EasyGPS will load .upt files, but not .gs files. And Magellan Geocache Manager will load .gs files, but not .upt files.
  8. Small update: The extra waypoint or POI half of my Pocket Queries are transferring fine, as I described above - Saving in EasyGPS, then opening Magellan's MapSend Manager / Manage GPS files / Transfer Data to Unit / Transfer / drag over files / 'transfer'. However, the Geocache half, for some straaaange reason, won't work this way, but still works beautifully with Magellan Geocache Manager. I just need to switch between the two.
  9. For some reason I'm not able to transfer the files directly to my Magellan. I have done it many times with my Garmin, though possibly not with the latest version of EasyGPS - can't imagine why that would have changed, mind you.
  10. Finally figured it out. 1. I opened the unzipped file holding the extra (parking etc) waypoints in EasyGPS. 2. Hit the 'send to GPS' button. 3. When asked where to save it, renamed the file and saved it to my POI file. 4. Open Magellan MapSend Manager/ Manage GPS Files / Transfer to Unit 5. With GPSr connected, and POI file opened on left , showing all files inside, drag files across to right side of screen (GPS side) 6. Hit 'Transfer' 7. Voila!
  11. It's those extra waypoints that I'm having trouble with. You know, the ones with parking co-ordinates. The funny thing is I was successful twice - put those extra waypoints in my Pts of Interest file (as opposed to the Geocache file on the gpsr, and the comments about each waypoint shows up as well, i.e. 'Park past the gate'. I'm wondering if the Magellan support staff will know. The extra waypoints that I'm referring to, the wpts portion of the unzipped Pocket Query, won't transfer over at all - to my 'Geocache' file or the 'POI' file on the gpsr. The first part of the unzipped files, with the Geocaches and their information, transfer fine. Just not the second one.
  12. Check this link before starting to push different buttons with powering up. Some combinations will completely reset your unit, and you'll lose any saved waypoints, routes, etc.
  13. Very neat. It works on my etrex Legend as well.
  14. I'm having trouble using the Magellan Conversion Manager when I'm trying to import files. They need to be .wpt or .trk files, but Pocket Queries send the waypoints file as a .gpx file. Is anyone familiar and successful with this process?
  15. Time to report back Finally got out skiing this weekend and had a B L A S T of course! Love skiing. Love Geocaching. Wonderful combination. I ended up stringing the GPS around my neck, secured somewhat with a coat snap. Definitely not perfection, but it worked - I still prefer my bike mount. I'm considering designing a small table to string around my neck - enough room for GPSr, coffee, ski wax and printouts. Heaven.
  16. Does anyone else use EasyGPS or MagellanGeocacheManager and transfer the extra waypoints to their POI file with success?
  17. I'm having trouble transferring UPT files (the extra waypoints like parking) using either EasyGPS or Magellan Geocache Manger to my Magellan 500. They WERE transferring for me but won't any longer. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm trying to put them in my POI file on my Magellan 500. Geocaches, as .gs files are transferring to my POI Geocache file on the GPSr, but the .upt files will no longer transfer to the POI file. I know I don't need GSAK, because I was successful before with either the EasyGPS or MGM. I've been scouring the forums and can't find any answers.
  18. In MGM, I click that I want to transfer the waypoints. When I'm asked where I want to save them, I go to the POI file and save them there. With Geocache waypoints, I follow the same procedure, but save them in the 'Geocaches' file. These show up. I remember forum comments about the geocache files needing to be '.gs' files, and POI files must be '.upt' files. I'm wondering if I'm needing to change the file type, and where to do that.
  19. I'm trying to transfer a file with only about 20 waypoints in it.... Any thoughts?
  20. Can anyone help me. I'm able to load pocket query geocaches to my explorist using Magellan's Geocache Manager. However, the extra waypoints (parking, etc.), aren't loading into my POI file on the GPSr. They show on the computer screen as being in that file, but they don't show up in the GPS. The curious thing is it was working for me, and I don't know what I changed. I think there was a forum thread addressing this, but I can't locate it again. Thanks very much.
  21. Many thanks. I think that sorts it out. Without forums I would have been trying to figure this out for days..
  22. Perhaps this answers my question about my Explorist 500. I downloaded a Pocket Query with 400 caches. When Activating that file, I get a message saying: "Some Geocache data can't be read due to size limitation" Is this to tell me that some caches are getting bumped out because there are too many for the file? In fact, I've already noticed a couple of caches missing from Pocket Queries (always when I'm out in the field, of course). So, I should split the file of 400 in half and enter them as 2 different files? Does anyone know: I'm not able to see the extra waypoints that show parking co-ords etc. Is the file just too large, or does the 500 just not show them? Thanks very much for any help.
  23. This is my first winter caching. I wondering what brilliant techniques anyone's come up with to hold their GPSr while they're out cross-country skiing. Hung around my neck, it's probably going to get swinging enough to knock me out. If I put it in my pocket, I'll lose satellite reception. Does anyone strap it to their forearm or what? Also, haven't been north of 7 or west of Mississauga all week. Has anyone else been out on the trails yet? How are they? Any recommendations for the best? I've got several caches in Walker Woods, which is an absolutely fantastic spot for cross country that I would highly recommend. I'd love to hear about anyone's favourite caching/skiing adventure.
  24. Next time I want a question answered, I'm going to ask someone from the UK. You guys are too funny. Okay, here's another one. With enthusiasm like this, what are your top numbers like?
  25. I just noticed the numbers on the main page - under Topics and Replies. If you check out United Kingdom, there must be a huge number of cachers in the UK. Any one here with some hands-on UK experiences or thoughts on why it's such a phenomenon there?
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