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  1. /Users/Valerie/Desktop/CachelandiaWherigo.gwz i hope this link works
  2. here is my link again //CachelandiaWherigo.gwz
  3. Another problem I am having is that when I try to compile the cartridge it gives me this message: Oops! The compilation Web service at Wherigo.com returned an error: soap:Server Server was unable to process request. ---> Could not find file 'E:\webtempfiles\e55fa4f7-29fe-4bfe-9710-c117e4e9b423'. What do I do?
  4. I think both could work, I don't know if the link is exactly right, I would like to put it on whereto.com, not active though, so I can test in the real world. i can share it to you via email if the other links don't work
  5. Sorry about the last post, i didnt know if my link worked so I tried again and it didnt do any thing at all Does anyone have feed back for me on what to do about my problem
  6. I couldnt send you an email from my account so I will just link it to here. I will delete it from the forum so people dont get my Wherigo,so respond when you have a copy and I can delete it. i solved the problem with key being in characters but when I click on the characters it still does the same thing, the characters are Barry the Pelican and Roger Rattlesnake. When emulating the cartridge remember to look around at all characters and items to see if there are commands. Respond if you know how to fix it or have any ideas to make it better. My link
  7. Thanks for helping me there. I have another problem now. In my new cartridge I have a key item. The item is transferred, after catching a thief, to the player. There are two zones after that. In the next zone you need to answer a characters question. The character box shows that the key item is in the characters and when you click on that box no character icons come up and the emulator kind of freezes up not allowing you to go back so you have to restart. Also in the perious zone when you acquire the key if you click on the items it does the same thing. What is going on. This is happening on the webwigo emulator with the cartridge I created on earwigo. Any ideas. I can send you the cartridge file if you want to see it.
  8. never mind I figured that out but now I want to pick up an item at one zone and then at the next zone use it to "scan" to get the next question and i can't get it to work
  9. Im figuring out the earwigo and it seems to be great but I am having trouble getting my media files on and when I do that they don't show up on the webwigo
  10. yes i am referring to Wherigo.com throwing an error when I try to save cartridge details
  11. thanks I figured that out and now I am making Wherigo but when I want to publish it Wherigo.com won't let it be active
  12. okay I got it to the emulator but I can't seem to do it it doesn't show distance to zones and I don't know what to do
  13. what do i do to load my cartridge from Kit to Webwigo?
  14. Can someone help me. I can't figure out how to make a Wherigo. I want to add some Wherigo caches to my area to make more diverse but I dont know where to start and where to go from there. I have a mac a Garmin eTrex 20 and an iPhone so everything has to be compatible with that. Please Help
  15. Does any body have impressive pictures of the cool geoart that you find on the geocaching maps.
  16. Does any one here of information on the most fun caches in the North San Diego County area.
  17. Recently my Magellan Explorist GC broke and started to not work, now I want to know if the Garmin E-trex, 20 which I saw at an REI, it looked like if it had all the bells and whistles, would be better. I want to know if when you load a cache to the Etrex it has the description and recent logs and stuff like that. If anybody out there has any info on the GPS it would really help.
  18. That's a cool twist. Do you have any certain criteria you're looking for in the photos? What sort of TB, i.e. will it be personalized in any way? How long to do you let the contest go? In my photos my 2 race cars ( wich are the tbs) must be the star, and the contest goes on about 10 months
  19. These ideas were good, does anybody else have anymore ideas, and if you can, show me how to make it.
  20. I have my tbs together in photo contest, the person who posts the best picture of the tbs will win a cache in honor of them
  21. I am hoping to hide and create some really cool geocaches, this forum is for people to help me out by giving me some really good ideas of what they think would be a good, fun, and creative geocache
  22. Lightning20

    Geo Art

    , also up by Ridgecrest heights CA it is a signal the frog, Signal A (GC37YKZ), and up by Victorville is a hand doing the peace sign, Be At Peace (GC43CBG), and finally also by victorville is an rv , Keystone Alpine Rv, (GC41XY8)
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