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  1. I think I'll make a sock puppet and attach it ot a travel bug...
  2. the part of the country we are from is on the Indiana-Michigan state line, called Michinana by locals, and I love the Indiana Jones movies. So Not being terrible creative I put the two together ;-) The name actually covers my husband and I. I let him wear the fedora.
  3. just keep putting the caches in whatever container you want. If someone is afraid it's a bomb, they'll call the bomb-aquad, who will try to detonate something that won't, because it's not a bomb, and the caller will look stupid. OF course you'll lose your cache...but if it's hidden well, and no one would be able to find it unless they had the coordinates I don't think you'd have to worry about being suspected of planting a bomb. I just figure its a hazard of the hobby, and if someone does something stupid either by planting illegal substances or bombs in a cache it's a risk we take, just like anything else in life. There were people planting pipe-bombs at K-marts in my area, no one banned shopping.
  4. There's a cache near me that did have a TB in it, in one of the logs it shows that someone retrieved it three days ago. Would I be out of line (not being the bug's owner) if I emailed them and politely asked them to log the travelbug on the bug's page? It's still showing in the cache and it's driving me nuts!
  5. What planets are taken? :-) and, should there be a designation in the title, so that the caches can be found easily by doing a search?
  6. Being new to geocaching should not be an excuse. We are fairly new to the game, and took two travelbugs. I promptly logged the bugs, then emailed the owners to let them know what I was planning to do with them, because it was going to take awhile. one of them was Markwell's Wonderwoman travel bug she's going to Iowa with us next weekend. So there is no excuse for not logging the bugs and getting in touch with the owners right away to let them know what's up.
  7. I've really got to get to Fort Wayne!
  8. I live in southern Michigan and most of the caches here have been pretty easy to find. The places they've been were very nice, and I intend to go back for hiking/fishing, but I was wondering if there were any really challenging caches in the midwest? I saw fuzzy's in fort wayned and i really want to do it, I'm just wondering if there are any others.
  9. I got the same set from Radio Shack for my Garmin GPS 12, they lasted from Saturday evening into Monday evening. That was after hunting 3 caches and several Benchmarks. Definately a good investment!
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