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  1. If the youngest member of your team wants his own nick, why not get him to log them himself? Just curious. Good luck with the locked thing. He's only 9, and if i make him log >500 caches he'll be sick and tired of geocaching before he gets to log #100 . I've also e-mailed the reviewer that locked the caches, but haven't heard anything yet. I'll keep you posted.
  2. No, these are ordinary caches, but I will try to contact the local reviewer though, not holding my hopes to high. I'm sure that the youngest really don't care too much about it, but I know, and stats are difficult when they're wrong Thanks anyway
  3. Our youngest member of the team has decided that he want his own nick and I'm now finding myself going through logging more than 500 finds for him. It's a big job, but what makes it difficult is that we found some caches in Belgium that's now archived and LOCKED . I've never seen this before and I wonder if there's a way around it as it's 4 caches in total. They're all legit finds so it's a shame if he can't log them.
  4. You'll find all information you need at http://www.geocoin-info.net/
  5. I ran into a limit of 20 bookmark lists today. Are there any plans of raising the numbers of bookmark lists a user can create?
  6. Ja, vi vil gjerne ha et felles forum for Norge på norsk
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