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  1. I'd just noticed that this thread was running, with my log from the Arkansas Lorance Trail cache from 9/29/2002.


    It was early in the caching day for me when that encounter had occurred. Needless to say I was a bit leery about going back into the deep woods for the remainder of the day!

  2. Actually... I didn't really become so focused on Geocaching until I learned about that blasted insidecorner/geocache site.


    Being #1 in Memphis, and #6 for Tennessee isn't easy. Once you get a position, then it's like you HAVE to cache ro retain your standing. (Else all the hard work and effort was for naught).


    There's a LOT of "UBER-cachers" out there waiting to take the pole position!

  3. It depends on the cache as to if weather is an enhancement or not...


    If it's just one of those standard cache by a river type of placements, and the river might be running a bit high due to the rain, yeah that adds to the challenge. Mud is a definite plus for me!


    If it's to a very scenic area, one where I might be able to snap some great shots... then I like for the weather to be good and the sun to be out.


    As the scouts say... a little "liquid sunshine" doesn't hurt anybody.

  4. Instead of just finding a cache, and ever going on to the next cache -never to look back...


    I've come to find that there are a few "favorite" cache sites that I've visited that I occasionally drop back to visit to see what adventures or difficulties others may have had at the same site (I don't set watchpoints on them, I just go back and look from time to time)


    Do you look back?

  5. I usually reserve my centennial caches for a cache which needs special distinction or effort.

    My 100th was at ''It takes a Village'' over in Arkansas.

    My 200th was at a veteran war memorial cache off of I-24 on the Tenn/Ky border.

    I haven't decided on where for my 300th yet, though it might be at the Southpaw KiloCacher Celebration.


    This upcoming weekend I'm hiking with the scouts in Vicksburg MS, and am looking forward to hitting the dozen or so in the immediate area.

  6. 1,000 caches by my 1 yr anniversary, 6/1/2003.

    Create 1 cache for every 10 I visit.

    Move 1 TB for every 10 sites I visit.

    Lose 10 pounds for every 100 cache sites I visit.


    With over 250 cache visits, I have lost 26 pounds and have managed to keep it off. It's a gradual loss, and I find I'm eating smarter.


    Just what the doctors recommend:

    Eat sensibly, and more exercise.

  7. I couldn't resist that, criminal! icon_biggrin.gif Sorry!


    We've unfortunately recently seen a little of this action out here in Memphis as well.


    It takes some of the fun away from the activity, and actually doesn't hurt the cache hider (other than materially losing the cache), but rather hurts other future finders.

  8. icon_biggrin.gif I like your avatar Blodlizrd, which series did that come from?


    Blod, I won't be giving up on the Memphis caches for quite some time to come. I've got my sites set firmly on hitting 1K caches by 6/1/2003. So you can see that I'll be hitting everything within a 6hr drive radius around me. (Check my goals on my profile page!)


    Cachercarry, I'd often felt like that too as I used to work in the service/maintenance electronics industry. I miss it, but I like my weekends too! Hang in there buddy!

  9. I'm working with our den out here in Memphis TN to involve geocaching into our den meets/outings as well.


    I'll take a page from your book a182pilot, I hadn't thought about putting things they would need for a badge in the cache. Which park are you all planning to go to?

  10. I can't stand it when people will put 3/4 dead AA batteries into a cache as a cache item. Ran into that at a Mississippi cache recently when I opted for the cache's batteries as mine were 2 minutes from depletion.


    Fortunately I had a backup spare pair (anyways), but I thought about just getting the cache batteries instead, and loaded in a TB.


    As it was I was just cleaning the junk out of the cache by taking the batteries (which wasn't my intent, but a good thing to do from time to time).

  11. I was over at Southern Igloos' First. I'm glad I was at an easily found cache that day. I thought my heart was going to bust out of my chest as I was so excited over it.


    I was permanently hooked from that point forward, 234 caches ago.


    Now I wonder why I was satisfied with just MEERLY existing (as it was) before I started. I actually kind of kick myself for procrastinating getting started geocaching. icon_biggrin.gif

  12. I'd noted in my logs over in Nashville about a month ago that it seemed like mother nature had flipped a switch over a weeks period.


    On a previous cache run, I had to forage through very thick foliage to achieve my goals. Then suddenly by the following weekend, it seemed that the ground cover had drastically thinned, and spiderwebs with huge monster spiders were out.


    Leaves on the ground now area hiding EVERYTHING.


    I've gotten where I HATE caching by flashlight. I didn't realize before how much I used my peripheral vision in locating caches before I started doing it in the dark. On several occasions I had 'just seen something peculiar out of the corner of my eye'. It takes SO long at night, regardless of the mega-candle power you may be toting.

  13. WooT? Anything to get my goat, eh BitBrain?

    Chuckling on my end here ( icon_biggrin.gif ).


    I typically only post on the forums' if I have to stand upon principle, a question to ask, or occasionally if I have a dead horse to beat.


    I'd rather though be out there hunting or placing caches. (More walk, than talk icon_smile.gif )


    Besides, We seemingly have a young (newer) group of firebrand cachers that are really burning up the trails hunting caches.


    I myself have given some serious thought to stealing away the "Mississippi Mud Crown of Master Cache Finding" (Great name, eh? icon_biggrin.gif) away from JamieZ and Pater47 -If I'm laidoff.


    With the IT job market being as it is, what else will I have to do until the budgets are approved for the next fiscal year! icon_smile.gificon_cool.gificon_rolleyes.gif

  14. I noted a number of discrepancies that the insidecorner website hadn't picked up. You'll need to verify by selecting the list logs, and compare it with the geocaching log list.


    insidecorner has an update utility to bring his system inline w/ geocaching.com.


    One problem that I noted though is that insidcorner doesn't follow strictly the same rules as within 100 mile radius as geocaching.com does. Hence some of the far off caches like our local Memphis -> LPS005 and BOOTY BOX that are just in the 100 mile limit, are excluded.

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