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  1. I have loaded geocaches in my Garmin 64s but when I try to access them it says no results found try adjusting search parameters. How do I do that? When I connect the unit to the computer it shows the geocaches that I have loaded but I cant access them. Please help.
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    I tried it again on anew day and got the same results!
  3. P&G Mo


    I was trying to activate it and double checked my numbers and when I clicked on activate it went back to the log in screen.
  4. P&G Mo


    The trackable site wont let me log my new trackable to get it started. Please help!
  5. Thanks that seemed to work.
  6. I have a Garmin 64s and I deleted all the caches off the unit and now when I try to load a new one the computer wants to send it to a GPX file. How do I get it to recognize the Garmin and send it right to the unit like it used to?
  7. Anyone have trouble with their batteries dying. Am I leaving something on because if I don't use the 64s in a week the batteries will die. Help!
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    Garmin 64s

    Thanks, that worked for me.
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    Garmin 64s

    New Garmin 64s questions http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=334882 How do I delete the preloaded geocaches on my GPSMAP 64 series device? https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId={641f52d0-abcc-11e4-6728-000000000000} B.
  10. P&G Mo

    Garmin 64s

    How do I get rid of the preloaded geocaches on my new Garmin 64s.
  11. P&G Mo


    I am trying to renew my subscription and cant seem to get thru the prompts. Any tips?
  12. Go to the log you want to delete on the cache page > Underneath, click 'Edit log' > Click red bin > Confirm deletion. MrsB That worked...Thanks
  13. I listed one of my finds twice by accident....how can I delete it? Thanks
  14. On the overview map it looks like I haven't found any caches. What happened?
  15. I must have checked to notify me anytime someone in Arizona finds a geocache. I received over 100 e-mails today. I have unchecked that and lets see what happens now. Thanks for your help.
  16. I just joined the premium club and now I am getting e-mails every time someone in my area finds a geocache. How do I stop that? Please help...Thanks George
  17. Nothing. With Garmins when you have it set for showing the nearest they will display the closest 50 or those within 100 miles, whichever is less. Switch your unit to display by name (find->enter->menu) and they will be there. Thanks, that worked.
  18. I have been able to load them in the past but today it just wont do it. When I click on send to GPS (Garmin) it says loaded sucessfully but it is not in the unit (GPSmap 60CSx). What am I doing wrong? Thanks, George
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