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  1. There are now two finds on the Arizona cache and the locals seem to be happy hunting for it. Even disabled, they come and try. The watch count on the cache went from 10 early this morning to 33 right now...we're watching and it's still disabled. I wonder what comes next? Re-instated with an apology? Just re-instated? Will watch closely!
  2. I'll use my "Where's the elevator" cache as an example. Simple hide, took us all of 5 minutes with getting the coords, but I've seen some really experienced cachers DNF, I've had to help more people on this one than most other hides! It's a regular sized L&L hidden almost in plain sight and you don't even have to leave the trail to make the find! I didn't even think it would be a hard one, I thought it might maybe fool some for a few seconds, but anyone could find it...boy was I wrong! I hide my caches to be found, but not so easy that they are no fun. If you can't find any of mine, I am more than happy to give a clue or even meet you at the cache and walk you through it.
  3. Steve! Rodney! Play nice now! If Team Fitz wants to think of themself as a criminal, just let them. He's attempting to paste big, ugly labels where they shouldn't be. If you break a law while geocaching, it certainly makes a difference which law it is, and how often, and the motive, every park system is a little bit different. It doesn't reflect on the group as a whole everytime, but certainly has the potential to. Each instance chips away at the non-geocachers perception of the game when they find out. Not sure who this "Rodney" is. My name is Rod, Rockin Roddy or Roddy. But I pretty much agree with the rest, THANKS!!
  4. The only ones wanting the facts seem to be those who agree with GS. Clan, myself and many others have stated REPEATEDLY that we're far past that part, but look, and see who are really demanding the facts while also complaining about the thread...same old same old. As I have said, as Clan has said,some in here don't even know what the discussion is. That's because their main purpose to come in here is to derail and agitate.
  5. More of the same Mushtang? Maybe, had you read my many posts in here, you'd actually know what you were talking about instead of just spinning the story to fit your need? I don't even for a SECOND believe that TPTB will ever step in and say anything, I've said this many times and yet you try to say this is what I said? Please stop playing the spin game and stick to the facts...if you know them. Ooops, I just noticed another piece of misinformation...Mushtang, I have stated more than a few times what my reason for continuing to post is and yet you post that my ONLY reason is to keep this at the top...either that's purposely mistated or you really need to read the posts instead of just blindly replying! As for the pot shots and mud slinging...sure. I'm happy to reply in kind. I'm more than happy to play the mudslinging game if others want to throw at me first...no problem. Treat me nicely and I'm happy to return the favor.
  6. Ummm no, Mushtang. That's how I stop the going in circles even after explaining myself 10, 20 or even 30 times on the same old thing. That's how I stop the spin cycle that you, KBI and sbell LOVE to try to get me in. Some may not know, but I'm a little slow when trying to discuss things and these three know it all too well. I don't always pose my answers just perfectly and then WAM! And not only that, but they know I get irked when they play that game and they press and press hoping I will explode, they seem to get a kick out of that as well. Why do you suppose they bypassed the better, more articulate writers and picked on me repeatedly? I mean, CR and I have the same opinion (pretty much), did you see Sbell harassing Clan for a reply? No, because that wouldn't give him the satisfaction of having me stammer and stumble and not say it just right so he could then pounce and twist...his favorite part of the game. Everyone here KNOWS I've spoken my mind (come on, I'm the top poster here aren't I??), yet they BEG, NO, they BADGER me for a repeat...not playing, sorry. So, tell it like it is Mushtang, don't let on that I won't answer...I already did 10 or more times in this thread. I can't believe anyone would accuse me of NOT discussing this, what do you think I've been doing all this time? Oh, I know, since I said a while ago that the main reason for my continued posts is to keep this alive, sbell and co would have you believe I am trying to side-step the discussion....HARDLY. Just bypassing the circlefest, the spinarama! But please, carry on. It's fun to watch you guys try to get me riled. And NO, I refuse to play that game. Been there, done it with you guys more than I should have already. So, as I said before (and I believe Clan even backed) I said what I'd have done and it's there to be read...please help yourselves!
  7. On a more serious note than my last post, since you have already declined to participate in an ongoing discusion of how to handle a difficult situation, pointed jabs at those talking is really uncalled for. Just sayin', my friend. As soon as the jabs stop flying at me, my friend! I am more than happy to treat others as they treat me. Want to play games and belittle, let's play. Want to be serious and have a real discussion, better yet. If you've been paying any attention at all, you'll note that sbell has been slapping at me for the last few days now and not just in this thread. If he wants respect, he's going at it quite wrong. And you're quite right, the jabs at me are completely uncalled for. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean you should continually subject me to jabs and slams...you being general here. As for not participating...are Clan and I the only ones who remember I did post my thoughts? Sorry if I'm not willing to play games (that IS what both sbell abd TTJ were up to btw, not trying to hear my view since I've been more than happy to give it all along), that doesn't mean I'm not willing to have a serious discussion as I have repeaedly demonstrated. You may note that was a response to him shooting out spew in his post....or are we only concentrating on me? Topic on hand...a thought about how to not get the PTB looking into your "evil" hide...ask that no DNFs be logged OR remove them from the page with an explanation to the logger. No DNFs, no reason to disable?
  8. Nice summation, but it doesn't do it for me. [snark on] I am just about to change my mind on this topic, and need some help. Maybe if one more person would describe how offended they are at having an insult cross their path. Perhaps another tortured analogy would do it*. At least help me by telling me who the burden of proof falls when somebody is trying to find the truth about something somebody said about something that might not have been. One more circular argument might work. Please help, I've almost decided which way to think. [snark off] * guilty of this one myself They started it....
  9. Role play! Whoo Hoo!! Do we get swords? (never mind... back to the question...) How would I handle it? (Assuming I thought the "someone" was credible) 1 ) Post a disabling note on the cache page. Something to the effect of: "A local cacher has brought to my attention the fact that this cache may not be in compliance with the Groundspeak guidelines. Please contact me through my profile so we can discuss the matter. Thanx!" 2 ) If the cache owner contacted me, I would tell therm my concerns, and see if they were willing to address them. 3 ) If they did not contact me, I would archive the cache with a note similar to: "This cache is being archived. If the owner wishes to bring it back to life, please contact me through my profile" 4 ) If they contacted me, but refused to address my concerns, it would get archived with a similar note. You'll note that, in both my disabling note and my archival note, I didn't post anything that would cast the owner in a bad light. No disparaging remarks. No innuendos of falsehood. Just straightforward text which accomplishes the goal. Uh... OK. Let me type this slowly... What words of yours did I falsely and intentionally mis-characterize? Thanx! Actually, I think it's just an attempt to anger you, in the hopes of getting the thread locked. At least it looks that way to me. sbell has already read your stance on this matter. So has everyone else here. Don't let him draw you off track. So he contacts you and tells you that the cache does, in fact, exist. What do you do? Also, it seems like options 3 and 4 would result in a thread much like this one (bot hopefully without RR's shenanigans). Some out-of-state reviewer archived this local cache for no reason. Wouldn't that be YOUR shenanigans....my friend?
  10. I was nearly killed by one of these a few years back. A friend had two and they were really tempermental. One minute, playing and running around. The next, they would corner you and bully you. I was feeding them when the bigge of the two came up and nudged for a pet. I complied and went on with feeding, but the big guy decided to bowl me over. I was thrown to the ground and quickly dodged a very directed attack which consisted of the big guy rearing up and trying to stomp on me with it's front hooves. Luckily, I was in good shape at the time, I was able to dodge the first atack and get back to my feet. I then was thrown to the barn's side by another attack, the slam into the wall nearly knocked the wind out of me. Another lucky thing for me, I was thrown right beside the barn door which I was able to get into and back to safety. Those "pets" were quickly taken down the road and sold at auction...
  11. Actually, I think it's just an attempt to anger you, in the hopes of getting the thread locked. At least it looks that way to me. sbell has already read your stance on this matter. So has everyone else here. Don't let him draw you off track. I agree, this was my thought as I was showering just now! No worries though, if it keeps the thread at top, I am happy to have them play their games. Just as long as they realize I'm not participating and they're merely wasting their time. Oh well, TURKEY DAY for me, I'm leaving soon.
  12. Log Date: 11/29/2009 Co-FTF Co-FTF Co-FTF!!!! @ 8:40am with AZ Fastfeet!! It's more like a 10.. Persistance does pay off! Since we all had our doubts all I can say is excellent hide Mrs. Fireman! After team Butterfly Princesses woke me up claiming they've found a bogus container lodged in the wall, I came over to dispose of it. When AZ Fastfeet showed up we searched everywhere- even places already searched before- until it was finally noticed. Excellent evil hide and, what a container! TFTC and the fun Mrs. and Mr. Fireman!!!! Here's the log for anyone not having this on their watchlist!
  13. I, personally, am not going to peruse back through a 30+ page thread to find whatever post it is that you think answers the question at hand. Odds are I I've read it already and didn't think it addressed anything, so it was summarily dismissed in my mind. On the other hand, you seem to be so sure you've said it several times, you should be able to find at least one post in a blink of an eye. You are not making your point by saying "Look it up." Maybe if it was 5 or six posts up, but in a 30+ page nightmare? That's nuts! So, put up or shut up. Where's a link to one of these posts of yours? Or better yet, let's hear it fresh. Here's a thought...look it up. I can't help you're too lazy to do for yourself, my friend. Personally, I will be more happy to post on, feel free to stop me if you can! Last I checked, I wasn't your dog to be barked orders at. And truly, if you want something from me, demanding and commanding are the worst way to get what you want...from me! Did anyone notice there was a FTF on the AZ cache? Found by a previous searcher. Now, what will be the fallout from this?
  14. Sbell comes pretending he doesn't care. Sbell has been harassing for a few days now, take his post with a grain of salt...it is exactly what it is. Truly, your game here is remarkably like his....and I'm about to tell you just as I told him...play your games alone. I haven't inferred ANYTHING about you sir, I don't KNOW you. I have stated my opinion, like it, fine. Don't? TOUGH! You keep pretending I said I was pure as the driven snow...can you please show me where? Also, while at it, please show me where I infered you were a criminal. I said that you were the only one who can answer that, so please do. Truly, it sounds like you have an axe to grind. If you have something to say to me, stop playing your games and man up.
  15. And you're pretending I didn't answer that speaks volumes as well. I believe I have stated my opinion. If it bothers you, sorry, but it's my opinion. If you have a specific point, please feel free to make it, but this sounds like more demanding and badgering than anything else. And your inference that I think I am above others...you don't know me, my friend, so what's your beef? I don't see me refusing to answer, I ANSWERED, please don't play games or I will simply ignore you! Other than that, draw your own conclusions, I gave my opinion!
  16. Plenty of ways to avoid the snow, hanging in a tree is one that comes to mind right off! I've always appreciated the work that goes into this type of hide, if done as the guidelines state (no nails or screws or other items pounded/driven into the tree). As for hiding in same area, if locals don;t want to visit the area again, they can make that choice. I wouldn't let that be a factor.
  17. You want me to answer that? You don't know yourself? How come you are suddenly so unsure? You seemed to have a very sure opinion and convinced of your views... It's was a rhetorical question, but now I'd really like to hear your answer. Yes, please enlighten me! Having never met you, all I can say is if the shoe fits, my friend! Look, if you break the law, you are obviously a crminal in the sense of the law. How you act is completely up to you, if you'd rather not be a criminal, don't break the law. Seems rather simple really!! Well done, you found a way to say it! Now here's the harder question... have you never broken a rule? If we break just one rule, we bring all of geocaching into disrepute right? So, as a geocacher have you ever broken a rule? Are we going to play another game of "I demand the answer"? I just told another I'd not be playing that game. If you have a for instance, OK, but... My view...although I have already stated it...no cache is worth breaking a law for. If you find yourself outside a park after closing hours, stay outside! Other than that, I don't know what you'd like. OBVIOUSLY, some laws will not reflect on caching (speeding for one, but I suppose most of us know this).
  18. "Tricks pulled". Can you explain that, 'cause I'm starting to feel like I've been had. I should have known there was more to the story. Another Arizona cacher mentioned some things that were done with the cache to make it harder to find. I will pm you the thread on a local forum. You were not "had". My posts on this topic are of genuine concern over the perceived interference by a reviewer. When I learned that there was something else to it, I felt I should post it here since it supports the concern of the reviewer. Even tho it makes me look like a bit of an idiot lol. Like that is a change for me. Thanks, the forum thread at http://www.calgarycachers.net/azcachers/vi...422&start=0 assures that the issue is real. It appears that the cache is there but the Reviewer took the word of "experienced" cachers who DNFed it that it wasn't. Oops! It's what I call a PITA cache, a rock-in-a-rockpile kind of thing that is hard to find but indeed there. PITA caches are not well-liked by many but are perfectly legal within the guidelines. It's a tough call for a Reviewer. He feels alarrums and asks a local trusted cacher to go check on it, he's told it's not there, he takes the trusted local's word on it and gets pie in the face. Bummer. I have hidden a few fake rock caches, I have one active right now. None in a huge area as the pics of some of their caches have suggested though...and I don't think anyone would ever think to bring a rke. This seems like their norm since people come prepared like they do...but still within guidelines. I see the watch count has gone up, many of us watching this one closely!!
  19. You want me to answer that? You don't know yourself? How come you are suddenly so unsure? You seemed to have a very sure opinion and convinced of your views... It's was a rhetorical question, but now I'd really like to hear your answer. Yes, please enlighten me! Having never met you, all I can say is if the shoe fits, my friend! Look, if you break the law, you are obviously a crminal in the sense of the law. How you act is completely up to you, if you'd rather not be a criminal, don't break the law. Seems rather simple really!!
  20. Or maybe make it 4 stages if the 4th location would work? Or look at the locations already decided on and see if you could use one for a final while finding another spot for a stage?
  21. lol, I'd probably stock it full of dollar store items and leave a note stating I filled the cache for the owner.
  22. You want me to answer that? You don't know yourself?
  23. My friend, do you believe I must bend to your demands in order to be discussing the topic? I must have missed that memo. Have a nice day, my friend!
  24. THANKS!!! Maine family, you have a PM!!! Today is my THANKSGIVING...turkey, YUMMMMM!!!!! Leaving soon, but I'm going through my coins looking for another gift. PAY ATTENTION!!!
  25. Snarkiness aside...what's your point? Are you saying all must be perfect before asking for simple following of laws so that caching doesn't get a black eye? Are you saying that, since no one is perfect, we'd better to just go ahead and break any law we feel like? I must not be able to follow your train of thought. When ysomeone purposely and willfully break a law for a GAME, how does that speak to ytheir character? If a GAME is so important you feel the need to break laws.... I'm not sure I understand what you mean by snarkiness. You mean that wasn't a load of sarcasm in your last post??
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