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  1. It is definitely high. I am at 2.11/2.18 and that is when actively prioritizing high T and D!
  2. Lots and lots of them. Anything that is actually a challenge! I am totally against the challenge rules. The current challenges are horrible. They are mainly a tool for experienced caches to intimidate the newcomers. New challenge: Old cachers fulfill it immedialtely and it is just another petling. New cachers can not fulfill it withing a year or even five! They are not challenges! A challenge is something you accept and try to fulfill within a limited time. So my idea about a challenge is almost completely reverse to what we have today: - Must be actively accepted at a certain time. - Must be finished in a limited time, no more than a month. (Long-time challenges are bad and tend to make cachers give up the hobby after finally fulfilling them!) - Anything you did before accepting the challenge does not count. - Does not require a log in a physical cache. That's what I call a challenge! Beginner friendly, does not give you a long-time stress, can not be pre-fulfilled. A checker would be nice, and are not technically impossible to make for many cases.
  3. Lonely Cache challenges are the best challenges of all! They encourage finding old caches, which often leads you to nice, off.trail places. It will give the CO of a rarely found cache more finds. There are some variations of it, like finding a number of caches in one week with 2000 "lonely days" or finding 3 of the 10 "most lonely". I see absolutely no problem with this as a challenge. It is fun, it is challenging, and it is good for CO and thereby for the whole community. I have logged a few of its kind and I have always finished them in one single day. I don't know if Project-GC can make a checker but technically it is possible to make one.
  4. And an E-mail you have put into research publications does not...
  5. Wow! That must have felt bad at the time, but something you will never forget!
  6. I meant necessary at the moment for you, not mandatory for the cache itself. Like a cache intended for boat, or bathing clothes, but you had none with you so... This happened on one of my caches. The cacher had brought wading boots, but it was too deep, so on to solution #2.
  7. I mean everything outside geocaching expires. When I left the university, my very personal E-mail address was removed in no time, and when I came back, I had to choose another one. My phone account (including my phone number!) expires if I don't use it for one year. Web domains are promptly deleted and grabbed by someone else if you miss a payment. If other things, much more valuable than a GC nick, expire that quickly, why would an abandoned GC nick last forever?
  8. The D/T ratings are shaky, since we all have different views. A cache may seem easy for the CO, who knows how to find/solve it, but others can get sidetracked and it can suddenly be very hard. Also, how hard a physical challenge is depends on COs and visitors shapes. But it is sad that the system in some ways encourage obvious misses, where easy caches are rated higher than the harder ones just because of some trivial tool. I don't find the island caches too hard to rate. If it is a short swim, safe for most people to swim: T4 or T4.5. If it is a long swim, or you cant reach the cache if you are swimming, then you need a boat and it is T5. However, it is most likely much easier than a T5 where you need rope and harness, and most T4.5s will be harder. We had a CO in my area who made very hard T5's, very high up in trees, with need for climbing gears and often complicated rigging like double ropes, and also hard to find so you may need to get the rope up several times just locating it. We were disussing putting in special T5 symbols for the different kinds of T5, T5-basic (boat), T5-medium (tough climbs but straight forward so you don't need things like multiple ropes), T5-expert... They were never used though. Online jigsaw puzzles and rods are two problematic ones. With a rod, you are standing on the ground and the problem is to handle the rod. D or T? Jigsaw puzzles take time, a lot of time, but they are trivial, no mental challenge, you will finish them just by spending time. D1 or D5? Both are commonly used to shortcut the high ratings, not least when doing things like the D/T "bombs", that is areas with all D/T ratings on one trail.
  9. But why? Everything else expire, why not an unused user nick? The attached finds, of course not.
  10. Many fine memories! (At least they are fine afterwards.)
  11. FOUR Bingos! And you got this right, bringing back memories is actually why I did it, remembering "that time that we did THAT".
  12. Wow, two Bingos and several fours! Including the middle one!
  13. You have a certain freedom of interpretation.
  14. Yes, this is the inspiration, but as you can see, the two bingo systems are very, very different. Mine is very much "how about doing it this way instead?" It started with "logged in blood" (kind of classic emergency solution) and then it kept growing.
  15. Precisely, there will almost always be a saw in the tree at one point. Nails are bad, screws are worse.
  16. That was close to bingo in two places! But if you have shed blood, you qualify for "hurt yourself", right?
  17. I have a cache in a cave. I was a bit disturbed by the lack of visits. Then we went there to maintain it and find 30 (!) logs by obvious non-cachers. Probably a visit by a group of scouts. That was really amusing to find!
  18. I was inspired by the bingo sent out by HQ recently so I made my own, with a different angle. How many boxes do you get, do you get any full lines (Bingo!)?
  19. Do not use nails, but even more important, never use screws! Short tacks with a large head can be pushed out by the tree as the tree grows, so they are not so bad. Screws are quickly "eaten" by the tree, sabotaging any future saw as well as your sign. Strings are good, but they need to have good slack, to avoid tree strangling. Also, you need to use good strings. Avoid cheap materials like PP that deteriorate in sunlight. Dead trees is a different matter. They don't grow.
  20. Just remember to be nice to newbies. Do we know that they have noticed the message you sent?
  21. That was not the question. I want to make lab caches instead of ALCs.
  22. When an area is plagued this way, it can help to make all caches premium, just for a while. Systematic saboteurs might check the map for caches to steal. We had that problem here and after making everything premium, the thefts stopped. The saboteur probably praised itself for its victory (or something) and went on to doing something else (like growing up?) and we could go back to normal.
  23. But would you have been surprised and upset if the user name had expired after 10 years?
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